How to Unlock Wattson in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Unlock Wattson

Watson is the newest hero entering Apex Legends’ dangerous arena. A defense legend, Wattson excels at controlling space and shutting down enemy projectiles. Unlike the last hero, Octane, Wattson is a far more passive character that is great for those who prefer to shut down entire locations. Sadly, Wattson is not instantly unlocked the moment you log in and will need to be manually purchased.

To unlock Wattson, go into the Legends screen and then either pay 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. The former is the real-money currency used to purchase most cosmetic items while the latter is earned by simply playing the game. If you frequent Apex Legends then you should have more than enough Legend Tokens to purchase Wattson. Remember, she will only come with her basic skin and cosmetic options, all of these still have to be purchased separately.

Meet Wattson – Apex Legends Character TrailerWattson and her father worked together to create the Apex Arena’s Modified Containment Ring. Now, she fights beside her friends in the very arena she helped build. Her Perimeter Security ability lets her control the flow of battle with electric fences, while her Interception Pylon blocks incoming ordnance and keeps her squad’s shields charged and…2019-07-01T19:00:01.000Z

For the unfamiliar, Wattson’s main ability is called Perimeter Security. When activated, she can place small posts that conduct electrical energy between one another. She can place multiple security posts down, allowing her to block off entire areas. If an enemy walks through they take damage, are slowed, and produce a ping altering your allies.

Her passive, Spark of Genius, gives Wattson her ultimate from a single Ultimate Accelerant. Interception Pylon is her ultimate and it will destroy any projectile that comes within its rage. Additionally, any teammates near the Interception Pylon will have their body shields slowly recharged. This is a perfect defensive ultimate for counter grenade spam or barrages.

Wattson will be available when Apex Legends Season 2 launches later today.

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