DeAngelo Parnell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

deangelo parnell

Facebook/MCSO DeAngelo D. Parnell, 17, is charged with nine counts of attempted murder for a shooting at a high school football game in Mobile, Ala.

DeAngelo Parnell, 17, has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder after a shooting in a Mobile, Ala., stadium where a high school football game was being played Friday night.

Police say nine people were shot, mostly teenagers, at the Pebbles Ladd Stadium as a game between LeFlore and Williamson high schools was ending. Parnell is reported as being a student at LeFlore High School.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste said the injured are all teenagers ranging from 15 to 18. Among them, at least five suffered critical injuries. One person suffered a seizure.

Parnell turned himself in to police early Saturday morning.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. At Around 9:30 p.m., as a High School Football Game Was Ending, Shots Rang Out & Chaos Ensued

The game was between Mobile’s LeFlore and Williamson high schools. It was the end of the fourth quarter when shots rang out.

Police said that based on its investigation, which is in the early stages, “it appears that a fight was about to occur when (Parnell) just indiscriminately pulled out” a gun and began firing.

How the suspect got a gun into the stadium is not clear, but police noted that on Friday night, there were at least six different high school games under way. Battiste said that “as early as Monday or Tuesday, we’ll discuss with stadium security what do we need to do to move forward.”

Police have video from security cameras and from people who attended the game and are witnesses. Battiste said investigators are “sifting through that evidence.”

2. Police Said 10 People Injured With 9 Shot & Seriously Hurt. All Are Teenagers, Like the Alleged Gunman

Police said that the shooter, now identified as Parnell by police, shot randomly: “It did not appear he had an intended target.”

Mobile Police Chief Battiste said the shooting was “reckless.”

Saturday morning, police said it was not clear of the nine young people who were shot, how many were still hospitalized and how many had life-threatening injures, if any.

Battiste noted that “any gun shot wound can be life-threatening.”

3. As Video of the Shooting Began to Emerge on Social Media, Some Claim That Parnell Was Defending Himself From Others With Guns

At the end of the video, a child wearing a Batman t-shirt can be seen trying to escape.

There are some people on social media who are alleging that Parnell was defending himself against others.

There’s no evidence of this claim. Police said he fired “randomly.”

4. Police Chief Said a ‘Neighborhood Beef’ May Have Been the Motive For the Shooting & Some Adults Were Privy to Information’ That a Shooting Might Occur

Battiste said Parnell’s actions were “reckless and cowardly.” He said the teen “did not know how to deal with a conflict” and instead, “discharged a firearm in a crowded” stadium filled with students and families.

He said that there were “adults who were privy” to information, or who knew there was some kind of beef between Parnell and others and said nothing.

“Everybody plays a role. Those people that know this type of behavior is about to occur have a responsibility to do something about it,” Battiste said. “We all need to do a better job to prevent these types of incidents …we need people to step forward. We need everybody to step up and do their part.”

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson issued a statement that was posted to Twitter.

“Our children and their families deserve to enjoy a high school football game or any public event without the thought of gun violence. As a community, we will heal. As a community, we have to get the guns out of the hands of our youth.”

5. Parnell Turned Himself in to Police & Faces 9 Counts of Attempted Murder

At around 3:30 a.m., police said, Parnell turned himself in at Mobile Metro Jail.

Jail records show he booked Saturday morning on attempted murder charges.

If Parnell has a juvenile record, Battiste said he couldn’t say.

Battiste said that stadium surveillance camera footage was “very clear” that he was the suspected gunman.

Police said Parnell turned himself in because “…he knew we knew who he was …”

A bond hearing for Parnell is scheduled for Monday, Battiste said.

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