Sarah Kellen Vickers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sarah Kellen Vickers, also known as Sarah Kellen or Sarah Kensington, is a former assistant to the late Jeffrey Epstein. She has been accused in multiple lawsuits of recruiting young women to have sex with the billionaire for many years.

To be clear, Kellen has not yet been arrested on any charges; she’s pleaded the Fifth in the past when questioned by authorities about Epstein.

Kellen is now working in the interior design industry, and is married to former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kellen Has Been Accused in Multiple Lawsuits of Scheduling Sex Appointments Between Epstein and Young Women

Kellen worked as an assistant for Epstein for several years; she has been accused in multiple lawsuits of scheduling young women to have sex with Epstein. In one lawsuit, The New York Times reports, Kellen was described as the “lieutenant,” and was also described as an assistant of sorts to Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to Palm Beach police reports (via The New York Times), Kellen kept track of the names and numbers of the women who gave Epstein massages, and would call those girls to ask if they were available whenever Epstein was in the area.

To The New York Timesa lawyer representing several Epstein accusers said, “She saw herself as the boss. Sarah was really running that organization, bringing girls and getting them in and out of the Palm Beach home.” One accuser even claimed that “it was Kellen [and Ghislaine] that showed me how to please Jeffrey,” per The Times.

2. Kellen Is the Owner of an Interior Design Firm Called SLK Designs

Sarah Kensington Facebook

According to her Facebook, Kellen owns an interior design firm. She also goes by Sarah Kensington professionally. Her bio reads,

Sarah Kensington makes a living doing what she loves in life, interior design. She is the owner of SLK Designs, LLC. and has studies at several schools including the University of Hawaii and New York School of Interior Design. Sarah loves fashion, photography, travel, delicious cuisine, and anything design related (housewares, interior design, art, architecture). In her free time, Sarah enjoys working with clay and painting.

At the present time, Sarah Kensington is working with a number of clients on various projects including renovating several corporate apartments in New York, the Caribbean, and Paris. For the houses that Sarah manages, she does a number of duties which can involve organizing staff schedules, looking for and interviewing housekeepers and chefs, purchase and source items that are needed for the household (flatware, dishes, furniture, art, etc.), design floral arrangements, and interior design.

 3. Kellen Is Married to Former NASCAR Driver Brian Vickers


Kellen is married to former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers. The two were married in Wyoming in 2013, according to NASCAR blog The Fast and the Fabulous.

Though both Vickers and Kellen are largely off the grid, social media-wise, Vickers does have an active Twitter account. Kellen, too, has a Twitter account, though she hasn’t posted on it since 2013.

4. Flight Logs Show Kellen Reportedly Flew on Epstein’s Private Plane on a Number of Occasions


Flight logs published by Gawker in 2015 show that Kellen traveled frequently on the private passenger plane owned by Epstein. That Gawker report also alleges that Palm Beach police were so certain of Kellen’s involvement in Epstein’s alleged scheme that they prepared a warrant for her arrest as an accessory to sex and molestation with minors. (That arrest warrant was never carried out.)

According to those flight logs, Kellen was on a flight with Epstein and former president Bill Clinton at least 11 times, and even joined Epstein, Clinton, and others on a five day trip to Africa. You can read the flight manifests in full here.

5. Kellen Allegedly Warned Young Women Not to Speak to Authorities About Their Encounters with Epstein, Court Papers Say


According to what authorities have said in court papers, Kellen and Maxwell both told girls on more than one occasion not to speak with authorities about their interactions with Epstein.

Per The New York PostKellen has pleaded the Fifth Amendment when questioned by authorities about her interactions with Epstein in the past. She has not yet been charged with any crimes officially. She has also not responded to any requests for comment by publications in recent months.

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