Georgia Hurricane Dorian Power Outage Maps

Downed power lines


Georgia Power predicated outages and as of Wednesday night, with Hurricane Dorian just off the coast, more than 5,000 are already without power.

Georgia Power has updated its website and is sharing on social media the latest information about outages, and plans for restoring power.

For some, a power outage is an inconvenience, at best, and for others, life threatening at worst. People who require electrically-powered medical equipment for example would be particularity vulnerable.

The utility has information on how to receive alerts, where the outages are, how to report an outage, because if you don’t how will they know?

On its outage map, which is found online or can be accessed through its app. You can toggle weather radar and other settings by scrolling left-side menu.

Now, there is a dedicated, interactive outage map with specific information about Hurricane Dorian.

The map provides updates every 15 minutes or so. It also provides a satellite view.

But in addition to the Georgia Power outage map, there is a statewide map of outages for all utility company customers in the state.

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