Dolores Miller, Frank Sheeran’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts

Dolores Sheeran Miller

Dolores Sheeran Miller On left: Dolores Sheeran Miller, 55, smiles in her realtor photo. On right: Dolores Sheeran in 1973, the year of her high school graduation.

Dolores Sheeran Miller is Frank Sheeran’s daughter, the third youngest of four. In order of age, Sheeran’s daughters are Peggy, MaryAnne, Dolores, and Connie. The three oldest daughters came from his marriage with his first wife, Mary Leddy. His fourth daughter, Connie, came from his second marriage to his wife, Irene.

Dolores has spoken out about her father’s compelling history the most of her sisters. In fact, her three other sisters have remained virtually silent about their father. In contrast, she has given several interviews, saying in one that she believes her father killed Jim Hoffa.

In an interview with The Daily MailDolores said, “My first big memory of [my dad] was when I was five. My mother told him to take me to see Mary Poppins but instead he took me to The Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dolores & Her Two Sisters, Peggy & Mary Anne, Came From Sheeran’s First Marriage

Dolores Sheeran Miller

Dolores Sheeran Miller FacebookPictured above: Frank and his first wife, Mary, and their three children, Dolores, Peggy, and Maryanne, along with their cousin Barbara.

Dolores was born in 1955, the third child of Frank and Mary Sheeran’s marriage. The pair were married sometime after Frank returned from his service in World War II; he returned to the states in 1945.

Frank and Mary lived together in Pennsylvania. They first had Peggy, then MaryAnne, then Dolores. The couple divorced in 1968; Frank would go on to marry his second wife, Irene, and have his fourth and final daughter, Connie.

Connie and Dolores are now Facebook friends. Dolores told The Daily Mail in an interview that she was nine years old when her father first went to prison. She said, “No one in the house said a word until I blurted out, ‘Why’s Daddy gone to prison?’ I think that’s when I got my first inkling that what he did for a living wasn’t kosher.”

2. Dolores, 55, Is a Former Medical Secretary & Realtor

According to her Facebook, Dolores is a former medical secretary for a Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center in Pennsylvania. As of 2016, she was pursuing a career as a realtor; however, she suffered a stroke in September 2016 which appeared to derail her life for at least several months.

Dolores wrote in December 2016 on Facebook,

HomreSweet Home finally1 I have missed my FB frirnds and fzamily but am vrry gratrful to br hom. i suffered a stroke on 9/13 am havr breen in a rehab simnce then i am very thankful fofor myfrirends family and nreighbrswho have helped us us so much during my recovery. i don’yt know how i would havre gotten through it without them thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you1HomHhomeHome HoH

She has not posted a Facebook status since then.

3. Dolores Was Named Power of Attorney for Her Father in His Later Years

Dolores Sheeran Miller

Pictured: Dolores Sheeran Miller during the year of her high school graduation in 1973.

According to an interview she gave to The Daily MailDolores given power of attorney by her father as he neared the end of his life. She said he didn’t want to be fed through a tube. She said, “My father lived to a great age. Most of his associates died horrible early deaths. I am eternally grateful he didn’t die like that. He chose his own time to go after confessing to his sins.”

She also explained that she and her husband cleared out her father’s things after he died. She said, “He was always dressed like something out of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. He had 200 designer suits, 100 pairs of shoes. Then there was his jewelry…”

Sheeran died shortly after author Charles Brandt finished his biography of the man. Dolores told The Daily Mail that Sheeran read the whole book, confirmed the veracity of his claims within it, and then stopped eating. He died six weeks later.

4. Dolores Believes Her Father Killed Jimmy Hoffa; Her Mother, Mary, Does Not

Dolores Sheeran Frank Daughter

Pictured above: Frank Sheeran, wife Mary, and daughters Maryanne, Peggy, and Dolores.

Dolores said that she and her sisters were “against” Brandt’s book, according to an archived article by The Detroit Free Press in 2005. She said to Brandt, “The FBI spent almost 30 years torturing my father to get him to confess. My sisters and I were against the book. We had enough headlines about murder and violence, but I told him to tell you the truth.”

Dolores later told The Daily Mail that she was shocked by the book, and the apparent truth about her father. She said, “Charles told me to read the story to the end and as I turned every page it got worse. It was awful. I didn’t want it to be true that my father killed Jimmy.”

Although Dolores said she never knew her father claimed to kill Hoffa until after he was dead, she did talk about bringing her father to church to move through the Catholic ritual of confession before he died.

She said to The Daily Mail, “…towards the end of his life he told me he wanted absolution. I remember saying he had to be truly sorry for the things he’d done in the past, that if he had his time again he wouldn’t do the things he’d done. He said he was sorry and I drove him to the church to confess. He seemed much happier after that.”

5. Dolores Is Played by Actress Marin Ireland in Netflix’s The Irishman

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Dolore’s character is played by the actress Marin Ireland in the Netflix film, The Irishman, which tells Sheeran’s life based off of Brandt’s biography. However, the role is very small, as are the roles for Mary Leddy and Dolores’ sisters.

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