Paige Ginn Is the Woman in Farting Baby Gender Reveal Video

Paige Ginn

Facebook/Paige Ginn Paige Ginn pictured on her Facebook page in March 2018.

Paige Ginn is the comedian in the farting baby gender reveal video that has gone viral. Ginn posted the video to her page on November 11. Since then, the video which sees Ginn, 25, apparently fart blue powder out of her buttocks, has been viewed over 300,000 times. Following the video’s viral success, Ginn tweeted, “All future gender reveals are cancelled.”

There is nothing to indicate whether or not Ginn’s video is a genuine gender reveal. According to Ginn’s Facebook page, the social media star is single.

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Gender Reveal 🍼👶🏻

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On her Facebook page, Ginn refers to herself as, “The girl who fake falls in public.” Ginn goes on to say that she does “crazy things” to “embarrass” her friends and family. Ginn says, “Here I am just trying to entertain all of you!” Ginn is based in San Diego, California but is originally from Utah.

According to Ginn’s IMDb page, she appears in the 2019 movie, “Airplane Mode,” alongside Chloe Bridges as well as YouTubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Ginn has also made appearances on MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and Nickelodeon’s “Crashletes.” Ginn has used her viral stardom to promote a line of merchandise, including clothes and a calendar. Ginn has also released an album titled “Pooping With Page.”

Fake Fall Pranks 😂 (Paige Ginn compilation)These are all of my fake falls from 2013-2019! More falls to come this year. Drop some ideas if you have any. I love you all 💫 & I truly appreciate your support! Instagram • Spotify • Facebook • Twitter • • CREDIT • Beat By Boone Boone

Ginn’s viral video success was featured by Vice in September 2016. The article was headlined, “Paige Ginn Is the Slapstick Heroine That Vine Needs.” Ginn told the website, “I think people enjoy what I do because I’m a girl who can make a complete fool out of herself. And there aren’t very many girls who [do that].” At the time the article was written, Ginn’s videos had achieved over 100 million views on Vine.

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2 wieners is better than one.

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When asked about the controversy generated from a video in which Ginn made a mess in a fast food restaurant that workers were required to clear up, Ginn told Vice, “It’s so funny to me. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I grew up wanting to do this so I could make people laugh and now I’m pissing people off, too. Oh well, what can ya do?”

Ginn grew up as the youngest of seven siblings in the town of Duchesne, Utah. Ginn is a graduate of Duchesne High School. While in high school, Ginn was a star track and field athlete.

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