Christianné Allen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christianné Allen Instagram Christianné Allen is the 20-year-old Director of Communications for Rudy Giuliani. She has not yet graduated from college.

Christianné Allen is the 20-year-old Director of Communications for Rudy Giuliani. She has not yet graduated from college.

A new Politico profile of Allen describes her as a “little-known Instagram personality,” who works as Giuliani’s “media strategist, technology consultant and the employee who helps field reporters’ daily onslaught of inquiries — or, at least, tries to do so.”

Allen has not commented on the Politico profile, but Giuliani has. On Dec. 6, Giuliani tweeted that the publication was about to release “a malicious hit-piece” on Allen, “not just because she’s pro-Trump but because she’s lined up one witness after the other, proving just how corrupt the Democrat party is.”

Giuliani tweeted again, “You think if my Comms Director was doing a terrible job they would be writing this piece? They’re upset because she’s doing one hell of a job blocking them from misrepresenting me!”

Allen retweeted both tweets.

Politico also reports that Giuliani sent a direct text to a Politico reporter about the profile leading up to its publication, which reads,

“Your article is so filled with lies and misinterpretations, it stands out as a [sic] now an almost routine left wing hit piece on an exceptionally talented and really fine Christian Conservative woman and strong supporter of President Trump. I’m disappointed that Politico is now joining the [sic] destroy the reputation of those the Left believes should not be entitled to support President Trump.”

Here’s what you need to know about Allen:

1. Allen Was Named Director of Communications for Rudy Giuliani in September

Allen, 20, is the Director of Communications for Giuliani.

She was given the position in September, and confirmed it on her Instagram account in October, writing, “Honored to announce I have taken a position with @therudygiuliani as Director of Communications and additionally, I am officially on the Finance Committee for Trump Victory. Feeling blessed and ecstatic for the journey ahead! God is so good.”

A quick skim of Allen’s virtual resume on LinkedIn shows that she’s never had a job anywhere close to the caliber of her role for Giuliani. Prior to getting the gig, she worked for the Daily Caller as a video contributor, though it can be inferred that she didn’t work full-time, as she’s currently enrolled at Liberty University as an undergraduate. With that said, her enrollment status is unclear, as well.

In addition to her apparent full-time job for Giuliani, and her apparent full-time enrollment at Liberty University, Allen announced she had received an ambassadorship with the Falkirk Center, a recently founded Christian conservative think tank at Liberty University, in November.

She wrote on Facebook, “The need to begin defending our God-given freedoms in America has never been greater! Our center’s mission will be to ‘equip courageous champions to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ, to advance His Kingdom, and renew American ideals.'”

According to a report on the think tank by the conservative publication The Washington Examinerthe Falkirk Center was created to “push back on the media, academics, and Democratic politicians.” It was founded by Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

2. Allen Also Works on the Finance Committee for Trump Victory

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TOUGHNESS IS A VIRTUE We are given a billion messages a day that we are victims of our circumstances, who would flourish if only coddled just right. Our problems, we are told, need external solutions, rather than internal fortitude to overcome. Not only do we aggressively eliminate discomfort, we use pop culture to promote self-pity and blaming others for our problems. These are the dogmas of modern society. Mental toughness precludes selfishness and self-pity and orients you toward solving problems instead. It is not pessimism and lack of empathy for others; on the contrary, it gives the opportunity for empathy. When we stop wallowing in our own problems, we increase our ability to understand and sense the needs and struggles of others. The great philosopher Seneca sums this up best when he asserts: “I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune. You have passed through life without an opponent—no one can ever know what you are capable of, not even you.” By valuing toughness, we have the opportunity to help our youth develop the qualities necessary to overcome future obstacles, rather than training learned helplessness: the expectation that others will solve their problems. This is ALL from my recent read ‘Rekindle The Lost Virtue Of Toughness’, by Shane Trotter. Probably not the best photo to share this on. However, the points Shane makes are spot on.

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In addition to working as Giuliani’s bonafide spokesperson, Allen also works on the finance committee for Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, and 11 Republican committees.

Allen is a devout Christian. Her Instagram bio reads in part, “Saved by Jesus Christ.” She has over 18,000 followers on Instagram and over 2,000 followers on Twitter. On her Facebook, she frequently writes statuses affirming her far-right conservative beliefs, and about her faith.

On July 20, she wrote, “A reminder for all you folks as we head into 2020: you can vote your way into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot yourself out.”

3. Allen Is a Member of Turning Point USA, a Conservative Organization

Allen’s Instagram shows her extensive involvement and participation with Turning Point USA, a nonprofit whose mission is to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom.”

Allen will be a “special guest” at a Turning Point USA event in West Palm Beach later this month. She wrote to Instagram of the upcoming event, “I don’t think I’ve ever come across an organization filled with more educated and patriotic Americans working to make a difference in this great country!”

4. Allen Has Worked at Daily Caller in the Past, & Attends Liberty University

Allen’s LinkedIn shows her to be only halfway through her collegiate experience, though it’s unclear how she would still be fully enrolled in college while working full-time for Giuliani.

Per her LinkedIn, she’s set to graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Communications in 2022.

Though Allen is enrolled at Liberty University, she appears to have a slightly bizarre connection to Harvard University, too.

To Politico, Allen’s father, Lee Allen, said that his daughter somehow called the president of Harvard University and spoke to him on the phone about how to get into the school. The publication then reported that Harvard has no records of the call, and that former Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust has no recollections of this conversation.

5. Allen Is Not Connected to Former Virginia Governor & Senator George Allen, Though Sources Claim She’s Said She’s Related to Him

In Politico’s profile of Allen, a source claims that Allen first became involved with the Trump administration when she volunteered for Trump’s presidential campaign at 16 years old, and that she was able to get into the campaign because she said she was related for former Virginia governor and senator George Allen.

The anonymous official told Politico, “I would introduce her to other people as George Allen’s niece, and then I guess she got in front of someone who was actually related to George Allen and she corrected herself then.”

The two Allens are not related, Politico confirms.

In an email to the publication, Allen disputes the claim, saying,  “I never once implied or said I was George Allen’s niece. There were a few officials on the campaign who thought we were related based on our last name. I was asked one time in a public setting if I was related to him and I laughed and said no.”

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