Justin Amash’s Family & Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Justin Amash is married to Kara Amash and they have three children. He’s the son of immigrants from Palestine and Syria. Amash has recently announced that he’s launching an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President. Here’s what you need to know about Justin Amash’s family and children.

1. He & Kara Amash Have Three Children

Kara and Justin live in Cascade Charter Township. They have three children: Alexander, Anwen, and Evelyn.

Here’s a photo from 2019 with his children, wife, and their two dogs:

And here’s their Christmas photo from 2018:

And here are their adorable pups, Rey and Finn:

They even had a first birthday party in 2016:

2. Kara & Justin Were High School Sweethearts & Played Miniature Golf on their First Date

FacebookKara Amash’s Facebook photo

Justin and Kara were classmates at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Justin was interested in Kara and, during his senior year, promised himself that he would ask her out that day if she walked past his locker. She did, and he invited her to go miniature golfing with him. They also had a bite to eat at TGI Friday’s. Kara says that she beat Justin at golf that day; she remembers the day as “the only time he ever let me win.”

They got married five years later.

3. His Dad Is a Palestinian Refugee & His Mom is Syrian

Both of Amash’s parents are immigrants. His dad was a Palestinian refugee and his mother is Syrian. He mentioned his father’s heritage on Twitter when Ilhan Omar tweeted in January 2019 that the 116th Congress included the first Palestinian-American. Amash corrected her, writing: “My father is Palestinian, and I’ve been in Congress since 2011… I should add that my mother is Syrian! I’m proud of my heritage on both sides, though I more often have mentioned my father’s background because he was a refugee.”


He often speaks proudly about his parents. He tweeted about them in November 2019 for Thanksgiving, writing: “I’m grateful to God for my family, friends, and staff; for America and all who defend our Constitution; for the American people, who welcomed my refugee father and immigrant mother; for the many people who greet me with kindness each day.”

Justin Amash’s father was 16 when he came to America as a Palestinian refugee. Attallah Amash had six brothers and sisters with him when they arrived in Muskegon, MLive reported. His dad had learned some English in the refugee camp and handled the family’s entire life fortune of $17 when they got off a ship in New York City. He spent the money on bread and tomatoes once they got passage to Muskegon and a pastor offered to sponsor them.

4. His Parents Met in Damascus, Syria

Amash’s mom, Mimi, is a Syrian Christian and his father, Attallah, is a Palestinian Christian. They met in Damascus, Syria through family friends. The two married in 1974.

Amash speaks lovingly about his parents on Twitter. He wrote that his dad is “kind, generous, intelligent, dedicated, and loves his family more than anything.”

His mom was a stay-at-home mother whose life was devoted to raising her three boys, MLive reported. She said it was important to develop each child’s talent.

5. Amash Grew Up in Michigan & Has Two Brothers


Justin Amash grew up in Michigan and worked as a consultant for a company his father founded called Michigan Industrial Tools (originally called Amash Imports Inc., MLive reported.) His dad started his first business in the 1960s.

Michigan Industrial Tools imports hand tools sold at a variety of hardware stores, automotive centers, and more.

Amash has two brothers: John and Jeff. They’ve also worked at Michigan Industrial Tools with their dad and all three have law degrees. To the family, Attallah’s humble start taught them about opportunity and achievement, MLive reported.

Amash told MLive: “We all felt we had to go all-out and not let him down. We were very positive, and we all wanted to not take his hard work for granted.”

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