WATCH: Oakland Mercedes-Benz Dealership Vandalized in California

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A Mercedes-Benz dealership was vandalized in Oakland, California, and you can see video of what happened below. “Eat the rich” was painted on the side of one luxury automobile.

Fox News shared the video and reported, “Cars in an Oakland Mercedes-Benz dealership were vandalized on Friday and at least one was set on fire during protests in response to the police-involved death of George Floyd.” The video also showed cars on fire.

Here’s another view of what happened:

People “started spray painting, wrecking and burning cars during the onslaught,” according to Benz Insider. Others kicked windshields and climbed on cars, according to HT Auto.

According to Car Scoops, an FCI Dealership was also looted in the Bay Area, in San Leandro, and over 50 cars were stolen, including “nearly every $80K Hellcat.” One Instagram post that shared a video of that incident included this caption, “This is what I’ve been waiting for since day 1 #hellcats #looters #whack #dodge #moparmemes #mopar #chrysler #dodgecharger #charger #challenger #rt #srt #srt8 #scatpack #hellcat #sxt #trackhawk #demon #300srt #jeep #jeepgrandcherokee #grandcherokeesrt8 #sendit #burnout #drift #drifting #burnouts #carmeet #cargram #carvideos.”

That site said the Mercedes-Benz dealership “posted a video on Facebook showing their employees cleaning up the showroom and stating that ‘Our family is rebuilding. We are a part of the community.'” The video is no longer available, however. It’s not clear whether any arrests have resulted from the looting and vandalism at either car dealership.

The looting broke out in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd died after a restraint by a Minneapolis police officer, who has been charged with second-degree murder in his death. Three other officers were criminally charged and all four officers were fired. A viral video showing Floyd’s death sparked riots and protests throughout the country. Some of the protests have been peaceful throughout the country, but others have erupted into violence and extensive looting.

Other Videos Have Gone Viral During the Unrest

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A series of other intense videos also emerged from cities throughout the country as George Floyd protests and riots escalated into violence in some areas. For example, in Chicago there was an all-out street brawl between police officers and protesters, according to this video. In Atlanta, a video caught a bicycle officer shoving a bike at a woman. Protesters threw an American flag in a river outside Trump Tower in Chicago. In New York City, videos captured two NYPD squad cars running over protesters.

Police in Oakland have stepped up curfew enforcement, writing on June 1, “After giving multiple orders to disperse,our officers detained more than 40 people for violating curfew. Reminder the curfew expires at 5 AM. Please stay home.” Oakland Police Department also wrote: “We stand with our community in denouncing all incidents of police brutality. We stand with all in our community who have traditionally been marginalized, oppressed, and who have been harmed by our systems and institutions.”

On May 31, the Alameda County Sheriff wrote, “Currently there are multiple reports of large, mobile groups of rioters and looters traveling throughout the East Bay Area. Travel on highways and freeways may be difficult or restricted as multiple road and freeway exit closures are expected.”

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