COVID-19 Stimulus Check 2 Status: Weekend Update

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Getty What's the status on a second stimulus check?

What’s the weekend update on the status of a second stimulus check?

Congress is currently at a standstill on the details of a second check, with both sides of the aisle struggling to compromise on the parameters of an economic relief bill. On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “… we all want the negotiations to continue. The public is demanding action on this now.”

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a rescue bill for the US Postal Service, according to CNET. Meanwhile, the outlet reports that Senate Republicans are working on a new, slimmed-down proposal that’s earned the title of the “skinny” bill.

The “skinny bill” includes $10 million for USPS, but does not include a second stimulus check. It also includes $300 in extra weekly federal unemployment benefits through December 27, and money for the Paycheck Protection Program.

When it comes to the House and the Senate, both are on August break and are scheduled to return on September 8. So does that mean the prospect of a second stimulus check is dead in the water?

Here’s what you need to know:

Both Sides Support a Second Check

The reason why there is hope for another stimulus check is that both the Senate and the House, along with President Donald Trump, have voiced their support for a second stimulus check, according to CNET.

And Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has also reiterated, time and time again, that if a bill does pass, he will need just one week to start sending out the first batch of payments. Comparatively, it took three weeks to send out the initial checks under the CARES Act.

According to CNET, however, while it’s possible that Republicans and Democrats could continue to negotiate the details of a stimulus package when they return to session, it’s “extremely unlikey.”

The GOP will be focused on the National Convention, beginning Monday, August 24, the outlet writes.

“Negotiations are more likely to slide into September after the new congressional session officially begins. The Senate is adjourned until after Labor Day, which is Sept. 7,” CNET writes.

‘Neither Side Wants to Give the Other Side a Victory Right Now’

Congress must compromise to iron out the details of a package, but in the words of CNBC, “Neither side wants to give the other side a victory right now.”

Last weekend, Congress missed its self-imposed August 7 deadline to figure out the details of a stimulus package, and President Trump responded by signing three memorandums and an executive order addressing unemployment benefits, student loans, eviction protections and payroll tax deferrals, according to CNBC.

As time ticks away, tensions amongst Americans are rising to an all-time high. On Sunday, the hashtag #OccupyCongress began trending to “show that [people] want new people to refresh the United States Congress,” in the words of

The outlet continued, “The idea is for those officials to step up and do their job and if not, they can expect to be voted out in the upcoming elections.”

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