WATCH: Toddler Hurled Into the Air During Kite Festival Mishap

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YouTube A toddler was flown 30 feet high after becoming tangled in a kite during a Taiwan festival.

A little girl in Taiwan had the scare of her life when she was hurled high into the sky during a kite festival on August 30. The toddler flew more than 30 feet high for several seconds and the strong winds bounced her around violently as witnesses looked on helplessly. Luckily, onlookers caught her as the kite came back down. According to the mayor of Hsinchu City, where the festival took place, the child was not seriously injured.

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The Toddler Was Accidentally Tangled In the Kite Strings During Powerful Winds, An Official Said

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The incident happened at the fourth annual Hsinchu City International Kite Festival, at the Nanliao Fishing Port in northern Taiwan. According to Taiwan News, the toddler became entangled in the kite’s tail strings when powerful winds kicked up.

The outlet reported that the winds measured Level 7 on the Beaufort scale. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration describes Level 7 wind conditions on its website as a “near gale” that causes “whole trees moving, resistance felt walking against wind.”

The toddler may have been attracted to the kite because it was filled with candy. Chen Ko-fang, the secretary-general of the Taiwan-based Asian Kite Forum, told Taiwan News that the kite was supposed to drop candy over the festival. She said children are supposed to be kept away from the kite while it is on the ground but that organizers were surprised by the strong wind gusts.

The Child Suffered Facial Bruising & Cuts But Has Since Been Released From a Hospital

Hsinchu City International Kite Festival

YouTubeA toddler was tossed in the air during the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival in Taiwan.

In the full video of the incident which has quickly spread across the globe, the kite handlers did not appear to be aware of the child who, as it turned out, was standing nearby. The men can be seen holding the orange kite down as they waited to release it into the sky.

It’s only after they’ve released the kite that the child becomes visible on-screen. The clip shows the little girl tossing violently in the sky as the kite dips and rises. The girl was hurled more than 30 feet high, according to Taiwan English News, as the crowd was forced to watch. (Other news outlets have reported the girl flew even higher; the Sunday Times reported it was 60 feet while The Sun wrote that she was pulled about 100 feet up).

After about 30 seconds in the air, the kite descended and people in the crowd were able to catch the child and prevent more serious injury.

快新聞/被怪力強風捲上天「轉數圈還倒頭栽」 女童新竹南寮放風箏驚悚9秒畫面曝光-民視新聞【#民視快新聞】「2020新竹市國際風箏節」昨日與今日在新竹漁港國際風箏賽場舉行,不過期間卻發生一段插曲讓不少人看了直呼驚悚。今天下午一陣強風來得太突然,讓在場的一名3歲林姓女童竟被風箏纏住身體「捲上天空」,還在天空中旋轉長達9秒,甚至一度倒頭栽,膽戰心驚的景象讓下方的民眾不斷伸出手來要將女童接住,女童降落後受驚嚇且頸部與臉部有擦傷。2020-08-30T08:57:28Z

The mayor of Hsinchu City, Lin Chih-chien, shared on Facebook that the little girl was immediately taken to a hospital for examination after her flight. He shared that the little suffered facial bruising but otherwise was not seriously harmed. Focus Taiwan added that the toddler also suffered scrapes on her neck but did not break any bones.

The Festival Was Suspended & Government Officials Promised an Investigation

The remainder of the kite festival was immediately canceled after the incident, RTE reported. Mayor Lin Chih-chien apologized in a Facebook statement and promised an investigation in order to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

The annual kite festival is hosted by the city government. According to the government website, the event was launched to promote tourism. The festival takes place on a kite field that spans nearly 20 acres. The website quotes a “Swedish kite professional” who described the Hsinchu field as the “best kite-flying competition venue in the world.”

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