No Simp September: What Does Twitter Trend Actually Mean?

No Simp September


‘No Simp September’ became a national Twitter trend in the United States on September 1.

According to Urban Dictionary, a simp is defined as a person “who does way too much for a person they like” or a person who “will say anything to please someone, particularly a girl.” The Urban Dictionary definitions were created in January and March 2020.

In July 2020, a New York Times feature on the word simp said that in earlier uses the word was thought to have been a shortened version of simpleton. The article said that the more modern use of the word, which can arguably be sourced back to “bawdy” rapper Too Short, has come to mean “overly sympathetic” or “soft,” “particularly to women.” In 2019, The Times reported that the word began to appear in TikTok videos, first by male users and later by female users. Too Short told The Times, “I don’t know what simp will evolve into but it will always be a negative word if you’re called that.”

TikTok Users Began Introducing the Idea of No Simp September During Summer 2020

Know Your Meme says TikTok users began announcing the No Simp September trend as early as May 2020. The phrase ‘No Simp September’ began trending on Twitter around 9 a.m. Eastern time on September 1.

The Reddit Rules About No Simp September Include Not Watching Pornography

Reddit No Simp September Rules

Reddit/No Simp September RulesThe Reddit avatar for the No Simp September thread.

A Reddit thread for No Simp September gives certain rules for the trend. Rules include being honest about simping, not donating money to “booby streamers,” spending time with family members, not liking or comment on photos merely because a woman is featured, not viewing pornography for the month of September and checking in on the Reddit thread every day even just to say “Still in.”

A description of the Reddit thread reads in part, “Simping is (most of the time) a destructive behavior, and for those who realize they have a problem and need to stop, we’re here, for all of September.” The rules were written by user Bruhbot42069.

One Dating Guru Defined Simping as ‘Putting Her Needs Before Your Own’

No Simp September!►►Own all 9 of my dating / game books now for just $39 here → ►► Subscribe to my FREE daily email and get my 4-part dating & biz course FREE here → Subscribe to my channel Troy Francis: *** Dating advice for men plus adventures in the sexual marketplace: ***…2020-09-01T13:10:49Z

Dating guru Troy Francis defined simping in a September 1 video as “putting her needs before your own.” Francis gave a “random example” of the trend. Francis said:

Can you imagine if [Axl Rose] was seeing a girl? And the girl said, ‘Listen, I want you to give up that Guns & Roses stuff. Don’t go on that tour. Put it all down and just go and work in the local library because that’s what I want…’ What do you think he would say? Well obviously, he’s not going to entertain that because his overall mission of being a rock star, of being in Guns & Roses is simply more important to him in terms of his wider life rather than this woman.

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A Men’s Health feature on simping highlighted two problems with the current trend, particularly among younger men. Those problems were that advocates for the trend “believe they are entitled to sex” and “they believe a relationship between a man and a woman is always about sex.” Simping has also been the subject of a blog post on Tinder’s website that concluded, “We agreed a long time ago to stop criticizing people who express their feelings freely and openly. why are simps an exception to that rule? I’m proposing a motion to let simps live free of judgment.”

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