Adam Kinzinger’s Wife, Sofia Boza-Holman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

adam kinzinger wife Sofia

Instagran/@adam_kinzinger Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and wife Sofia Boza-Holman.

Sofia Boza-Holman is a career civil servant and the wife of Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois who has been serving in Congress since 2011. The couple tied the knot in early 2020.

The couple celebrated the birth of their first child in January 2022. Kinzinger shared on Twitter that they named their son Christian.

Here’s what you need to know about Kinzinger’s wife:

1. Boza-Holman & Kinzinger Were Married at a Historic Convent in Guatemala

Rep. Kinzinger officeRep. Adam Kinzinger and Sofia Boza-Holman had a destination wedding in Guatemala.

Kinzinger and Boza-Holman tied the knot on February 15, 2020, according to a news release from the congressman’s office. The couple chose to have a destination wedding in Antigua, Guatemala. But the wedding still included a religious ceremony.

The nuptials took place at the “Convento de las Capuchinas.” According to the National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala website, the convent was designed in the 1730s by architect Diego de Porres. The website adds that the first nuns “arrived in 1725 from the Capuchin convent in Madrid, Spain.”

Kinzinger’s hometown pastor, Nate Ferguson of the Village Christian Church of Channahon, Illinois, traveled to Guatemala to serve as the officiant.

Kinzinger shared his excitement in a statement to his constituents that read in part, “It’s official: I am one very lucky man to now have such an incredible woman as my wife. Sofia and I feel incredibly blessed to have the love and support of so many over this past week, and we know God was at the center of it all.”

Kinzinger also posted a highlight video of the festivities to his Instagram account.

2. The Couple Had to Isolate Together Just Weeks After Tying the Knot Due to the Coronavirus

Kinzinger and Boza-Holman were married for only a few weeks before the coronavirus pandemic prompted shutdowns and stay-at-home orders in the United States. Kinzinger suggested he was grateful they’d gotten married when they did in an Instagram post from June 2020. He shared a picture of Boza-Holman walking toward him for the “first look” photo on their wedding day and wrote in part, “Glad we slid this in first.”

Kinzinger also joked with his followers about needing to quarantine with his wife so soon after tying the knot. He wrote on Twitter on March 25, 2020, “Wishing a very happy birthday to my bride, Sofia! 🎉 In five weeks of marriage, we’re proving you CAN survive isolation together. 👍 Clearly, I’m a very lucky man. Cheers to my wife!”

The couple most likely isolated at his home in Channahon, a suburb of Chicago. According to county property records, Kinzinger bought his three-bedroom Illiois townhouse in February 2013.

Shortly before their first wedding anniversary, Kinzinger gushed about Boza-Holman in a sweet Instagram post on National Spouses Day. He wrote to her, “One day, I was lost. The next I found you… can’t believe we’ve been married almost a year, but through the difficulties of 2020, it’s still been the best of my life. Here’s to many more with you @sofiakinzinger! Happy spouses day:).”

3. Boza-Holman Is a Political Communications Specialist & Worked in the Trump White House

sofia kinzinger

LinkedInSofia Boza-Holman is married to Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

Boza-Holman has been working for government and political institutions since graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2011, according to her LinkedIn profile. She worked for former House Speaker John Boehner for nearly two years, first as a staff assistant before being promoted to a communications advisor role.

Boza-Holman was with the Republican National Committee for most of 2016. She served as the press secretary for Hispanic media. After a brief role working for the inaugural committee, Boza-Holman joined the White House staff as a regional communications director during the Trump administration. According to a June 2017 report on White House personnel, Boza-Holman earned a $62,000 salary in that role.

In January 2018, Boza-Holman took a job in Vice President Mike Pence’s office as the director of strategic media. She remained in that role for two years before shifting to the Department of Homeland Security. Boza-Holman served as the deputy assistant secretary of media affairs until August 2020.

It’s unclear where Boza-Holman went to work after that. Her LinkedIn profile only notes that she is a communications specialist based in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area but does not list a current employer.

4. Boza-Holman & Kinzinger Have Been Together Since at Least 2018

Kinzinger has not publicly disclosed how he and Boza-Holman first met. But it’s likely they were introduced through colleagues, considering his work on Capitol Hill and her previous job at the White House.

They have been a couple since at least 2018. Boza-Holman’s public-facing Facebook page includes a photo of her and Kinzinger dating back to November 2018. She first appeared on Kinzinger’s Instagram account in December 2018. The congressman posted a photo of them together at a White House holiday party.

Kinzinger proposed to Boza-Holman in June 2019. He announced the engagement on Instagram with the simple caption, “She said: yes!”

5. Boza-Holman Has Family in El Salvador

Little is publicly known about Boza-Holman’s family background. Her Instagram account is private, but she noted in the bio that she divides her time between Illinois, Washington, D.C. and El Salvador. She may have been born there; a search of online records suggests she obtained a social security number in Florida when she was a young child.

Boza-Holman’s public-facing Facebook page includes photos with at least one little boy identified in the comments as her nephew. She tagged a woman named Florence Boza, who is either her sister or sister-in-law, in at least one photo. According to the woman’s Twitter account, which shows that she retweeted Boza-Holman’s January 13 tweet, Boza lives in San Salvador.

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