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Arthur Levan Williamson is the suspect accused in the fatal murder of Michigan radio anchor Jim Matthews.

Williamson is also accused of attacking three other members of Matthews’ family at their Chesterfield Township home, although they survived the attack. Police said in a news conference that Matthews died of “blunt-force trauma.”

The other victims were Matthews’ girlfriend and his two children. The crime was horrific; the mother was found stabbed in a driveway, the radio anchor was bludgeoned with a hammer; and a child was bound in a closet.

Matthews was an anchor on the radio station WWJ-AM (950). The motive remains unclear.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Matthews’ Death Was Announced by the Radio Station, Which Described His Love for His Children

In a story posted to its website, the radio station where Matthews worked announced his death.

“WWJ Newsradio 950’s Jim Matthews was tragically killed Friday afternoon in Chesterfield Township,” the station reported, referring to September 23, 2022.

“Jim worked as the overnight news anchor for nearly seven years. He would often talk to co-workers about his children and his love for them and their adventures at school.”

2. Williamson Was Initially Welcomed Into the Home But Attacked Matthews With a Hammer, Police Say

Macomb Daily reported that the weapon was a hammer.

Police say Williamson “also stabbed and beat the newsman’s girlfriend and their two children numerous times,” the news site reported, describing Williamson as a “family friend.”

Chesterfield, Michigan, police, initially wrote in a news release, “The Chesterfield Public Safety Department is currently investigating a domestic situation involving a murder and attempted suicide. We have one deceased white male, 57 years of age. The suspect and all three surviving victims have been taken to an area hospital.”

Williamson arrived at some point in the middle of the night and was welcomed into the home, and Matthews arrived at 6 a.m. Police were called around noon, they said in the news conference.

“This is somebody who has been there in the past,” police said. The nature of the relationship is still being investigated.

Police announced in a news conference that Arthur Williamson was charged with seven counts, including homicide and assault with attempt to murder and unlawful imprisonment.

It was not a breaking and entering, the prosecutor said in a news conference. “What was it?” he said. “We believe…this was a homicide. This was a murder. It was also assault with intent to murder.”

He tied up the victims, according to the prosecutor.

Nicole Guertin, Matthews’ girlfriend, is stable and being held for observation. The 10 year old victim was in critical but stable condition and a 5 year old was released from the hospital. Guertin was found in a driveway with “multiple stab wounds,” Macomb Daily reported.

The 10 year old boy was “bound and beaten in a closet with a head trauma after trying to fight off the suspect,” the news site reported.

The chief said police worked “tirelessly” to find justice in the case.

“Domestic violence has victimized too many people in our community,” he said.

The prosecutor said it was an unfortunate and sad situation. There isn’t a lot of clarity about what happened, he said, adding that the crime “stresses the entire community.”

According to Daily Mail, neighbors said Williamson was “known to visit the household up to four times a week while Matthews slept after returning from his overnight shifts.”

3. A GoFundMe Page Is Raising Money to Help Matthews’ Children

A GoFundMe page to help Matthews’ children has raised more than $15,000.

“Hi, my name is Ashley, other wise known as Auntie. My sister and her two kids were recently victims of the nationally known news story about Jim Matthews and his children in Chesterfield, Michigan,” it reads.

“I am working on getting these kids everything they need. My niece is doing well, but my nephew is in critical condition. Last night he was forced to undergo brain surgery and ear surgery. He has come through both successfully. He is still currently sedated and is staying in the Pediatric ICU. I and my husband are taking care of my niece and advocated for my nephew as he goes through the biggest challenge he has yet to face; recovering from a vicious, needless attack.”

The page continued:

I wasn’t going to make a go fund me, but it was recommended. Anything donated is going to these two kids. They have been through so much and I feel like the least I can do is create something that helps them adapt to what comes after this tragedy.

Thank you to everyone who is giving us well wishes. It is amazing to see the community pull together for these two children.

4. Williamson Has a Lengthy Criminal History

Williamson’s “lengthy criminal history” goes back three decades. He’s been convicted over the years of everything from kidnapping to assault, according to Daily Mail.

The GoFundMe page says Matthews’ girlfriend and daughter are in stable condition. It reads,

First – I would like to thank everyone who has donated. This GoFundMe has reached more places than I ever could imagine.

Second – I would like to thank those who are connected to my family’s life and are donating clothes, toys, and more. It warms my heart so much to see all of these strangers helping my family when these kids need it the most. You guys are the light in our dark tunnel and even these words of kindness do not express my gratitude for you.

Third – I am happy to say my older sister and my niece are both in stable condition. I am also happy to say that my niece is still acting like her normal happy self though she does somewhat understand the situation going on. My nephew has had a few victories of his own. Thankfully, his surgery was very successful, and after some tests and scans, his neck was deemed okay. He was able to take off his C-Collar which helped make the swelling in his face go down. He is still sedated while he heals, but he can move both sides of his body.

We have a long road to recovery ahead of us and once again I cannot thank you guys enough for all you are doing to help us.

5. The Murder Victim’s Brother Described the Scene as ‘Something You’d See in a Horror Movie’

“It’s not even something you’d see in a horror movie,” Joe Nicolai, Matthews’ brother, told 7 Action News.

“Nicole, my brother’s girlfriend, was laying out in the parking lot and was duck-taped and bleeding so my wife went out to hold her hand,” said Nicolai.

Nicolai continued:

There is no motive, I don’t know why he was in the house. I talked to the lead investigator, and my brother probably came home to this. He comes home about 5:30 in the morning and was probably surprised and attacked, and I believe that Hunter the 10-year-old was trying to fight off this man that was attacking and trying to kill his father, and that’s how Hunter ended up injured and tied and put into a closet.

The prosecutor said Williamson had not had previous active contacts in the community.

He tried to overdose on heroin after the attack, Macomb Daily reported.

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