Bride Banning 98-Year-Old Grandmother From Wedding Reception Goes Viral


The story of a bride banning her fiancé’s 98-year-old grandmother from her wedding reception has gone viral.

The bride, who has not been named, put her story on a Reddit thread on the subreddit called “Am I the A******?” That’s a Reddit concept whereby people solicit opinions from others on Reddit about their behavior.

The story has now gotten national attention and wider feedback on social media.

Here’s what you need to know:

In the Reddit Post, the Woman Revealed, ‘This Has Caused a Huge Fight’


In the original post on Reddit, the 28-year-old bride-to-be wrote that she and her 30-year-old fiancé “agreed not to have kids at our wedding, as we want the reception to be a huge party for your adult friends and family with dancing, loud music and an open bar.” She said she doesn’t want “his elderly grandmother” there “for precisely the same reasons,” though she is welcome at the wedding ceremony.

“This has caused a huge fight, since she said she has always dreamed about being at her grandson’s wedding,” the woman wrote. “She and he both insist that she will be fine and wants to go to the party. But I just know it will inevitably lead to us dealing with her and taking care of her, and I just want to get drunk and let loose with my friends.”

The bride wrote that both her fiancé and his grandmother — the only remaining grandparent between the two — are now upset, and his grandmother “won’t talk to me.”

People Criticized the Bride on Reddit

Many commenters on Reddit responded to the bride with “YTA”: “You’re the A******.”

Reddit shut down commenting on the post and added a notice indicating “all insults thrown thus far have been removed and any hurled from this point forward will earn a ban.”

“Is that not what the bachelorette party is for? YTA,” one person wrote.

“YTA- have you heard of clubbing. Go with your friends another time,” wrote another.

“Or just assign someone to grandma duty??? I’m sure she won’t stay late either,” suggested one commenter.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking. Can’t you just have a normal reception for an hour? It’s not like grandma is going to be raging until 3am,” another commenter wrote. “Also, who wants to sit down and eat a meal in a ‘nIgHt cLuB’ atmosphere, anyway.”

Many commenters suggested the fiancé should leave the bride-to-be over the issue.

“Ditch the bride to be and just have a big party for grandma,” one person wrote.

“If you told me my Grandma wasn’t invited I’d leave you on the spot,” said another.

“YTA. And you may not be a bride after this,” wrote one commenter.

“Hell yeah! Poor grandma deserves so much better than to be told ‘you’re too old for me to party hard around.’ Most old folks these days just want to be included. We so often forget they are still people too and more often than not the elderly go for weeks without any sort of interaction or communication with another person,” another person wrote. “The (baby) bride needs to be less tone deaf and more considerate.”

“YTA. Not sure how you could be more TA to be honest. You’re hearing the love of your life say this is important. You’re hearing someone really important to your partner say this is important. And you’re putting getting drunk ahead of that? FFS,” wrote one person in one of the most popular comments on the post. “She’s been a grown adult longer than you’ve been alive – I’m pretty sure she can handle any tiredness and noise as she wishes.”

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