North Carolina Rapper Cam Coldheart Dies at 33

cam coldheart dead

Instagram/@bigcoldheart Cameron Henegan, aka rapper Cam Coldheart.

Cameron Devon Henegan, better known as North Carolina rapper Cam Coldheart, died unexpectedly on April 24. His aunt, who uses the handle @empresstia_majesticplus on Instagram, shared the news on social media.

Charlotte Alerts described Henegan as an “up and coming” rapper in the area. He had more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Heavy has reached out to the Charlotte Police Department to determine whether Henegan’s death was under investigation. This post will be updated once we hear back.

Here’s what you need to know:

Henegan’s Aunt Speculated He Was Drugged the Night Before His Death

cam coldheart dead

Instagran/@empresstia_majesticplusThe aunt of Cameron Henegan, aka “Cam Coldheart” speculated he died of a drug overdose.

Henegan’s cause of death has not yet been released or confirmed by official sources. His aunt, who goes by the name “Empress Tia” on Instagram, shared a theory on social media.

In response to a question about how her nephew had died, she responded, “We won’t know for sure until the autopsy is done… But there is speculation that he was drugged at a club the night before…”

cam coldheart death

Instagram/@empresstia_majesticplusCam Coldheart’s aunt shared the news of his death on social media.

In her post, Tia wrote about how her nephew had been striving for success and that she was proud of all he accomplished. “We supposed to make it to the top together!!! I’m going to miss us encouraging each other and giving each other our props!!! You was doing the damn thing!!! You were a Master 11 and very successful but you didn’t even fully tap into what the Universe had for you… Nevertheless I’m still proud of all your accomplishments Cam Henegan and having a front row seat to your growth was an honor and a privilege… I love you NEPHEW!!! Thank you for all the laughs and smiles and for keeping me on my A game and always challenging me… I’m truly going to miss you.”

Charlotte Alerts reported Henegan “leaves behind kids that he cherished.” His Instagram account included several photos of two young children. In one post from July 2020, Henegan wrote that he wanted financial success and to “be a good daddy.”

Henegan Launched His Entertainment Company in 2015 & Promoted His Music on Multiple Platforms

cam coldheart

North Carolina Secretary of StateCameron Henegan launched Coldheart Entertainment in 2015.

Henegan started developing the Coldheart brand in 2015. North Carolina business records show he registered the Coldheart Entertainment LLC in March 2015.

The company website was dedicated to Henegan’s retail line. The collection included hats, T-shirts and a face mask emblazoned with the “Coldhearted” logo.

As for his music, Henegan promoted his songs on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. The streaming services have singles and albums released in 2019 and 2020. The Apple Music page also has a single dated 2016 titled “Time Is Money.” Henegan also

Henegan Made Headlines in 2019 for a Fight With DaBaby That He Later Claimed Had Been Staged

Henegan became more well-known in 2019 because of a physcical altercation with fellow rapper DaBaby. Cheatsheet reported in May 2019 that the two musicians had been engaged in a rivalry that came to a head in a Louis Vuitton store. Henegan was accused of instigating the fight. According to Hot New Hip Hop, DaBaby won the fight after knocking Henegan to the ground and leaving him with a bloody nose.

Henegan challenged DaBaby to a rematch about a year later, Complex reported.

But Henegan also later claimed the Louis Vuitton altercation had been largely staged. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Henegan insisted it had been a hoax intended to generate attention. “Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact. That’s Hollywood for you. Everything I said after that sh*t happened, everything on the internet for the past year was for money, you feel me,” Henegan said. “In Hollywood you have to put on a show to make money, you hear? This rap sh*t is not street. It’s about money, period. We done got all the media money. So now back to reality. I don’t even know how you guys didn’t even know.”

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