Dee Booher Dead: Matilda the Hun, Queen Kong Wrestler Dies

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Dee Booher, the iconic 1980s wrestler known as “Matilda the Hun” and “Queen Kong,” has died, a pastor announced on Facebook.

Robert Nguyễn, a pastor with Christ Chapel Orange County, wrote in a statement on January 8, 2022, “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Deanna Booher this evening, January 7, 2022.” A cause of death was not given.

“Queen Kong is a powerful Glamazon Warrior who has lived a life of Glitter, Guts and Glory,” her website says. “She has had her hand in many ventures throughout her career. From Roller derby, to film and television, to mud wrestling, to wrestling as Matilda the Hun in GLOW, and to even creating the very first telephone sex business in the world, Queen Kong has dominated them all.”

Her Instagram page says, “Matilda the Hun from GLOW aka Queen Kong. Actress, entertainer and former professional wrestler towering at 6’3″ and the Queen of mean!”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Pastor Wrote That She Was ‘Best Known as the Legendary Matilda the Hun, Queen Kong & Queen Adrena,’ Calling Her a Pioneer for Women in Sports

Nguyễn’s statement called Booher, whose full name was Deanna Booher, a pioneer in sports.

“Having lived a prolific career as a wrestler, rollerderby skater, actress and singer, she was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend,” he wrote.

“Best known as the legendary Matilda the Hun, Queen Kong and Queen Adrena, she was a pioneer for the advancement of women in sports and performance art and led the way for many of the women who are experiencing success today.”

The statement continued:

Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends. Although we have lost a very dear friend, we know that she is now welcomed in the arms of her beloved husband Poopsie whom she missed every day. We will continue to miss her for many years to come and the world will never be the same again. Sending hugs and body slams to you, Queenie!

She hadn’t posted on Instagram since 2018. She asked for help with her health on GoFundMe in 2017.

Go Fund Me for My LupisSave my Health & House Hello everybody, this is Queenie Kong here. I was known as Matilda the Hun in the mid 1980’s pop culture phenomenon GLOW Aka “The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”. I think many of you know who I am. I have been really touched by the thousands of women and men who…2017-04-14T17:14:47Z

“I’m in a very precarious position in my life,” she wrote, noting that her fingers “throb and my hands freeze in amazing pain.” She had a form of Lupus, she said.

Fans Offered tributes to Booher

Fans offered tributes to Booher on her Facebook pages. She described herself as “Star Wrestler at G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” and owner, entrepreneur, and entertainer at She lived in Long Beach, California, the page says.

“Have no idea how hard this is. Rest In Heaven Queenie Booher. You was the first GLOW girl to accept my friend request honestly. Will miss you,” one man wrote on it.

Her website biography explains:

Matilda the Hun was a star on the 80’s iconic television show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), about a professional female wrestling promotion, that aired on television from 1986-1990. GLOW featured powerful women in different shapes, sizes and nationalities in ways that were beautiful, feminine, strong, smart and funny. Matilda the Hun first used her stage name “Queen Kong” while skating roller derby. After GLOW she wrestled as Queen Kong in POWW (Powerful Women of Wrestling). She has been featured in many film, television, music and magazine productions.

She has been featured on many game shows and was a co-host on The Gong Show. She was recently in a movie called ‘The Dog Wedding’ as Elaine “Queen Kong” Pierce, mother of a professional wrestler. She was also featured in the documentary GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which chronicles the 1980’s sensation ‘The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.’

A woman wrote on Facebook, “I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of a true legend and larger than life woman I call friend and sister Matilda the Hun Dee Queenie Booher She will be missed and the heavens GLOW brighter having added another angel. RIP your little Schatze misses you and will carry memories and you in my heart forever.”

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