King Soopers Shooting Victims: Names, Photos & Tributes

king soopers shooting victims

Facebook/BPD Some of the King Soopers shooting victims.

Boulder police have released the names of all 10 King Soopers shooting victims, and they include a beloved police patrol officer and a 25-year-old woman from Lafayette. The victims range in age from 20 to 65.

Tributes flowed in for the victims. Of shooting victim Teri Leiker, a store employee, a friend wrote that she was “the most innocent, caring, and loving individual that the world held.” A relative called Rikki Olds a “beautiful young angel.” The father of slain Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley emphasized his love of family – he was the married father of seven kids – and Christian faith. Tralona Bartkowiak ran a small artisan store and was remembered as a person who wanted to “share beauty with others.” Kevin Mahoney’s daughter called him “my hero.” Some were store employees. Some were customers. One was a first responder.

Denny Stong’s Facebook profile picture contained the words, “I can’t stay home. I’m a grocery store worker.”

Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold read the names of the victims: Denny Stong, 20, Neven Stanasic, 23, Rikki Olds, 25, Tralona Bartkowiak, 49, Suzanne Fountain, 59, Teri Leiker, 51, Eric Talley, 51, Kevin Mahoney, 61, Lynn Murray, 62, and Jody Waters, 65.

Police initially released only the name of the officer slain in the King Soopers mass shooting: Talley, an 11-year patrol veteran. He was the first of the King Soopers shooting victims to be identified by authorities, who now say 10 people died in the tragedy at the Colorado grocery store.

Olds, the 25-year-old, was named second by family members.

Herold said in a news conference: “Our hearts of this community go out to the victims of this horrific incident. We know of 10 fatalities at the scene, including one of our Boulder PD officers by the name of Eric Talley.” She called the officer’s actions “heroic.”Talley “was first on the scene, and he was fatally shot,” Herold said. “Again, my heart goes out to the victims of this incident. … I am so sorry about the loss of Officer Talley.”

She confirmed that “we have one suspect in custody. I want to reassure the community that they are safe.” She said authorities were working with the coroner’s office to identify the other victims. “I know there are people out there waiting for an answer.” She said police would “work around the clock to get this accomplished.” The last family was notified by 4 a.m., police said, and they made all 10 victims’ names public around 8:30 a.m. the morning after the shooting.

The suspect has been named as Ahmad Alissa. His full name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of Arvada. He’s 21 and now charged with 10 counts of murder.

In a news conference, District Attorney Michael Dougherty said, “My heart goes out to the family of Officer Eric Talley. His life was cut much too short.” He expressed condolences to the families of the other nine victims as well, saying there would be a “painstaking investigation.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Teri Leiker

Teri Leiker was 51.

Friend Lexi Knutson wrote on Facebook, “Confirmed: Teri Leiker was one of the victims of the King Sooper’s Boulder, Colorado shooting. I want to share more about Teri later but, as of now, know one of the victims was the most innocent, caring, and loving individual that the world held.”

Earlier, she wrote that Leiker was “missing from her shift at King Soopers on Table Mesa in Boulder.”

Rikki Olds

rikki olds

Facebook/Rikki OldsRikki Olds.

Lori Olds, who said she is Rikki Olds’ aunt, wrote an angry message on Facebook about the senseless loss of life.

“Thank you everyone for all your prayers but the Lord got a beautiful young angel yesterday at the hands of a deranged monster…We lost our beloved Rikki Olds,” she wrote. “To the monster who shot up the king soopers in Boulder CO yesterday may his rotten ass fry and burn in hell…if i don’t kill him first..we will be posting details about her arrangements in the upcoming days…”

Fifteen hours before, Olds wrote, “Please please please pray my niece Rikki is in that King Soopers right now Lord let her get out safely.”

One person responded, “We are so very sorry! She was really special and our hearts are broken too. We truly enjoyed getting to know Rikki while she and my son … have been dating. I just don’t understand why. Why would anyone do this? Please let us know if there is anything we can do for your family. Sending love & light to everyone.”

rikki olds

Facebook/Rikki OldsRikki Olds.

According to the New York Post, Olds worked at King Soopers as an assistant front-end manager. “She loved her job, to be truthful with you, that’s probably what killed her,” said her grandmother, Jeanette Olds, according to the news site.

On Facebook, Olds said she went to Centaurus High School and Front Range Community College and lived in her native Lafayette, Colorado.

Her most recent post showed a waterfall at Boulder Falls. Other posts also showed the Colorado outdoors.

Her uncle Bob Olds expressed frustration with the notification system, writing on Twitter, “totally understand that a police officer was killed in the line of duty.. rip officer Talley… and thank you so much for running towards the danger and saving lives but what about the rest of us sittin by the phone waiting for notification??”

He added, “i was told by the coroner’s office that officer Talley was identified because he had a nametag.. so did my niece.. then i was told that people exchange id’s … get outta here boulder county coroner’s office… bs.. let my family know…its 2 am and nothing..” An hour after his post, he wrote, “well i am so saddened to report that we finally got the news that my niece has left this world to join her papaw in heaven… fly free and rest easy my loving niece… Rikki Olds… 07/28/95 – 03/22/21…”

Eric Talley

king soopers shooting victims names photos

Facebook/GettyEric Talley was the first King Soopers victim named.

Talley was remembered in a tribute posted by a friend as a married father, a “devout Christian,” and “the nicest guy in the world.” His father, Homer Talley, told ABC News that his son left behind seven children, the youngest just 7. “He took his job as a police officer very seriously. … He loved his kids and his family more than anything,” he said, adding, “He believed in Jesus Christ.” Talley had recently started training to operate a drone so he wouldn’t be on the front lines because “he didn’t want to put his family through something like this,” his father told ABC.

The slain officer’s colleagues escorted his body in a solemn procession through the streets of Boulder; you can see photos and videos of that moment later in this article.

The police chief said Talley had served in “numerous roles supporting the Boulder Police Department” since 2010.

A 2015 article in the Martin Acres newsletter welcomed eric Talley as the area’s new community-based police officer. It said Talley and two commanders announced their new community-based policing initiative at a local steering committee. Under the new initiative, the city was divided into 35 districts, with each having a primary officer whose goal was to become a “family face” in the neighborhood.

The newsletter said: “Officer Talley says he hopes to empower us to be more vigilant neighbors, with direct access to the police department, and to give the police department a clearer picture of our community and our needs.”

Talley was also in the news in 2013 when he helped rescue a group of ducklings from a drainage ditch, according to Daily Camera.

His friend, Jeremy Herko, wrote on Facebook, “I cannot describe my level of devastation I feel right now. My heart is heavy. So many things I would do differently. The person I was calling and messaging earlier, one of my best friends, died today in Boulder. He was the police officer killed. Eric Talley is his name, and he was a devout Christian, he had to buy a 15 passenger van to haul all his kids around, and he was the nicest guy in the world. I’ve known him since we went to the academy together, and we talked all the time. Please keep his wife and kids in your thoughts.”

Tralona Bartkowiak

Facebook/Lonna BartkowiakLonna Bartkowiak.

Tralona Bartkowiak was 49. Her friend Edicha Pacha wrote a tribute on Facebook.

“Wow. I don’t even know what to say. A huge impact hit our community yesterday. It ripples deep.. the trauma. My dear friend Lonna Bartkowiak was one of the victims,, she ran Umba, a store in Boulder that sold small artisan ware. She was the kindest and sweetest lady you ever did know. All she wanted to do was help and share beauty with others. I am heartbroken for her family. Love you Lonna.. you were such a light 💛🔥💛.”

According to Facebook, she lived in Louisville, Colorado, and was from Simi Valley, California.

The Facebook page for her store, Umba, says, “We put the fun in functional. Umba offers comfortable apparel from our design line along with creative collaborations with local artists.”

The page adds:

Back in 2008, Lonna Bartkowiak’s sister, Lisa Noble, a free-spirited music lover, took a trip to Bali for a wedding and bought 100 pairs of fisherman shorts to sell at a farmer’s market in Boulder — and they sold out fast! Fueled by their passion for travel, music, and art, the two of them began selling clothing at music venues, festivals, and local fairs, and Umba came to be. Since 2009, our team has been providing quality clothing, jewelry, and more from our Umba design line along with collaborative work from 100 local artists. We love meeting Boulder natives and travelers from across the US, and we’re excited to help you embody comfort. When you shop with us, you’re supporting self-expression. That’s why whether you want simple yoga pants, visionary jewelry, or an elaborate festival outfit, we’ll work to find pieces that suit your personality and make you feel at ease. We believe in positivity, and we can’t wait to share that energy with the universe.

Kevin Mahoney

Kevin Mahoney was 61. Daughter Erika Mahoney wrote on Twitter, “I am heartbroken to announce that my Dad, my hero, Kevin Mahoney, was killed in the King Soopers shooting in my hometown of Boulder, CO. My dad represents all things Love. I’m so thankful he could walk me down the aisle last summer.”

Denny Stong


Denny Stong was 20. His Facebook page said he worked at King Soopers. He was from Boulder and wrote that he liked “planes, bikes, motorcycles.”

His top post is a fundraiser for a gun rights organization. “For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to National Foundation for Gun Rights Inc. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me,” the post says.

The page says he started working at King Soopers in 2018.

Jody Water

Jody Waters was 65. Friend Jeff Schwartz wrote on Twitter, “My high school buddy. My neighbor. Heaven’s Angel #JodyWaters. May your memory be as a blessing.”

Neven Stanasic

Neven Stanasic was 23.

Suzanne Fountain

Suzanne Fountain was 59.

Lynn Murray

Lynn Murray was 62.

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