Military Plane Crash: No ‘Nuclear Material’ in Highway 78 Tragedy

plane crashes with nuclear material


A military aircraft that belonged to the U.S. Marine Corps crashed near Highway 78 in Imperial County, California. Although the number of victims is not yet clear, there was no nuclear material on board, the military says.

Five Marines with Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, have been confirmed deceased following an aviation mishap involving an MV-22B Osprey during a training mission near Glamis, CA, on the afternoon of June 8, 2022,” the U.S. Marine Corps confirmed in a press release.

The names were not released by the military. However, family members identified one of the deceased Marines as 21-year-old Nathan Carlson, of Machesney Park, according to My Stateline.

Major General Bradford J. Gering, commanding general of 3rd MAW, said, “We mourn the loss of our Marines in this tragic mishap. Our hearts go out to their families and friends as they cope with this tragedy.”

Although initial reports, from an aerial reporter in San Diego, had indicated that there might be such material on board, the military now says that is not true.

“We can confirm that an aircraft belonging to 3d Marine Aircraft Wing crashed near Glamis, CA. Military and civilian first responders are on site,” wrote Naval Air Facility Centro on its Facebook page.

“Contrary to initial reports, there was no nuclear material on board the aircraft. More information will be made available as we receive it.”

KESQ News Channel wrote on Twitter, “PLANE CRASH: A Marine official confirms there was no nuclear material aboard the downed military aircraft in Imperial County. There is still no official word on fatalities or injuries.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Plane Belong to Marine Corps Air Base Yuma

Details were emerging about the plane’s origin. The Naval Air Facility Centro also wrote on Facebook:

EMERGENCY ALERT! #NAFEC has just received reports of a downed aircraft in the vicinity of Coachella Canal Road and the 78. Installation Federal Fire, and Imperial County Fire Department are responding, We have no additional details at this time. As facts become verified and available, information will be released on the base’s Facebook page. Please be patient as the installation team works through this emergency.

The Drive reported that the aircraft belonged to the U.S. Marine Corps.

News Channel 3 reported that it was “an MV-22B Osprey, belonged to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based at Marine Corps Air Base Yuma.”

Learn more about that aircraft wing here on the Marine Corps’ website.

A rescue mission is underway, Daily Mail reports.

Casualty Counts Are Not Clear

Footage from the scene showed a large law enforcement response as well as what appeared to be smoke rising in the distance. Fire trucks were among the first responders that gathered at the rural scene.

Malik Earnest, the San Diego aerial reporter, had written on Twitter, “Additional radio traffic indicates at least four people are dead as a result of a military aircraft crash in the Imperial County area of California near Highway 78. Rescue teams are still searching for a 5th person that remains unaccounted.”

Those details are not confirmed.

He added, “A military aircraft crashed in the Imperial County area of California, according to local reports. Preliminary reports indicate the aircraft was loaded with nuclear material with at least 5 people aboard. Rescue efforts and an investigation are underway.” As noted, there was no nuclear material on the plane, according to KESQ-TV.

The situation was just unfolding on the afternoon of June 8, 2022. This story will be updated when more details on the plane crash are known, including whether there are any deaths or injuries.

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