Monster Kody: Crip Co-Founder Dead; Tributes Flow on Social media

monster kody crip

Facebook Monster Kody Crip is dead

Monster Kody was an activist and author who was the founder of the Northern 83G Crips in Los Angeles, California. He was 57 years old.

According to social media reports from people who knew him well, the Crip co-founder has died. The cause of death is not clear. A 2019 photo on his Facebook page showed he required the use of a cane. has reached out to the coroner for more details.

The Source reported that Monster Kody Crip was born Kody Dejohn Scott but changed his name to Sanyika Shakur. “Captive New Afrikan in a struggle with u.s. govt. to regain National independence. Relentless,” he wrote on his Facebook page. His top visible post, from January 2020, reported that he was in a relationship.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tributes Flowed on Social Media for Monster Kody Crip

Paulette Washington was one of those offering tributes to Monster Kody Crip. “Wow!!! My heart is saddened this morning to hear about the loss of my big bro,” she wrote on June 9, 2021. “The legendary Monsta Kody Scott. Bro remember growing up as a kid on 69th Street watching you get your CRIP on. You were one of the only ones my mom let in or yard. you raised me and my siblings. I just spoke with you about a month ago and you were talking about My Parents and our Church. I’m so sad this morning. T.I.P Bro you are Loved and will truly be missed.💔💔💔🕊😢😢😢🕊”

Singer Vince Staples was one of those to post that Monster Kody had died. called him, a “former Eight Trey Crip member-turned-motivational speaker and community activist.”

Scott Wrote an Autobiography About Being an L.A. Gang Members

On Facebook, Scott wrote that he “worked at the blocc” and Grove Atlantic, studied at Georgetown University, went to El Camino Real High School, lived in South Los Angeles, California, and was also from there.

He wrote an autobiography called Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member and converted to Islam. It’s still available on The blurb reads:

After pumping eight blasts from a sawed-off shotgun at a group of rival gang members, twelve-year-old Kody Scott was initiated into the L.A. gang the Crips. He quickly matured into one of the most formidable Crip combat soldiers, earning the name “Monster” for committing acts of brutality and violence that repulsed even his fellow gang members. When the inevitable jail term confined him to a maximum-security cell, a complete political and personal transformation followed: from Monster to Sanyika Shakur, black nationalist, member of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, and crusader against the causes of gangsterism. In a document that has been compared to The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice, Shakur makes palpable the despair and decay of America’s inner cities and gives eloquent voice to one aspect of the black ghetto experience today.

In 2019, he wrote on Facebook, “Mashin thru The East trying to tighten shit up. We all We Got. So lets make every encounter count. Dont just be a loyal friend. Be a loyal enemy, too. Let’em know you are thinking bout them too. Thats REAL loyalty. Move thru and lean on em.”

In 2019, he also wrote, “I usually dont fequent this spot too often since ive grown so jaded against falsh angst and faux rebellion, that my faith in Humaniy just wont support such an endeavor as a daily apearance on this frequency. However , iam, inspite of all of the turbulance in my life, blessed to be in conceret with some dynomite folks who are righteously engaged in the Movement to re-claim control over Our destiny(independence), as a Nation.”

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