Nicole Madison Lovell Found Dead: Photos to Remember Slain Teen

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  1. At 13 years old and already running away from home, it was just a matter of time before Nicole took the stairway to Heaven.

    • You must be out of your mind! You obviously don’t have children, much less a little girl! How dare you….and with NO regard for how her family feels…but then, what do you know about FEELINGS? What a disgusting thing to say and/or imply!


      MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL and I hope you never make any children!

    • Can’t ignore the role that the organ drugs may have played. Sure, she may have been kidnapped or detained by the perp, but she apparently climbed out her own window. When the events that transpired went long, she started having who-knows-what kind of medical trauma, and that may be what actually killed her. Not even sure it amounts to a kidnapping either. But we’ll know more after the Groundhog Day press conference.

      • I don’t think missing transplant medications makes someone end up being stabbed to death. She probably snuck out for the night to meet this guy thinking she’d be back in a few hours, not just run away otherwise she would’ve had her medicine.

      • She was stabbed. And, why is it “Takes one to know one” keeps ringing in my head when I read your “sounds like she was asking for it” type comments. Scary

  2. It’s not that she rebeled I think that there’s something more to it than her being a run away there has to be more to it on y she ran away I think drugs have somethi g to do with it but I don’t think she was doing the drugs I think it was in the house hold I think some one in the home done or said something to her and she ran away not caring that she needed the meds God rest her soul

    • Why would u even say something like that??? These parents or devastated and u want 2 blame the household!!!! This child was very loved and taken care of, she just trusted sum scumbag who pretended 2 b her friend…a 13 yr old girl is just trying 2 grow up, and was most likely just in awe that a guy that age would be interested in her. That pervert is the one 2 blame, not the family who is now hurting beyond belief, and most likely u don’t even know these people so how about keeping ur ignorance 2 itself!!!

        • Yes it is, I happen 2 know these people, and drugs have nothing 2 do with it at all!! To suggest that is so far out of line in so many way, if u can’t give words of comfort and maybe say a prayer 4 this family, then just don’t say anything, as for me…I am still praying for Nicole’s family, and I hope that people like Jay never has 2 go thru something like this and then endure cruel words like the ones that he spoke from strangers who know nothing about the situation, my heart goes out 2 Tammy and the rest of her family

        • If you are a parent it is your job to protect your child and monitor their social media, its the fault of both sides not just one. People want to sugar coat it for the greving family.

          • No it is not the fault of both sides. Do you realize how dumb that sounds. Okay a guy kills another person and somehow it is the fault of both sides? No I am sorry but the only person at fault is the piece of trash kid that committed this act. No death sentence is good enough for him. He needs to be tortured and kept alive and tortured some more and then finally put in a cage with a bear to end his pathetic life. I hope the girl that helped hide the body gets raped in prison.

            • I know this is an older post but I am confident that now that this “top athlete runner” is set for a life behind prison walls he will get to do a lot of running-from inmates that will indeed torture and sexually assault him regularly. Its common knowledge that child murderers/killers are the bottom feeders in prisons and are regular targets

      • I don’t know this family but my heart goes out to them along with my prayers. I do know teenage girls tho. And what this baby did was just natural. Teenagers are curious, loving and yes rebellious. She just made a horrible mistake in trusting the wrong person. Prayers to the family of and the two that did this.

      • That’s true A lot of evil people out here to do badly wa A lot of evil people out here to do badly harm to a innocent person

  3. I don’t think she ran away at all. I don’t know the whole story but I was 13…..20 yrs ago and from what I gathered she blocked her bedroom door……if she wasn’t coming back why take the time to do that? I think she was sneaking out like most teens are, have or will….Not sure where ot went wrong like if the punk saw her and took her or if she liked him and just planned to meet up and then he forced her….I don’t know but it’s nobody’s fault but the ass that was with her and killed her. Teens will be teens, she would not willing stay gone knowing she needed a medication to live….a runaway with that kind of medical problem would have took her meds if she wasn’t planning on returning. My thoughts and prayers are with all that was involved. I can not even begin to imagine what she or her family went and are going through.

    • Maybe she convinced him she was older? Did he freak out finding out she was 13? Did she have a reaction from not taking her meds on time? I think it’s normal to be curious but I think it would be a good idea to wait & see what they say was the cause of death first. The 18 yr olds life is also on the line here.

      • You are actually blaming the little girl who was murdered? And you are concerned about the murderers? That is the strangest reaction I could have imagined. Are you also a murderer? I mean who would be concerned about the deranged murderer? Your statement is very suspicious. I bet you think Cosby is innocent too, amiright?

        • Murderers? ALLEGED murderers you fool. Your comment is PRECISELY why we need a professional jury system in this country that’s composed of people with a minimally defined IQ level. So tell me genius how you, one person, determined that the alleged murderer in this case is guilty? Oh wait, stupid read a newspaper article about some people being arrested and again, silly me, the police never make mistakes and never frame people. I wonder if you, if your unrivaled intelligence would be just as quick to declare your own father/son/brother/uncle “guilty” if they had been “””charged””” with this crime. PLEASE, for God sakes PLEASE don’t procreate or vote ever again if you’ve done either. We as a society need to start cleaning up the gene pool.

          • I hope that they fry both the pretty boy pervert athlete and his little attention seeking scumbag girlfriend. Did you hear me “FRY THEM” maybe both will get expired drugs and bad needles to really show some action. Because a little girl sneaks out does not mean she dies. Why was a College MAN on a site known for kids? Like most Americans with teenagers I realize that Natalie and her man were the bottom feeders otherwise this never would have happened.

        • I think you to be a very strange person. So everyone who believes in a right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence is a murderer and thinks Bill Cosby is innocent? What does one have to do with the other? And “murderers?” To my knowledge the woman was charged as an accessory AFTER the fact, does your intellectually challenged brain ever understand what that means? Obviously not, given your declaration of guilt by both parties. Lastly, I think that you are very suspicious, suspiciously whacko. God, there are some WEIRD people in this world and you are clearly one of them.I don’t see where Sue blamed the girl, and “amiright” is three words you freak.

        • Exactly, how could someone say something like that. They must know the killer. I have teens and one would sneak out all the time. ( I can’t watch them 24/7) I do have to work and sleep. My daughter was 12 and would meet up with another girl, and with the girls little dog they would walk around the city. While the rest of us slept. And the only way I found out what was going on. Was because she called her sister, she sister asked why is she calling at 3am. She says she’s walking around with her friend. When I found out I wanted to lock her in her bedroom forever. They are young, they don’t know there are killers out there. They think nothing will ever happen to them. I feel so bad for this family. I will keep them in my prayers. RIP Nicole…

  4. Its sad, but if her parents would have done their job as parents she may not have disappeared to say otherwise is sugar coating it. On another note you have to be trash to mess with a child. Blame should go to both ends of the spectrum

  5. Very sad story. Truly heartbreaking. As I see the father and what looks to be the step-mom posting things on Facebook….I see images of their other children and they seem very loved. And the parents seem proud. I just don’t see much at all about Nicole in the post :( poor baby girl. I’d hate to think she felt left out. God bless her soul, and be with her family. No matter how rebellious teens can be, we must love them.

  6. Young girls beware of older boys. Probably made her feel pretty and independent. I always talk to my 14yr old daughter about this. It is sad but necessary. Facebook is crazy evil and stupid. This boy has what it’s coming to him in prison. They gonna treat him like a 13yr little girl. Should let her family watch. Thank god for street justice. Sorry

    • How does that street justice of yours work when someone is innocent, and that innocent person who was just killed, injured, or maimed by “street justice” is your son,daughter,brother,sister,father, or mother? I suppose “oops” would suffice for you?

  7. The parents bare some responsibility here. Why did their 13 year old child have unfiltered and unmonitored access to the internet? Social media is a tool for sexual predators. People know this, yet they still allow their kids to be on 24/7, as if they expect total strangers to look out for them. It’s ridiculous. This girl paid the price for her parents’ shortcomings.

  8. The mother didn’t know what was going on with her child, in my opinion she should have knowen, I didn’t know what my child was doing on her phone so I’m not blaming anyone but this is a lesson for all of us. Pay attention to what your child is doing on there eletronic devices. Put parental controls on them, or better yet give them a flip phone. That’s what I have done, after this I have deceived you can’t be to careful or to protective. I know kids will be kids, but love you’re kids pay attention to them, ask them how there day was…we make our children, we are responsible for giving them morels, values, and teach them right from wrong. Kids are going to make mistakes, that’s how they learn…but we need to try and make sure they don’t make fatal mistakes, that’s why we need to know what they are doing and have them trust us so they will talk to us and be honest with us. Love you’re kids hug them let them know they are loved, and you’re there for them. That’s all you can do, and if things seem to be getting out of control, get a counselor for them.

  9. For the Family of this sweet Lady Nicole ;-((((((;-((((((;-((((( All my Prayers gose out too them;-((((. I know how it is too be Bullyed I was Bullyed by 2 Boys every day my Parents never did any thing too stop it. So I quite School all together. Any way I feel bad for your loss of sweet Nicole. Please my sadness & Prayers are with you every day.

  10. As a mother of a beautiful, intelligent 13 year old girl, my heart is aching for Nicole Lovell’s parents. Ever since I heard the news report about her murder I have been overwhelmed with sadness and fear for my little girl and all of our kids’ safety. I realize how much our world has changed since I was a child. The internet and social media has been both a blessing and a curse. There is an endless amount of predators out there and their favorite tool is social media. It is the devil’s playground. My soul cries for all those precious young girls who have no self esteem and no clue what is lurking all around them. How do we protect them from the wolves in sheep’s clothing? All i can do is PRAY PRAY PRAY that God watches over all my babies and do my best to inform my kids as soon as possible about the evil that could be anywhere inside anyone and try to equip them with knowledge and ways to defend themselves. I tell my kids to watch out because what looks good may not be good for them. Remember Lucifer was the most beautiful angel. I will continue to pray for our precious children and for Nicole’s family and friends. They say time heals all wounds but speaking from experience thats not always the case. REST IN PEACE NICOLE LOVELL . NO MORE PAIN

  11. I’m a Father to teenage daughters and none of them never ran away from home and neither have I when I was their age while growing up. People hate to admit it because naturally this is a tragic time for the family, but half of her family it seems like have a Facebook page and nobody saw any signs at all that she was seeing someone or was in love with someone? She’s 13-years-old running away from home and hooking up with someone who’s grown for crying out loud, the parents are at fault too. Society say if you put your foot down that your kids will rebel so you mind as well let little Bethany have a beer or have sex, well this is what happens as her mother said they spoiled her and gave her everything in a news article. Do I feel bad? I sure do. She been through so much and had her life tragically cut short and I hope her killer is put under the jail and suffer while in prison, however we cannot sugarcoat this and let the parents off the hook when there should’ve been more parental supervision. I’m proud to be a helicopter parent, matter of fact it’s time for me to go to bed so I can clean off my helicopter blades in the morning so I can prepare to hover around my children for the day.

  12. I raised 3 boys. At college age there is no way they would have been talking with such a young girl. The College students were warped. The little girl fell prey to two slimy misfits regardless of what is said. You don’t just wake up and start killing.