Did Bernie Sanders Win Nevada? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

bernie sanders wins nevada

Did Bernie Sanders win Nevada after Saturday’s county conventions? (Getty)

Bernie Sanders won Nevada Saturday after county conventions took the win from Hillary Clinton. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns clashed at Nevada county conventions, and Sanders walked away with three county wins, including Clark County where Clinton had originally won the vote. This means that although Clinton got more votes on caucus day, Sanders will likely end up with more delegates. Projections put him getting anywhere from 1 to 10, although most hover around 1 to 4. Some sources, such as Ralston Reports, said he gained two delegates over Clinton. Sanders’ campaign manager said he netted four over Clinton.

The Clark County convention was filled with drama, including rumors that Sanders delegates were told not to show up and others being threatened with arrest. In the end, more delegates voted for Sanders than Clinton, flipping the results of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. It’s unclear at this time exactly how many new delegates Sanders is picking up from Nevada, since delegates are unbound until the state convention, but he definitely won some today.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Sanders Won the Clark County Convention, After Clinton Had Won the Clark County Caucus

Thousands of delegates showed up for the Clark County Convention in Nevada at Cashman Center on Saturday. Although a caucus election was held in February, Saturday’s convention was where delegates decided who would represent Clark County at Nevada’s state Democratic convention, KTNV reported. Delegates are decided proportionally in Nevada, not on a winner-takes-all basis. The Nevada Democratic convention is May 14 and 15. The Democratic National Convention is July 25-28.

On caucus day in February, almost 9,000 delegates were elected for the Clark County convention: 4,889 for Clinton and 4,026 for Sanders, Las Vegas Sun reported. At the end of the county convention today, the count was 2,386 for Clinton and 2,964 for Sanders.

In Carson County, Sanders ended up with a vote of 29:28. And in Washoe County, Sanders had 1050 to Clinton’s 833.

Although Clinton had more delegates than Sanders after the Nevada caucus election, Sanders walked away with more wins on Saturday because either her delegates didn’t all show up for the county conventions or they changed their votes. Alternates are able to vote in the place of delegates who don’t show up.

It’s unclear at this time exactly what this means statewide or how many extra delegates Sanders will pick up from the state convention. There are 35 delegates total for Nevada and 25 are rewarded proportionally based on caucus results. Twelve are awarded through county conventions. Sanders may pick up as few as just one or two extra delegates, or it could give Sanders as many as 10 extra delegates in the national convention. (Nevada also has eight superdelegates.)

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2. Officials Deposed the Credentialing Chair at the Beginning of the Convention

Officials deposed the chair of the Clark County credentials committee, Christine Kramar, who was a Sanders supporter but had a neutral role in the county convention. She said she chose to stay neutral because she wanted to represent all the people of Clark County. An emergency meeting was held by the executive board and Kramar was removed from her position on Saturday. Kramar said she wasn’t given an opportunity to defend herself. When asked to leave the executive board meeting, she sat on the ground in protest.

Some say that officials sought to remove Kramar because she stopped rule violations during Friday night preregistration that were hurtful to the Sanders campaign. Others say she was actively campaigning against Clinton. The following message was shared on Facebook, but it has not been confirmed if this was actually from the Clinton campaign:

Nevada has three delegates: elected (chosen at precinct caucuses), alternates (named at the precinct caucuses), and unelected alternates. The Credential Committee, which decides who can serve as a delegate, consists of two Clinton representatives and two Sanders representatives, Uncut reported. Kramar was the chair of that committee. On Friday, both sides accused the other of cheating, which led to Kramar’s attempted removal.

At the heart of the dispute over Kramar was email correspondence with Clinton’s campaign, that she eventually shared with a Sanders representative. Uncut reported that Angie Sullivan, a member of the credentials committee, had claimed that the Clark County Democratic Party shared information with Clinton’s campaign but not Sanders’. That was why Kramar added a Sanders campaign rep into email correspondence. Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign attorney Marc Elias said that Kramar had shared proprietary information and demanded she be removed. Kramar said she was only being a neutral party and making sure everyone knew what was going on.

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3. Sanders’ Campaign Manager Said the Clark County Convention Was Run Worse than Arizona

Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, spoke out on Twitter about the state of the Clark County convention. There were only 6,600 seats for 8,900 delegates, he said. Police were called to remove people from the overflow area. He added that it made Arizona look like its election was well run. For more information about Arizona, read the story here.

This isn’t the first time in the presidential campaign that a caucus or primary win was changed in the convention. On the GOP side, Donald Trump won Louisiana with the popular vote on primary day. But Ted Cruz ended up with more delegates at the state convention.

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4. Police Were Called to the Convention, With Rumors of Arrests

During the Clark County convention on Saturday, there were rumors that some delegates were arrested, but these rumors were never substantiated.

On one discussion forum that supports Sanders, a poster wrote: “The Clark County Dem party told them they had to change their vote to Clinton if they wanted to go to the convention. They were told if they’re unwilling to change their vote they can just go home. Sanders campaign attorneys showed up as the Bernie delegates refused to leave. The Clark County Dem party called the police an are trying to get the Bernie delegates arrested. … The Clark County Dem party is trying to bypass the chair. … They haven’t been arrested yet but said Las Vegas Metro was called and charges were being pressed. What charges I don’t know.”

It was never indicated if anyone was actually arrested. According to Uncut, the Clark County Democratic Party called the police to remove Kramar from the premises on Saturday. The other members of the credentials committee, including two Clinton delegates, sat with Kramar in solidarity. Police threatened Kramar with a trespassing charge, as seen in the video below, but didn’t actually arrest her:

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5. Delegates Were Given Conflicting Information About Whether They Needed to Attend the Convention

Clark County

Clark County credentials committee after removal (Facebook)

County delegates were confused about the rules for voting in the convention, Las Vegas Sun reported. The county party sent out an email on Friday saying that delegates who checked in and registered on Friday night didn’t have to attend the Saturday convention. Alternates did have to attend, the email continued. But most delegates thought that everyone had to attend the convention all day on Saturday anyway. Many decided to attend all day just in case.

This is a letter that Hillary for America sent to their delegates, shared by Tacy Geesaman on Facebook and with Heavy:

hillary clinton clark county

(Hillary for America)

And this is a copy of the email that was sent to delegates on Friday, causing the confusion. This was shared by Angie Leach on Facebook:

email about clark county delegates

(Delegate Email)

Geesaman told Heavy: “I had to say I was a Hills delegate just to get the flyer (because) they were only handed out to Hills supporters after check-in Friday night.” Geesaman was a delegate for Sanders at the Clark County convention and was a Precinct Captain for 1302.

It’s understandable why delegates were so confused about what they were supposed to do, especially with receiving conflicting information.

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    • You mean like hillizard cheated to get the violent pedophile rapist of a 12 year old girl released, then laughing about it?

        • Except that it DID happen. A young HRC, then a defense attorney, is clearly heard having a chuckle over the way she was able to get said rapist off. You’d be right in wondering how anyone could find violent pedophile rape funny. It isn’t. EVER. Under ANY circumstance. But there’s no denying it’s a chuckle she’s having over how the whole thing played out.

          • She is pure evil! Even if your not voting for Bernie you have to see that he has been consistent honest & has integrity. He stands up for what he believes in & that is the people. Calling him a liar is actually funny in a pathetic way! Guess when she’s behind bars she’ll have a lot of pen pals haha

          • you are truly an idiot, of course she was laughing… at the travesty of justice she was remembering having to participate in. I don’t know what kind of legal system you are used, to but in real people world there are rules lawyers have to follow. Hillary has proven herself to be a person mature enough to follow those rules while fighting in an acceptable manner to change the system for the better. – welcome to the new world of functional idiot Internet posters

          • Nice try. Hillary Clinton is a brilliant lawyer and would never speak with the bad grammar you posted….

        • Actually Jim Hubbard, there is a recording of her, laughingly relating that the fact that this person passed the polygraph, is why she stopped seeing them as VALID. She also giggles when lying about sniper fire in Bosnia. And she had a good laugh about the “hard” choice of going into wars, etc… yep, at least she can laugh at herself, she’s a joke. She’s cozy with the Bush and Trump crowd, don’t get why she doesn’t just run as a Republican!

      • You’re kidding right? Maybe you should um…. like…. read a book or something? Edumacate yourself. How about you look up BS and how he voted regarding child pornography… How he voted against longer sentencing among other things that would have kept many predators off the streets and away from our children.

        • Sounds like you are one the last people who haven’t heard that interview with clinton talking and laughing about defending accused rapist Thomas Alfred Taylor. Saying “you’re kidding?” ins’t a counter argument. Neither is suggesting someone “um like read a book” and neither is some random accusation with no details. But perhaps you are merely toying with your opponent before delivering the coup de gras. Your staggering wit is the undeniable banner under which you and your brethren can always be recognized.

    • Did you read the article? It isn’t cheating if the difference is that the Sanders campaign followed the rules and communicated clearly to it’s delegates.

    • You clearly did not read (or if you did, understand) the article. If anything, Hillary campaign/supporters attempted some shady things to get Sanders supporters to leave and subsequently not have their votes counted. All Sanders supporters did was stay, as they should have.

      Name one thing in this article that points to Bernie cheating. One single thing.

      • Thank you was wondering if I was the only one who read & understood! Go Bernie fight back & give her some of her own medicine. I was getting upset that he wasn’t fighting back but now it looks like he has finally #tonedownforwhat

    • No, this is what you call a caucus and one candidate apparently had better organization and a more informed and committed electorate.

    • Anyone can see who the real villains are in this… Even a Hillary Clinton supporter stayed to back up the people on the floor and talk to the attorneys and the radio station on the phone because even she didn’t want to be a part of the injustice. So it is really time to stop defending this… Do you really want to be a part of stealing democracy…. From everyone? Getting one person elected isn’t worth it.

    • You’re delusional, imwithher. This is the first accusation, I’ve heard against Bernie people and so far it seems like BS to me. Look at the Hillary supporter sitting in with Kramar. Just distracting from the repeated voter suppression in multiple states by the Clinton people. Clinton delegates didnt show up, so Clinton lost. Maybe they felt guilty and grew a conscience.

      • Bingo. The only sensible conclusion. Hillary will lose NY, WI, and California too. Bernie will win the pledged delegate race then we see if the Superdelegates do what they always do…switch to the peoples choice. They will.

      • Well he has used several logos of organizations as if they had endorsed him when they hadn’t endorsed him. And his campaign did dress themselves as union workers to gain access to a union workers only area to campaign for him, but those may not have been his direct orders. Maybe his campaign or local managers are a little bit loose. Also, the woman Kramar who was the campaign chair was a Sanders supporter. So when the two Clinton people sat down with her they were showing solidarity with her. I think the whole thing was screwed up by a convention chair and personnel who were in over their heads. That seems like a lot of chicanery to end up with two votes more or less (right now Clinton lost two so it’s Clinton 18 Sanders 17 instead of Clinton 20 Sanders 15. Not exactly earth-shattering either way. It hardly changes the outcome of Clark County, never mind Nevada or the national convention.

        • Maybe you ought to check with the Federal Commission on the dollar donations Bernie is really getting. Doesn’t sound like $27 a person like he claims!!!

    • Somebody dropped the ball badly on this one. This warrants looking into. This type of debacle is why I am proudly NOT a Democrat.
      It isn’t cheating unless his campaign had a part in the letters and the arrangements (for seating). I feel (strongly) that Sanders should ask that this be looked into. I also feel that Clinton should ask that the other debacles (Arizona, Iowa, Massachusetts, etc) be looked into. In cases of known full blown suppression, a full investigation is in order.

    • The emails were to Hillary delegates from the Hillary campaign and because of the Hillary campaign’s mistake; less of their delegates showed up. For the Hillary campaign to cry foul over their own mistake is, frankly, absurd. We can all read for ourselves that the HRC campaign -knew- winning the February caucus didn’t mean a thing unless they showed up for the county caucus. And they did not show up. — The Hillary campaign is responsible for the Hillary campaign’s mistakes. If they cannot run a clean election they should probably drop out.

      • The location an email is sent from is not necessarily who sent it in the From line. You’d need the code imbedded in the email and even that is easily forged.

      • No, as shown in the article, the Clinton campaign sent it’s delegates an email clearly stating they needed to stay until the campaign announced they could leave. The email with the confusing information was sent by something called “Eventbrite” with the line Clark County Democratic Party Convention in the closing. Because of a move by the head of that group, the Sanders campaign was given access to a Clinton email chain that they should not have had. There is nothing yet to show whether they used it or not. Frankly, a switch of between one and 10 delegates is not going to make much difference anyway.

        • Don’t worry bruh, we are definitely involved now. There is a difference between a letter and an email. GO HILL!

      • The email from the Clinton campaign was the one urging the delegates to stay until the end in case there needed to be a vote. The other one was from something called Eventbrite. apparently a company contracted to run the event, with information from the Nevada Democratic Convention people. Anyway, the numbers broke out like this as stated in the article above: “On caucus day in February, almost 9,000 delegates were elected for the Clark County convention: 4,889 for Clinton and 4,026 for Sanders, Las Vegas Sun reported. At the end of the county convention today, the count was 2,386 for Clinton and 2,964 for Sanders.” That means both sides lost a lot of delegates.Sounds like a poorly run convention done by people who didn’t really know what they were doing.

    • Dream on. You support one of the most corrupt politicians I have seen, since Nixson and BTW……HRC FIRED from the Watergate Investigation for lying. Look it up. Check the tape on UTUBE where she laughs about getting a child rapist off scot free.Charming women. I could go on but you really should research

    • Cheating? Oh the irony of Clinton supporters crying about Bernie “stealing” delegates… But superdelegates? Totally fair lol

      • Not saying anyone cheated in Nevada, but if you’re implying super delegates were some how stolen by Clinton, you are wrong. She has been campaigning for their votes for a long time. Tad Devine, who is Sanders’ campaign manager, helped set up that system in the 70’s. So Sanders should have been perfectly well aware of their importance from the beginning. Crying ‘unfair’ about the super delegates is disingenuous to say the least.

    • Wait, 20% of HRC’s delegates didn’t show up, so Bernie cheated? You’re not dealing in reality and facts anymore.

    • Wait, 20% of Clinton’s delegates didn’t show up, so Bernie cheated? You’re not dealing in facts or reality anymore.

      • Both sides were short over 1000 delegates. Doesn’t seem like cheating; it seems like a screw up. Probably by the convention planners and/or the company running the even. Sot everything is nefarious; sometimes it’s just stupidity.

    • thats funny considering nothing in here leads to Senator Sanders cheating, but all indications are pointing to HRC doing some very shady things. (is anyone surprised thats the story of her life)

      • The only candidate who gained here was Sanders and he gained 2 delegates. Not enough to make a difference in Clark County, never mind the national convention, and certainly not enough to cheat for. I say it was a screw up by the event organizers and since it didn’t really change much, no harm no foul to either side.

    • no where in the article does it say that nor does you comment give any indication as to how or why you believe that bernie is “… such a cheater” Not a whole lot of thought in your statement, perhaps you could indulge us with more of the insightful observations we have all come to so highly regard from you and your esteemed colleages

      • CHEATER? Don’t make me laugh. FRAUDULENT IS MORE LIKE IT. This is the second time Bernie and his constituents have pulled some shady information stealing shenanigans. At least America has one candidate that is running a clean campaign. GO HILLARY!

    • You’re willfully ignorant. Go cry. When Bernie supporters said the delegate system was idiotic, you Hillary supporters spit in our faces. Now you’re not benefiting from a corrupt and incompetent system, so you’re blaming the Bernie campaign. We see right through you.

    • Koch paid provocateurs, Heritage Foundation loud mouth puppets for hire, Clinton lawyers working overtime. Why don’t you find some legitimate work like helping Hillary with her FBI investigation instead of fictious hyperbole from the rank and file.

    • I was in line in front of a Hillary supporter who showed me her letter saying she did NOT have to attend on Saturday if she registered on Friday. We told her that she DID have to attend and suggested she ask some of the volunteers who were there to get their confirmation. I had thought it was just Sanders supporters who had gotten that letter. Bottom line, BOTH sides got the wrong information. I am a Sanders supporter and I told her to go, even though I could have lied and she would have missed her chance to support her candidate. Bernie has been honest and his supporters will follow his example.

    • How is Bernie a cheater?? Did you just read the same article? Her people told them they didn’t have to be there… He has nothing to do with any of this. Educate yourself, please!! HRC cannot win without shadiness and deceit.

      • They are very disturbed people. There is going to be a shakedown when this whole thing is over. But with the FBI on Hillary’s tail, maybe it will just be a done deal. She is smug and arrogant, but she has pushed her luck too far. I am willing to bet they are going to indict her. I say “OFF WITH HER HEAD.”

    • You Hillary supporters never make any sense to me. It is always projection on your part. Whatever you say about the Bernie campaign is always about yourself. Isn’t there a word for people like that?

    • How the hell did you get that out of this article did you even read the whole thing? If not just read the last part….no it was the other way around. Although it was someone, protesting against the BS that was fired. Hillary’s campaign was holding important messages from the Bernie campaign, but you know what no matter how hard they try to stop Bernie it is not going to work. Karma is a Bitch..

    • You have it backwards! The DNC has been performing election fraud all over the country on behalf of Hillary Clinton, and the DNC and 33 states (so far) have been raising funds (supposedly for the DNC general election and state election general costs) then funneling that money directly to Hillary’s campaign. There are reputable articles from many, many news sources about this.

    • Not really any cheating here. Bernie won the conventions because many Hillary delegates were too unenthused to show up or they decided to change their vote to Bernie. It was up to them to decide what they wanted to do with their vote.

    • Not intelligent enough to follow along? Seems to be plaguing a few of you 2 digit IQ’s out there in the Hillary camp. It is perfectly spelled out. Hillary’s delegates either switched to Bernie or didn’t show up. And if his people were cheating, why was a Hillary delegate sitting in solidarity with the protesting Bernie delegates? Why am I explaining this? The article says it all. Try reading it again without your Hillary goggles on.

  1. the Bernie Campaign delegates had sense to stay, even though directed otherwise. And probably a few Hillary delegates changed their minds once they knew her true colors.

    • Heavy needs to notice responses like this ^^^. Do your job well and you win people over – especially in a time like this, when the main stream outlets have backed one candidate (both in cash and product) and have their heads in the sand. Now’s the time to grab all those eyes.

  2. I am so thankful to the Hillary supporter, as well as everyone else, who had the strength and conviction to see this through. Thank you from all of us! Democracy is at stake for us all and they need to know we do not take it lightly.

  3. Senator Sanders, like President Obama and Donald Trump, is overwhelmingly being propelled toward victory buy the highly passionate uneducated, idle, misinformed low information voters. Today was truly a sad, sad day for the Democratic process.

    • If anything the “idle” ones are clearly the Hillary supporters for not showing up. Low information? Sorry we don’t like lies and hypocrisy. Just look at Hillary’s 2008 campaign videos attacking Obama for the very things Hillary does now.

    • There goes that elitist, condescending droll that draws people away from your chosen candidate. Where did you ever get the notion that insulting your constituents would ever have them to agree to your point of view? Or even find common ground with any of your petty bullying. Grow up.

    • I am educated, not idle, and by far not misinformed and I am voting for Sanders. Its the digging that I have done into the past of each person running for President that makes me want Sanders in the White House.

      • You’ve got to be kidding me. Where have you been doing your research! Hopefully not on Republicans sites and ultra liberal left wing sites. If you look at unbiased news, which I know I’d hard find, there is no question that Hillary should be and deserves the position of POTUS.

    • It’s a sad, sad state of society we have in which people feel entitled to spout whatever sh1t they like on the web without pointing to any facts or making any logical argument to support their assertions. If you want to help your candidate, try to demonstrate that her supporters are actually capable of reading with comprehension and thinking.

    • Thank you for your input Robin. I truly appreciate the sheer depth off knowledge it took to proclaim your opponents are idiots. I eagerly await the “You’re all dum-dum doodoo heads” portion of your review….

    • I love when people pompously throw out statements like; ” is overwhelmingly being propelled toward victory buy the highly passionate uneducated, idle, misinformed low information voters.” and they make an incredibly stupid spelling error. by not buy

    • Well, let’s see. Attended one of the top law schools in the country, practiced law with a top law firm in a major American city, decided to go into teaching because it was more fulfilling and now work about 123 hours a day teaching middle-school students. Yep, I sure do fit that uneducated, idle stereotype you’ve created there in your own brain.

    • besides the fact that Sanders’ voters tend to be the most educated of the electorate according to exit polling. but hey, why let facts get in your way now?

    • Of course the Bernie supporters must be uneducated… lol, it’s by not buy. Also, idle means to sit by and do nothing. If they were idle they would not have shown up in larger numbers than the “idle” HCR supporters. That is why she lost delegates just in case the article was hard to follow. Sincerely, an uneducated Bernie supporter with a Masters degree.

    • @ Robin: You understand, don’t you, that it’s elitist hyperbole like that which drives people away from being Hillary supporters? *sighs deeply* Never mind. I’m sure you don’t understand. But let me make this clear. While I am highly passionate, I am neither uneducated nor am I a “misinformed low information voter” (redundant much?). And, most importantly, I am far from idle. I spend my free time engaged in fruitful endeavors aimed at making the world a better place for us all. Tell me, Robin, can you say the same thing?

    • It means her pledged delegates weren’t as reliable as Bernie’s were. They missed an important confirmation meeting and were at risk of being replaced by Bernie-supporting alternates. So the committee, rather than risk the alternate delegates going against their pledge at the DNC convention, tried to have them removed from the premises. Super thug tactics

  4. yes we were there all day and although their were a disruptive few and we seemed to get through it like grownups. The ones that lashed out with emotion rather than calm were quickly redirected to perform the manners that are universal. I stayed at the stage and made sure that all was cool and information was evenly distributed and that the facts were all revealed.

  5. Funny. No mention that Christine Kramar admitted to emailing the Bernie campaign with private Hillary campaign information and THAT was the reason for the letter from Hillary’s counsel. Trying to spin the letter as some sort of intimidation tactic demonstrates that “Heavy” refers to the pro-Bernie spin on this website.

    • Jim, how exciting that you have copies of the communications Kramar sent! Please share them with us so we can all see this publication’s bias!

    • Actually, she was only sharing vital information that the CCDC had sent to Hillary, but failed to share with the Sanders campaign. The Clinton campaign is trying to twist what happened to get her removed, when she had every right to share NOT Hillary info, but CCDC caucus info that the party had failed to send to Bernie. Read it again.

  6. The Clintons, The DNC abd ALL STATE Democratic parties in the country are being told how to suppress the Sanders vote…by any means necessary.
    Clinton and her corporate cronies have done everything they can in every state, by using KNOWN voting machines that can flip a vote in ten seconds…to outright voter suppression…not having enough polling places, ballots, paper or ink to print more. Its PROOF the Clintons and their corporate supporters intend to STEAL this election….we can let them do it.

    • Stop the gaslighting comments making Hillary out to be this perpsn that riggs everything including votes. I absolutely hate Sanders and supporters tactics and is running a dirty campaign. Just as bad as any Republican. If you had a brain, you’d look at the polls PRIOR to an election, if you did that, you’d know that Hillary is not rigging any votes. Maybe it’s Sanders that rigged the vote in Michigan, seeing that Hillary was so high in the polls.

      • sorry its the hillary campaign that is running a dirty campaign, sorry that you can’t see it, but the money trails shows it all. Hillary and The DNC used the Mcchutcheon Ruling to funnel more money into the hillary campaign by allowing big donors the ability to spend above the legal cap limit. And this was done august 3rd 2015. That means, they tried to rig the election for hillary. They even promised some of that money to superdelegates. Which means that the money trails shows massive corruption on Hillary and the DNC. Also prior to the election sure hillary was popular because of name recognition, but once people started to look at her? people did not like what they saw. Well considering that Arizona had voter suppression by Hillary, which is shown because of the massive links that they had to hillary campaign, not only that but IN the state of Mass, there is a formal lawsuit agianst Bill clinton for violating Mass’s voting laws.

    • Are you aware Senator Sanders has at least one child out of wedlock? Wonder when the media will actually cover his campaign and ask him exactly how many children he has out of wedlock, and his history of child support payments?

      • First of all there are millions of Americans born out of wedlock and I am one, so please jump down off your high horse. This is Republican Rhetoric. I tried to find something about your claims, and could not. Post proof if you are going to make allegations like this or you are just another shill for Hillary. Disgusting to me that your candidate illicites this type of disinformation.

      • What century are you from? More than 40% of the children born in this country today are born “out of wedlock.” Furthermore, he and the child’s mother lived together for several years after the child was born and then maintained joint custody of him when they split up. Levi Sanders was not an indiscretion that Bernie swept under the rug. He was and is a beloved son.

  7. Clinton and her campaign continue to demonstrate exactly why she is unfit to be President. Nevada is consistent with this.

    • WHAT! Does watergate and plausible deniability ring a bell? Bernie has already demonstrated that he is willing to steal information from Hillary. I guess his constituents think that is OK to operate in a simular manner. Not the type of individuals I want running my country. GO HILL!

  8. Many Bernie supporters were not counted or reported properly at the caucuses. My precinct did not calculate delegates or elect delegates at all, and passed out the delegate and alternate delegate forms randomly, mostly to Hillary supporters. This happened in a number of precincts. Also, the delegate assignment for my precinct was wrong (which I did not find out today). They also did not make it easy to come in and register as an unelected alternate. It took 3hrs to go through the line and some officials were making it difficult for unelected delegates to come in (even though the number of people who showed up was FAR below the 8000+ that were actually elected as delegates during the caucus). What happened today is that Bernie supporters, many of whom were not properly counted in the caucus, showed up and STAYED. Many HIllary supporters left halfway through or as soon as they heard the count. If they candidate’s supporters don’t show up, it’s no surprise when they don’t win. This event was 12 hrs long and I was there for the entire event.

    • 12 hours?!?!? Guys, we are talking about a presidential primary as long as a hospital nurse or a filmmaker’s entire work day- two of the most drawn out and grueling jobs. 12 hours of anything is exhausting. Thank you for being there (without pay) and for staying until the end. Love, A fellow Bernie supporter in Texas

    • You my friend are another Bernie supporting manipulator. Everything you just said was a lie. The key issue was the emails sent out telling people they did not have to attend if they were to register before hand and… whatever else Bernie’s camp cooked up.

    • You must not have got the email. Sorry about that, but you don’t have to attend! So I guess you could have spent some quality time with you family. Check your email next time.

  9. This is the problem when my husband and I went to caucus it was crazy and stupid they had so many issues there was 11 districts at one school and 4 computer to help all of us as we are standing in line pre registered they was going out in the line and bringing up people that were not registered in front of all of us some of these people had just walked through the doors that in our group we did not even talk to the other side for the person over us let 24 people go and kept their vote and told them it would be ok but it was not she found out she could not do that so they lost their votes we were so mad why talk about it. it is a joke so all said and done I was on the list as a delegate then she changed me to a back up I don’t know why but I believe the other two were for BS so I was not informed of the convention really we need to get ride of caucuses it not right it is to short of time two hours does not let everyone have a chance to vote its a scam.

  10. All absolutely true. I was there. From the caucuses to the county convention, the whole could have been handed in a much more efficient and streamlined manner. More of us need to get more involved in the County and State parties and oust a good number of the officials. But we made history tonight and I was honored to be part of it.

  11. The big question is why is this process so complicated? I can understand why there was such confusion. I doubt either camp cheated but with such a convoluted process, bad feelings were inevitable and regretful to all. I have read several articles and I still am finding this confusing. I am a Bernie supporter but no election should be won or lost based on confusion or party insiders…for either candidate.

  12. Sue everyone doing dirty deeds. Set Up a patrician and we’ll use our first amendment rights to take on all who are deserving of having their ass kicked. Embarrassed out of their jobs and in particular identify the elected officials so we can continue to drive them from office for their public disgrace. I think we should take no prisoners and feed the creeps to the sharks.

    • You mean like how they’re looking into Bill braking voting laws in Massachusetts or the voting fraud in Arizona? Which I’m sure you’re very outspoken about as well… First off, the emails didn’t come from the Sanders campaign, read the actual article. Second, when I attended the caucus is in Colorado and Bernie won, at the end of the caucus they kept saying out loud over and over how important it was to show up for the next part of the convention so that Bernies ( knee Hillary’s) delegates actually are counted. It’s on no one except the Hillary delegates that did not show up or changed their vote that things happened the way they did.

      • Grow up! Kramer and likely the entire Clark County Democratic Executive board is probably under investigation for improperly handling voter info and voter suppression.You ignorance of the basic facts in NV make me wish you would just keep you hands off the keyboard… How about we go back to primaries where one person=one vote instead of this caucus/convention BS. Also your Colorado caucus experience means absolutely nothing in a discussion of a Nevada county convention.

        Do yourself and America a favor and

  13. Funny how Bernie supporters are quick to bring up Nixon like they had their dishonest retort ready for exactly how their campaign is manipulating the Democratic process by having a fox in the hen house like, Christine Kramer, credentials chairperson, and who knows who else? acting less blatant, sending misleading emails to everybody in Clark County, counting on the fact that Hillary supporters are less fanatical, and use their time wisely, and want their candidate to win, but are willing to forgo an unnecessary process to prioritize their time in endeavouring to keep our economy productive, while responsibly taking care of their children, like good natured citizens do. Shame on you Nevada Bernie supporters, shame. Retort? I think we are already getting used to your manipulative ways, so if this comment is even responded to, it will probably be psychologically manipulating and irresponsibly entertaining. Maybe go after my vernacular or just blatantly lie to win some inner-colective feeble support, seeing how Bernie supporters seem to want to exploit, manipulate, and be dishonest. GO HILLARY! P.S. How much support do you think Bernie is going to get from already elected officials. ~He is a self proclaimed~ NOT A DEMOCRAT~ so… no support there. So where then? The Republican side of congress? That is why super delegate support IS necessary.

    • Don’t blame Sanders or his people for doing what the people of Las Vegas democratically elected them to do: serve as delegates at the county convention. Blame the THOUSANDS of Clinton delegates who didn’t do what they PROMISED: show up at the convention.

      • Here’s my misleading email to you: STFU today and you won’t have to tomorrow. Oh wait, you are anonymous so…

  14. So, if I understand this article, the email just to Hillary delegates were told they had to attend and stay all day until told by Hillary campaign they could go home. The general email (to both Sanders and Clinton delegates) were that elected delegates DIDN’T have to go on Saturday (hint-hint to Hillary delegates to disregard the latter, since they already received the first email.) And who exactly is cheating? Looks like the Hillary crowd is royally PO’d because their little scheme didn’t succeed. You know why? Because now Bernie supporters everywhere know that Clinton is stealing votes right and left and they don’t trust the Democratic establishment.

    • That’s exactly correct. I love how all the Hillary supporters are saying Bernie cheated when the misinformation went in Hillary’s favour. In other words – Hillary’s campaign cheated in all aspects of this story and she STILL lost.

    • Excellent summary and analysis Anonymous! If ONLY Hillary delegates received the CORRECT information and BOTH candidates’ delegates received the WRONG information, it sure looks like the sender of the latter was EITHER a Hillary supporter OR an ignorant worker in charge of email reminders who MADE A BIG MISTAKE. That mostly Bernie’s supporters SHOWED UP & STAYED just shows how determined, responsible (in remembering or looking up the delegate rules) and justifiably skeptical (of directives that just don’t sound right) we all are… :-)

  15. Delegates’ votes were counted when/if they registered for the convention. They did NOT need to attend in person. Alternates did, as did any delegates who wanted to go to State Convention. If they had turned EVERYONE away at the door, the results would have been the same.

  16. “the email just to Hillary delegates were told they had to attend and stay all day until told by Hillary campaign they could go home. The general email (to both Sanders and Clinton delegates) were that elected delegates DIDN’T have to go on Saturday (hint-hint to Hillary delegates to disregard the latter, since they already received the first email.)”

    Yes! Exactly this. And the reason HRC’s campaign tried to have Kramar removed from her position was because she exposed it.

  17. Does anybody else notice that Bernie supporters sound like whiners even when defending their disturbingly tactical win.

  18. Something similar happened in Polk County in Iowa. Hillary delegates and alternates were horrible about keeping their commitments. Hillary’s delegates made what should have been a convincing Hillary win into a slight Bernie win at first count. The Hillary crowd responded by having a couple rules challenges and misleading Bernie supporters. The Hillary camp told some of the Bernie supporters that they could go home well before the count was official. Some people had jobs and couldn’t stay. Either way… the delegate system is crap….. Hillary ended up just barely edging out Bernie in Polk County IA, due to the fact that they made mistakes all around and Bernie’s delegates and alternates actually showed up in a higher percentage than Hillary’s delegates. It did not reflect the caucus night numbers by far. The system is rigged no matter how you look at it…. Its a lesson to show up at bare minimum and only leave once the final count is done….

    It makes me feel better that in spite of the many shenanigans that happened at our convention here… (too many to type) that there are always worse ones elsewhere. I am just glad that for once it helped Bernie. However, caucus night should just be it…… The system favors Hillary big time. However, showing up helps. Bernie’s crowd showed up.

  19. $illary Clinton is a lying corporate puppet Bernie sanders is powered by the people he isn’t powered by wall Street like $illary Clinton

    • Stop the gaslighting comments making Hillary out to be this perpsn that riggs everything including votes. I absolutely hate Sanders and supporters tactics and is running a dirty campaign. Just as bad as any Republican. If you had a brain, you’d look at the polls PRIOR to an election, if you did that, you’d know that Hillary is not rigging any votes. Maybe it’s Sanders that rigged the vote in Michigan, seeing that Hillary was so high in the polls.

  20. Cheating? Oh the irony of Clinton supporters crying about Bernie “stealing” delegates… But superdelegates? Totally fair… not.

    Superdelegates should shift to whoever does better in swing states in the general election. So far that looks more like Sanders.

  21. It doesn’t matter who the working class slavish peons elect, Bernie, Hillary, Donald, Ted, no matter how things go the illuminati will still control the dumb, blind and deaf sheeplike masses.

  22. What? All I know is I don’t want to hear no more nonsense about the system being rigged against Bernie when this is the type of stuff going down. So she actually wins the votes but doesn’t get the delegates. BS. This is the type of stuff the Sanders campaign relies on to remain relevant. Sneaky, underhanded and desperate. They lose legitimatly and find themselves working and playing in the grey areas of the very system they say they hate. I guess it’s only good when it works in your favor right. Hypocrites. Pure and simple. Propel eventually show you who they really are.

  23. We are both Hillary Clinton elected Delegates at the Boulder City Democrstic Caucus. We attended the Clark County Democratic Convention. The Bernie Sanders attendee marched in a Conga line chanting loudly all around the convention hall. We could not hear or see any of the Candidates or other speakers on the stage. Non delegate and non alternate Sander s supporters were sitting in the delegate and alternate delegate seats leaving no place for some of the Clinton and Sanders Delegates and Alternate Delegates to sit. ALOT of Delegate left before the counting of the delegates at 5:30 p.m. The Sanders booed loudly people talking on stage so that none of the Delegates could hear what was going on in the convention. One person told us alot of Sanders Supporters were there from California sitting in the seats intended for Delegates! The whole Clark County Democratic Convention was a Fiasco and like a Circus!

    • This is a wholly inaccurate statement, disingenuous, and you know it. What you’re referring to is what many at the convention – and this includes Clinton supporters as well, who tried to bring some cheer and a little life to the damn place, throughout an excruciatingly tedious day. As a PLEDGED DELEGATE I did not even know, nor do I care, that there was supposedly some magical special seat for me – apparently someone else wanted or needed it, because I sure didn’t get it, or use it. Whatever the case, before anyone fires back at this, one thing: I don’t have pictures to prove my points, I have VIDEO. Oh, that’s right, you know… Recorded documentation from throughout many moments of the many hours of the day spent at the convention. Including Clinton and Sanders supporters dancing through the aisles TOGETHER! I think that’s kinda cool, don’t you? I also have others that are not cool – such as the Convention Chair talking down and/or yelling at everyone from the podium because he didn’t “like” something (along the lines of what you’re referring to). His choice words, “I can be here all night…” Wow, real leadership; real mature. This was pretty early on in our 12 hour adventure. I’m guessing he didn’t realize: we can be there all night, too! But you know, when there’s literally 30, going on 60, going on 90, going on 120+ minute intervals of LITERALLY nothing happening – what do you want people doing? A little music to lighten things might have been nice, convention coordinators?! Don’t have it? We’ll make our own.

      So yes, you’re right – at times people were having fun. And, people were speaking up. And, oh my, that is just a travesty. So sorry… Shall we go to the tapes, or stick with your 7% truth of a 100% just making the best of a wacky situation?

      @ Vegas4Bernie

  24. Hillary supporter…. “Bernie has a super pac too!
    Sanders supporter…. Yeah…it’s called America!


  25. You will note that all of the electoral cheating/corruption accusations are being levied against Hillary Clinton and her people, not against Sanders and his people. Putting everything else temporarily, do you prefer to be aligned with the group that is cheating or with the group that isn’t? Do you want to reward the cheaters with high office in the land? Doesn’t the cheating imply problems with the candidate herself? In my opinion, this must blow back onto Clinton.

  26. I’ve read some, certainly not all, of the comments here and I am left with an honest question: “Did ANY of these people actually attend the Convention?” I did. I was there. I have been to this County Convention as well as the previous 2 County Conventions and 2 State Conventions – always as a Delegate. I have served for a number of years on both the Clark County and Nevada State Central Committees and I served for 2 years on the Clark County Executive Board. So I know a thing or two about how these are supposed to go and how they usually go. This Convention was — a mess! A total mess! How bad? According to the published Agenda the Convention was to start at 10am (usually with a bunch of rah-rah speeches few pay any attention to). It did start at 10am – with people, including Delegates and Alternates from both Parties still in line. Most of these people had paid for the Convention online through “Eventbrite” and received and email stating that this was your “Credentials for the Convention. Bring a printed copy to the door of the Convention.” Also stated in the Agenda is the “Close of Convention Business time” – 3pm (please take note of this). Note here: Nothing is stated, or implied, that you must be in line by 12 noon or you will not be allowed in the Convention. In fact – many emails are sent out from the CCDP and the Campaigns and this is never mentioned, though it turns out to be rather important. Parking was a nightmare and many people, including older people with walkers, had to walk long distances from a parking lot they had finally found (that wasn’t already full). Due to the unstated ‘cut-off’ time many, many Delegates and Alternates alike from both Campaigns were turned away as they showed up after 12 noon. Some, that were sent away, had been in line prior to noon but the line was “reorganized” shortly before noon and “End of the Line” guards put in place — the wrong place, and people that had been in line prior to noon were just told they weren’t in line and cannot attend – go home. Nothing was mentioned about refunding the money they paid. About 15 – 20 of us tried pleading our case with the “line guards” pointing out that the piece of paper they had clearly stated it was there Credentials for the Convention and to present it at the door. You cannot present it at the door if you are cut-off in line. They also pointed out there was no “12 pm” cut-off time specified – anywhere. I received many emails between March 27th and the night of April 1st as well as phone calls. Never a mention of this 12pm cut-off time. After arguing for over 2 hours they decide to have a “hearing” by the Credentials Committee – lawyers et all. Each persons case is heard individually – it takes another 2 hours. At 4:15pm (remember the close of business was to be at 3pm?) they give us our “Delegate” badge and a business card sized card to “vote” on. Mind you, this happened only to about 15 – 20 Delegates – hundreds were turned away. Due to the time factor – were we counted as Delegates? Was our “vote” counted – we don’t know to this day. There never is a vote for Delegates to the State Convention – on either side of the fence. How were the State Convention Delegates selected? Nobody knows. At 8pm a list of the Clinton State Convention Delegates is displayed on the screen. After that the Delegates for Sanders is displayed. Odd that both lists are sorted alphabetically — by First Name. I was so disgusted at the whole process I left at 8:15pm with the Convention still “in Order”. People — there is a lot of “Cherry picking” by these online websites on what is being reported and what is being left off – intentionally. They did, however, take a vote on the adoption of the County Party “Platform” – which is about the only “normal” thing I witnessed. People sat around for hours wondering “What’s going on?” Nobody knew. A word about Christine Kramar – she is well known within both the local and the State Parties for Honesty and Integrity, which is why she was chosen to Chair the Credentials Committee in the first place. It is worth noting that both the Clinton Representatives on that committee fully supported her – against the E-board and their own Campaign. The Clinton Campaign was the only Campaign privately communicating with the E-Board personnel – Take a good look at the E-Board personnel and which campaign they each support, THAT tells a story.

  27. The Hillary campaign seems to have learned a lot from a few former dictators. Welcome to the United States of AmeriKa

  28. I was, past tense, a representative delegate but chose not to continue because I saw what was coming. Hillary and her criminal convention enforcers convinced me I have to vote TRUMP if Bernie does not run. It’s over for Hillary in NV.

  29. This all shows that the USA is not a democracy but a republic which protects the elite political minority. The rules of both parties are set up that way. And if the rules are not given the right result we just change the rules retro actively. I went thru this process in the sixties in the Netherlands at the University I was attending. They were going to be democratic in their decision making when I was objecting to a rule a assistant prof was proposing I was told “Students should keep quiet because they did not have enough understanding of how the University operated so they should listen to their betters.” i.e. the staff. So much for democracy. I guess in a republic you have to listen to your betters as well.