WATCH: New ISIS Philippines Video Shows Execution of 3 Men

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “The Solid Structure,” ISIS releases its first propaganda snuff film from Mindanao, Philippines. The video proclaims the island in the Philippines as an official “wilayat,” or state of ISIS, and tells Asian Islamists that if they can’t get to Iraq or Syria, to go there.

Also notable in the video is that the execution portion appears to have been filmed in front of a green screen.

Mindanao had already included the unofficial affiliate of the Islamic State called “Abu Sayyaf.” According to The International Business Times, senior Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon and other masked men pledged their allegiance to ISIS in a summer of 2014 video.

Islam is the Philippines’ second largest religion after Catholicism. It is mainly practiced in the southernmost island of the three island nation, called Mindanao. Mindanao is an autonomous region of the Philippines, mainly due to religious tension with the other majority Catholic islands. Some extremists there are attempting to overthrow the government and join the Islamic State’s “caliphate.” Abu Sayyaf is one of them.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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Those victims are not philippinos. The execution part was probably filmed in Syria or Iraq and they’re trying to make it seem it was filmed in Philippines.


btw its filipino’s but dude how on earth would transports go from south east asia (especially a country with islands mostly) to middle east

Frostee da Knowman

Not let’s not lose our heads over this………We can all git, git, git along……..the last part I’m paraphrasing the late, great Rodney G. King.


Only terrorist in this world are the Zionist, who talking about them??? After all they fund ISIS along with America to get the rest the sheep behind their global war crimes for political gain, control and wealth as well Israel wants to occupy more land as it’s been doing for some time now.


It’s sad to seebthis race of ladyboys is immitating every single aspect of their syrian Idols,what a Joke Nike please.


Islamic State, you condemn the wrong world! . You must kill the rich Zionists who pay your bosses! The rich give you weapons, so that you can kill each other, and the society lives in fear. What, for the rich, so that the Champanger drink? Wake up


ISIS fast spreading in Muslim minority countries is very worrisome. Backlash from non-Muslims will wipe them out. It is most likely to happen in India with worst results. Muslims need to leave fanaticism and report these fanatics to the police. They cannot survive without local support.

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