Hillary Clinton’s Greensboro, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Who Would Replace Hillary Clinton If She Had to Drop Out?

Hillary Clinton's health scare has prompted questions about whether Bernie Sanders would replace her if she had to drop out. Find out what would happen here.

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Hillary Clinton ‘Green Screen’ Conspiracy Theory: Videos & Tweets

A conspiracy has been circulating about Hillary Clinton using green screens at rallies. Watch videos about the theory, and explanations to debunk it.

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  1. Probably Hillary Clinton donors told her she better get back on the campaign Trail or else!! Because her donors want her to push the trans-pacific partnership through just like Obama and the Obama Administration is trying to push through the TPP. It will be a feather in Obama’s cap putting all Americans in slavery!! The Muslim King Obama will try his last attempt in ( lame duck session ) to pass the slave bill called TPP…

    • There weren’t enough people at Clinton’s rally in Orlando to fill a small gym. 200 at the most. No one wants to listen to a corrupt liar.

  2. The failed politician who lies for the sake of lying. Don’t believe a word she says people: SHE is the loose canon and she ended this speech by almost saying “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Vote TRUMP!

  3. Trump can pack entire stadiums and Hillary can barely fill a school gym and we are supposed to believe Hillary is leading in the polls?

  4. “Nearly passed ou”?? Have you seen the full clip of her leaving the 9/11 memorial? She passed out completely & had to be manhandled into her van like a sack of potatoes. She is without doubt a very sick woman, physically as well as morally.

    • It’s not explainable….not when you are so inclined to deceive the world. There are so many things wrong with this rally, including the pictures provided above. In my opinion, the last picture shows the truth. The microphone should be casting a shadow on her chest..I could be fooling myself but it makes sense to me. Even the phone cams in the audience show a different venue than what is aired in the live feed. It’s so sketchy to me.

  5. One writer said she was ‘so proud to say I’m with her”. Why be proud. I don’t get it. Don’t you realize who she really is and what she has been up to for the past several decades. Do you really support corruption, dishonesty, manipulation, greed, narcissism…? Really? It boggles my mind.

  6. Its rather a joke. There are very few people there and Trump is drawing thousands. Hillary was only on for a few minutes probably because she is too unhealthy to last longer. The venue wasn’t even filled. She is going to lose by a landslide regardless of what the press and pundits say.

  7. I’m pretty sure a lot of these pictures are cropped…or fake. I would really like to speak to someone who was in this crowd. I mean look at the last photo, and I could be wrong buut, shouldnt the microphone from her podium be casting a shadow on her chest? I just don’t get it…and the live feed from this rally shows phone cameras with images of a totally different place…and the audience was edited in to sound bigger ( I tested this with my own studio tools) This whole rally seems to be fake to me.