Jesse Osborne: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jesse Osborne Guns

Jesse Osborne pictured on his mother’s friend’s Facebook page.

A 14-year-old has been charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder after an elementary school shooting that took place in South Carolina. The suspect is named Jesse Osborne, 14.

The incident happened on the afternoon of September 28 at Townville Elementary School, located about 40 miles southwest of Greenville. The school’s address is 105 State Road S-4-565 in Townville, Anderson County, not far from the Georgia border.

Authorities received a call about the shooting at 1:44 p.m. The call was for an “active shooter” at the school. In total, four people were shot. Two people were killed, one person was named as Osborne’s father, Jeffrey Osborne, 47. He was found dead at the family’s home not far from the school. The others shot were two 6-year-old students at the school and a teacher. Officials say that the gunman encountered first-grade teacher Meghan Hollingswoth just outside the school, she was leading her class into the playground. The gunfire erupted as she tried to usher her students back into their classroom.

On October 1, 6-year-old Jacob Hall succumbed to his injuries four days after being shot at Townville elementary.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Witness Said the Gunman Was Firing Into the Air Saying ‘I Hate My Life’ Repeatedly; While Reports Say Jeffrey Osborne Had Convictions for Domestic Abuse

Tiffney Osborne Jesse Osborne's mother

Jesse’s father and mother, Tiffney Osborne. (Facebook)

An 8-year-old witness told WSPA’s Addie Hampton that they saw the gunman shooting into the air in the school’s playground. While doing so, the witness says that the suspect was shouting “I hate my life” repeatedly.

Anderson County Deputy Chief Keith Smith told the media that the shooter never got to the school. He was apprehended around 2 p.m., around 15 minutes after the initial call.

The coroner says that the suspect called his grandmother prior to the 911 call going in. While Sheriff John Skipper said that the gunman was crying when he made the call. After that, his grandmother went to the Osborne’s home where she found her son, Jeffrey Osborne, dead. The suspect is accused of taking his father’s pickup truck to Townville elementary.

A family spokesman told Fox Carolina’s Andrew Reeser that there were “no problems” between Osborne and his father. The Daily Mail reports that Jeffrey Osborne had convictions for “domestic abuse, possessing marijuana and had been declared bankrupt.”

Osborne was stopped by volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock. Emergency services director Taylor Jones said that Brock “risked his life” to stop the suspect. The weapon used was a handgun.

Jamie Brock Townville Elementary School

Firefighter hero Jamie Brock. (Screengrab via Fox Carolina)

Brock told the media the day after the shooting, “The true heroes…are the teachers that put their lives on the line to protect their students…They deserve to be called heroes and to them I tip my hat.”

Jesse Osborne Photos: Pictures of Alleged Townville Shooter

A 14-year-old has been accused of shooting dead his father before opening fire at a nearby elementary school.

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2. He Was Being Homeschooled After Being Expelled in 2015 for Attacking a Student With a Hatchet

Jesse Osborne Facebook page

Jesse Osborne pictured on his mother’s Facebook page.

Deputy Chief Scott told the media that Osborne was homeschooled. Investigators say there is no connection between the suspect and Townville Elementary School. WSPA reports that Osborne was expelled from middle school for allegedly attacking another student with a hatchet in 2015. Osborne was an honor roll student whIle in elementary school.

One neighbor told Greenville News reporter Anna Lee that Jesse Osborne “seemed like the nicest kids.” Lee also reported that the family lived along Osborne Road amid a poultry farm, that the family operate, machinery and barns. She adds that the area is now besieged by investigators. That neighbor told Lee that a few nights before the shooting he heard gunshots coming from the Osborne’s home. The suspect’s grandparents also live along Osborne Road, according to Lee.

His brother, Ryan, has a different father. Ryan Brock is a physics student at the University of Texas in Austin. According to posts on their mother’s Facebook page, Osborne was active in playing baseball, running track, shooting Airsoft guns and fishing with his father.

In the wake of the shooting the family released a statement through Pastor James South that read:

Our entire family is absolutely shocked and saddened by the senseless actions of our son and grandson.

We are praying and will continue to do so for the two precious children who were wounded, and for their courageous teacher who was wounded while rescuing the children.

We cannot express the devastation we feel at the loss of our beloved Jeff.

We are thankful to have friends who have expressed their sympathy and support 2 Tiffney that the loss of her husband. Please pray for our family that the Lord will help us as we face this unimaginable ordeal.

3. Osborne Could Be Tried as an Adult

Townville Elementary School Shooting

(Screengrab via WYFF)

In a hearing on September 30, Osborne was charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. So far he is being charged as a juvenile, although that could change at a later date. Mike Ellis of the Independent Mail, who was present in the courtroom, said that Osborne’s “family members” were in the courtroom and were “dabbing their eyes.”

According to South Carolina law, minors are deemed as someone under the age of 15. Anybody 16 years or older is considered an adult. Jesse Osborne is 14. Sheriff Skipper says that Osborne will appear at a Family County detention hearing on September 30.

Kent Collins law says:

In some cases, someone 15 or younger may be tried as an adult. In such situations, a prosecutor makes this recommendation, and a judge decides what to do.

The judge takes into account various factors such as the defendant’s school records, behavior at home, prior offenses and the seriousness of the current charge.

Osborne, who is being represented by attorney Frank Eppes, is not allowed to be interviewed without a lawyer present, a judge ruled today. The warrants in the case were also sealed by a judge.

4. One 6-Year-Old Victim ‘Died Twice’ as Doctor’s Tried to Stablize Him

Jacob Hall Townville Shooting Victim

One of the victims, Jacob Hall. (Facebook)

The teacher who was wounded during the incident has been discharged from AnMed health, hours after the shooting. WSPA reports that one student was shot in the leg, another in the foot and the teacher was wounded in the shoulder. One of the students has also been released a from an area hospital. The Independent Mail’s Mike Ellis reports that another 6-year-old remains in critical condition. He has been named as 6-year-old Jacob Hall.

According to a family friend, Alan Clemmons:

The bullet ripped through little Jacob’s femoral artery. He died twice, and was revived, during medical transport and again during surgery.

He’s in ICU now where a team of doctors are working to stabilize him. Once stabilized, he will face yet another surgery.

A statement from Hall’s parents, Rodger and Renae, read:

We appreciate the community’s support, especially the Townville Rescue Squad who treated Jacob onsite and brought him to the hospital. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers and ask for privacy during this difficult time.

A Go Fund Me page for Hall has raised over $126,000 at the time of writing.

WYFF reported that Hall passed away on the afternoon of October 1. His mother, Renae Hall, wrote on her Facebook page:

You are dead to me by God you are my angel and now as I lay here and Watch the Life leave your body it reminds me of how honored I was to have you in my life.

While South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley wrote on Twitter, “Jacob Hall was a smart, beautiful boy with a contagious smile and strong faith. A beloved son and brother, Jacob will be missed but never forgotten. Our hearts are broken for Jacob’s family. Please join Michael and me in lifting them up in prayer during his challenging time.”

As a tribute to little Jacob Hall, there was a moment of remembrance before the Louisville v Clemson game on the night of October 1.

Meghan Hollingsworth Townville Elementary School shooting

(Townville Elementary School)

The wounded teacher has been named a first-grade educator Meghan Hollingsworth. She has been a Townsville Elementary School since 2007. Her husband also teaches in the area.

Jesse Osborne Photos: Pictures of Alleged Townville Shooter

A 14-year-old has been accused of shooting dead his father before opening fire at a nearby elementary school.

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5. The School Had Practiced an Active Shooter Drill Less Than a Week Before the Shooting

Townville Elementary School 'Shooting'


South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said in a Facebook post that Townville Elementary School had an active shooter drill less than a week before the shooting.

There are 286 students enrolled at Townville Elementary School. The classes range from pre-kindergarten to 6th grade. The last school shooting incident in the area occurred in May 2016 when a teenager was accidentally shot at Southside High School in Greenville County. Four students were charged in that incident, reported WYFF.

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  1. My son, went to school, with Jessie. This boy’s father, forced drugged him, with Isis Pharmacueticals, linked to school shooters.
    For more, Facebook #OpIsisTrials

  2. Thank you. People tell things they have no Proof at all. I don’t know either family at all. Praying for all the people in Townville. Rest in peace sweet little Jakob. 💔

  3. There is nothing to say to Jacob’s parents. I know that they would trade places with their baby. I am glad to leave weapons out of reach of all kids. Simply awful to read this news.

  4. I feel so sad for little Jacob and his family. I’m also very angry that this kid had already had violent issues and nothing was done about it. (At least as far as I’ve read). This kid needed therapy and should have been watched closely or charged with the first crime. He was mentally ill and needed help, but it seems he was left to deal with his issues on his own. Ugh! It’s so frustrating. That kind of anger that brings a machete to school doesn’t just go away.

  5. What in WORLD, EVER possessed this school district, OR ANYBODY for that fact, to simply “expell” this kid from school for attacking another student WITH A HATCHET, and NOT involve Social Services to get that kid help? I feel bad and sorry for everybody involved in this because this should never have happened but I have to place blame on school administrators, Police (if they were involved when this other student was attacked with a hatchet, but it doesn’t look like they were) AND the parents who WERE aware of his actions with the hatchet, but failed to take action to get their child the help he needed, WHEN he needed it.

    • Agreed. Isn’t there a law that mandates Schools to contact Social Services in these type of hostile situations? When will society learn that violence among ‘kids’ should be taken as seriously as violence among ‘adults’? How many reports have we read where schools and society are just all too willing to ‘wipe their hands clean’ of a situation as fast as possible with a ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude? While, it’s clear some parents inept in keeping guns away from children and are not able or willing to address mental health issues, society needs to step in.

      It is our problem, it’s everyone’s problem, because violence often isn’t just confined to the perpetrator’s house… bleeds out into our streets.

  6. He didn’t attack a student with a machete, he brought a machete & hatchet to school & said he was going to kill all the bullies, so they should have gotten him some help

  7. This is just so sad a little innocent boy life was taking because of a teenager who hated his life. I pray for Jacobs family I couldn’t imagine going threw what they going threw . Jacob could have been still here if people would wake up and listen to ur children and get them help they need!

  8. The mother of the shooter was not a very good example she was to consumed on her own life! She was too busy playing rich!! Her brand new home and truck oh and getting nails and hair done every few week !! she was also to busy playing P.I. (private investigator) !!! Instead of digging up ex-husbands girlfriends past you should have been more concerned about your own children!!! She knew something was wrong with Jessie and got no help for him! No mental health help or counseling for him being bullied at school and I don’t even know that he was even had home schooling with his father on the chicken farm and her working all day! Sad situation for everyone involved!! She is partly to blame !!!

  9. How many tragedies and innocent lives taken or damaged will it take before people let the stigma attached to mental health stop acting as a barrier to helping it? People tend to turn a blind eye to mental illness, especially when its family, whether it be due to the stigma or personal beliefs or just not knowing how to deal with it. When mental illness is ignored, not only is the person themselves a victim, but other people unfortunately become victims as well. This boy had been taken out of school for bringing a weapon in and threatening the lives of others….yet weapons were still kept within access in the HOME. Was he receiving help or therapy of any sort, or was “home schooling” enough to keep him out of society’s hair? This could have been prevented had the right steps been taken by the right people…sad.