LISTEN: Terence Crutcher Shooting 911 Calls & Dispatch Audio

Tulsa Police released 911 calls and dispatch audio from the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, by Officer Betty Shelby, along with videos of the incident.

You can listen to the 911 calls above.

Crutcher, 40, was shot by Shelby on September 16 after his car broke down in the middle of the road in the Oklahoma city. Shelby, who fired one shot, has been placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. Crutcher’s family and protesters have called for her arrest on murder charges.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said Shelby was on the way to another call when she encountered Crutcher and his vehicle. Jordan, who said he is unable to release many details because of open investigation, said Shelby requested backup because she was “not having cooperation” from Crutcher.

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Terence Crutcher, right, was fatally shot by Officer Betty Shelby, left.

You can read more about the shooting here.

In the first 911 call, a woman calls in an abandoned vehicle.

“Somebody left their vehicle running in the middle of the street with the doors wide open,” the woman says. “The doors are open, the vehicle is still running. It’s an SUV. It’s like in the middle of the street, it’s blocking traffic. … There was a guy running from it, saying it was going to blow up. But I think he’s smoking something. I got out and was like ‘do you need help?’ And he was like, ‘come here, come here I think it’s going to blow up.'”

She then said the man took off running and the woman left. She came back 10 minutes later and the SUV was still there.

In a second call, another woman tells a dispatcher, “there’s a car that looks like somebody just jumped out of it and left it in the center of the road on 36th Street North, and North Lewis Avenue. … It’s dead in the middle of the street. … It’s a Navigator, the driver side door is open like somebody jumped out, it’s on the yellow line, blocking traffic.”

Police also released dispatch audio from officers’ communications. You can listen to that below:

You can watch videos recorded on police dashboard cameras and from a police helicopter at the link below:

WATCH: Video Shows Shooting of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa Police

The shooting of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police Officer Betty Shelby can be seen in dashcam footage. Watch the full video here.

Click here to read more

Read more about Officer Shelby here:

Officer Betty Shelby: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Betty Shelby, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer since 2011, has been identified as the cop who fatally shot Terence Crutcher on September 16.

Click here to read more

Click below to read more about Terence Crutcher:

Terence Crutcher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terence Crutcher was fatally shot by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police Officer Betty Shelby after his car broke down Friday. Crutcher, 40, was unarmed, his family says.

Click here to read more

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  1. The use of a firearm as a threat during an incident where deadly force is not justified is not only dumb but indicative of poor training . Are they using TV cop shows for training ? Keep the firearm holstered its not for forcing compliance thru threat. I swear they must be teaching that it is ok to pull out a firearm for everything and yell at people just like the cop shows.

    • you might be a little jumpy with your weapon too if your co workers and yourself were being targeted and shot for no reason other than u are a cop!

        • Maybe this guy was down on life and wanted to die. Maybe this man thought hey suicide by cop is the way to go. Who knows this mans intentions? Nobody because he is dead! For not following directions! Just listen follow directions and your still alive. If your just standing there and you get shot well then now we have a real issue. Apparently some people don’t value their life as much I value mine.

          • Your excuse making is ah-mazing anonymous internet poster person. No weapons, not crime, just a broken down vehicle. There is no reasonable reason to draw a gun and certainly not to fire.

  2. When he starts toward his vehicle he is not complying with commands. When he gets to his vehicle his hands are no longer raised. He is reaching in his vehicle. I would hate to be put in that situation. Who knows now days he could of had a gun, he didn’t. He could of had a bomb in his vehicle, he didn’t. The fact is this man died because he didn’t want to stay put and let the officer contact him. Just comply and you won’t die regardless of race it’s simple. I’m sad this man lost his life and this officer was put in that situation

      • Ok even if he didn’t reach into his vehicle he lowered his hands. You can’t clearly see what he is doing with his hands. I was going off of reported statements. The fact is he still didn’t value his life enough to comply!!!!! Why put yourself in that situation? What was so important he had to get back to his vehicle and not follow commands!!??? Police have a hard job and the second you let your guard down you die. Like I said he could have had a bomb in his car who knows now days that is a real possability. I value my life enough to listen, I would other reasonable people would also.

        • He was complying. Even the helicopter pilot said he was walking and “following commands”. Then as he holds his hands over his head, there is a POP and his arm goes limp. This is what people are claiming as non-compliance. that popping sound was the taser, and his arm was reacting to being tased. The audio from the dash cam and helicopter are out of sync. My best guess is he was complying, and officer tased him, then he was shot as he reacted to being tased. Anyway you look at it, cops are in the wrong.

  3. The pilot never said he was complying? He says he know has his hands raised that’s it. No officer that is drawn down on an individual orders them to their car. I want to hear the audio of the officers commands. I think this could have ended differently. It’s unfortunate how it ended the officer will lose her job. I don’t think she pre meditated this shooting so anyone who wants first degree or death penalty sorry not happening. I do think this will go to trial in some sort of fashion, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t. I need more evidence I don’t believe you can make a clear point one way or the other. I personally believe he should have been tased before even reaching his vehicle. If you don’t follow commands you put your life in the hands of an officer who has to make a split second choice don’t do that! You can say he was compliant till your blue in the face he was not no officer orders someone back the their vehicle. Sad situation for both families of the victim and officer. I will re watch the video but I never heard the helicopter guy say he was following commands and walking. He said his hands are now in the air and he is still walking away.

      • “…This guy is STILL walking, and … following commands”. There is a glitch in that spot with the ellipses. But, just after this another man says, “Time for the taser, I think.” That indicates to me that the men in the helicopter were interpreting what was probably very common to any cop. The men in the helicopter were expecting the man to be tasered which would be, from what I know, what you would do if the suspect was not complying with commands as part of the protocol of escalation of force.

        • I agree the taser should have happened in fact earlier than when the pilot says it. The pilots just so it’s clear have no idea if the guy is compliant or not! They cannot hear any commands so throw out the fact they said following or said not following commands. The taser is the next step in most use of force steps. The guy is not not complying with commands I’m basing that off my military police and civilian police experience. Again the pilots don’t know if he is or isn’t they can’t hear what’s going on they can only hear radio traffic. This guy should be alive I don’t feel any racial biast was used here I feel any person of color gets shot here if acting the same way. The officer took the shot I wasn’t their maybe she thought she saw something when messing with his pants area? Clearly he had nothing after the fact. Easy to play the what if game. again people value your life, listen and follow directions. If you have an issue after sue their asses off at least your alive. Until I hear audio of the incident if it exists it is possible a mic was not activated on one of the cops… It happens on accident it has to me on contacts before. I know here video was not rolling she pulled up to an abandoned vehicle call. No one knew this guy was even their according to the dispatch or 911 calls. Until I get audio if it exists of the officer making contact based again on my personal experiences in law enforcement I would say he was not compliant. No officer says hands up walk to your car having your hands up and walking away is not compliance. It’s more like let me see your hands.. Sir stay there let me see your hands.. Then access the situation. God bless everyone have a good night.

          • the incident footage used from the patrol car was not the shooting officers. Her cam was said not to be activated which can happen, but the camera is still on and you can go back and create a video of an incident because the camera footage is stored on the video hard drive even if the record option is not pushed usually for at least 24 hrs.

          • So WHY WAS she calmly following him? I love it that you have no audio, he was called a “bad dude” from an aerial view, he had NO weapon and was not posing a threat while his hands were up and you can give the cops the benefit of the doubt. Who were you protecting and serving? How do you tase someone and shot them with seconds of each other.

  4. I went back and watched the video. The pilot says he has his hands up for her now. Then he says I’m going to record he is still walking and then it gets weird. He doesn’t just say following commands. He says something following commands it’s almost like it was edited. It’s weird I personally think he said not following commands but I can’t 100 percent make that out. I’m going to look for another video different site to see if there is a difference.. Brb I watched other videos I believe he says NOT following commands and he is reaching for the record button. Man I wouldn’t want to be this officer such a tough spot I’ve seen the videos enough to say he is messing with his pants area before being tased or shot. I wish they tased him before he got the car and I wish he wasn’t walking away could have been avoided by both parties imo. I’m sure most people will feel one way or the other on this and changing minds will be impossible. Most people aren’t put in these type of situations so it’s easy to say what should have happened. It’s easy to play the what if game. I hope no one reading this or posting has to go through this but if your in a situation involving any law enforcement just stay put unless ordered to move and listen. Don’t put your life in someone else’s plit second decision, just don’t do it.

  5. Also for anyone saying the chopper pilot is saying he is or is not following commands it’s irrelevant. He has no idea either way honestly. There is no audio patch that he can hear so he has no way if he is or is not following commands.

    • so if there is no audio to those on the ground why is the piolet suggesting to them its time for the taser? I’m sure they were all on an open communications channel they usually are for back up and support

      • They were just assuming the taser was coming next just like he was assuming the guy was a bad dude! I can assure you the pilots had no audio of the ground contact I have had chopper assistance and they are all on the same channel but it’s not open per say if someone talks you here it it still has to keyed in by initiating your radio comm.

  6. They could showing the videos but are leaving out the one that shows him turning toward police with his right hand down. That man had to be on PCP.

  7. Police in Tulsa shoot and kill people very seldom considering it has a large crime element. That side of town where that man left his car running is a living hellhole. Gangs run rampant there. They can’t even keep a grocery store on that side of town because of all the stealing and robberies that go on. That man was huge and it appears he was on pcp. People aren’t getting the whole report and how crazy his actions were. Do you really think a cop would have been marching him to his car. He did that on his own. I do think he was going back to get the pcp he had in his car. That man was not the great citizen like they pretend. Yes. I know what it is like because I unfortunately live there.

  8. Why does this article say his car brokedown, when in the 911 call she says the guy got out of his running car calming it was going to blow up,because he was high on something?

  9. The window was up.. and we can go back and forward with these people all day. The fact is they been making excuses to kill black women, men and our children for centuries. No other way to look at this man was murder

    DR’s Yosef Ben-Jochonnan, Dr Delbert Blair, and Dr Sebi have all transitioned within minimal time of one another. Their lives have been shared with us to give us knowledge and truth about the past and times to come. Together we must heal, nurture, study, and rebuild.