2016 Presidential Polls Latest: Trump Leads Clinton in Some Recent Polls; Clinton Leads in Others

donald trump calls hillary clinton puppet, you're the puppet, #puppet

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. (Getty)

Some of latest 2016 presidential polls show Donald Trump is gaining on Hillary Clinton as the election steams toward its final days, but other recent polls have found Clinton with a lead – and, in one case, a commanding one.

Trump is doing well in some polling that captures part of the post third debate period. Two such recent national polls (IBD and Rasmussen) show Trump with a lead, and he’s doing well in some battleground states, like Ohio, but Clinton leads in a series of others. Clinton leads in a third recent poll (Reuters) but that poll also shows Trump gaining on her with a dramatic shift in the past week. In a fourth poll (LA Times), Trump is ahead by .03, which is basically a tie.

However, an ABC News poll that came out Sunday and tracked attitudes from October 20-22 deviated sharply from the others, showing Clinton with a 12-point lead. This poll also shows, contrary to Reuters, a dramatic shift for Clinton in the past week. And a CNN poll released Monday found Clinton with a 5 point lead among likely voters and 4 point lead among registered voters (with a 3.5 percent margin for error).

Time will tell which trend solidifies as the election heads toward its final week or so.

Trump’s improvement in some recent polls comes after days of media coverage battering Trump over multiple women accusing Trump of unwanted physical contact, his lewd comments to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, and the third presidential debate. It also comes after a series of WikiLeaks’ releases of documents from a hack of the email account of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

Some of the polls have found voters are receptive to Trump’s claims that the election is rigged and/or that the news media are biased. The polls were taken before a porn star, Jessica Drake, became the latest woman on October 22 to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct (he denies all of the allegations, and said in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that he will sue the accusers.)

The RealClearPolitics polling average from October 12 through October 22 has Clinton with an average 5.8 lead, slightly down from the 6.1 a few days ago but still significant. When Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are included, though, Clinton’s average lead is 5.9 percent. That polling average time frame mostly includes the time frame before the October 19 presidential debate, however.

Still, Clinton remains heavily favored by forecasting sites that use statistical and other models to predict the election. It comes down to Electoral College math. The AP studied battleground states and reported that Clinton appears headed for an Electoral College victory. The UpShot predicts Clinton will win the Electoral College, giving her a 93 percent chance to win the presidency. Fivethirtyeight predicts that Clinton has an 85.9 percent chance of winning. Predictwise has Clinton’s chances of winning at 91 percent.

The Trump campaign countered with this battleground map:

Some of the most recent polls – as of October 23 – are registering a shift that gives Trump something to hold onto.

Here’s what you need to know:

Recent National Polls


Trump 49%
Clinton 44%

Clinton’s lead in this poll is the same margin as it was a week ago. It shrinks to 4 points if you consider registered, instead of likely, voters.

IBD/TIPP Tracking

Trump 42%
Clinton 40%

Trump’s lead in the IBD/TIPP poll is within the margin of error, meaning the race is back to a virtual tie in this poll.

The poll was conducted October 16-21. The acronyms stand for Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence (TIPP), and the poll touts itself as the most accurate in recent presidential elections. Trump does best in the South, and Clinton does best in the Northeast. (Gary Johnson has his strongest performance in the Midwest).

This is one of the first national polls to capture the time frame after the third presidential debate.

Rasmussen Reports

Trump 43%
Clinton 41%

The new Rasmussen poll is also good news for Trump, although his lead is in the margin for error, making the race a virtual tie in this poll.

The poll was conducted October 18-20, partly after the third presidential debate. A small lead among voters not affiliated with either political party is helping Trump.

ABC News/Washington Post

Clinton 50%
Trump 38%

The ABC News/Washington Post poll measured voter attitudes from October 20-22, the period after debate three. It found that voters are upset about Trump’s questioning of the election’s legitimacy and how he treats women.

LA Times/USC

Trump 44.4%
Clinton 44.1%

The LA Times/USC daily tracking poll measured voter attitudes on October 23. The race is a dead heat. The LA Times poll has show Trump with a stronger lead than other polling for months now, though.


Clinton 44%
Trump 40%

Although the Reuters poll shows Clinton leading by 4 percentage points, just outside the poll’s credibility interval, it also represents a fairly significant improvement for Trump, who was behind by seven points in the same poll the week before. This poll surveyed people from October 17-21.

The poll also found that only half of Republicans would accept Clinton as their president with most believing the election is rigged.


Clinton 47%
Trump 40%

Clinton does better in the Quinnipiac poll than in some other recent polls. This is a more dated than those above, however. The poll was conducted October 17-18 before the third presidential debate.

Trump’s lead with whites and men “all but vanishes” in the poll. The poll found that most voters felt the news media is biased against Trump but also believe Trump is not fit to be president.


Clinton 42%
Trump 38%

This poll was conducted October 15-18. That means it was before the third presidential debate.

Clinton’s lead is right at the 4 percent margin of error.

Recent Battleground Polls

Florida: Fox 13/Opinion Savvy

Clinton 49%
Trump 45%

This is the first Florida poll since the third presidential debate, which was on October 19. It was conducted the following day. However, the margin for error is 4.2 percent, meaning Clinton’s lead is within it.

The polling results were an increase in 1 percent for Clinton from the previous poll. The poll did show Trump winning early and absentee voters. People polled thought Clinton won the third debate but by a lower margin than was seen with previous debates.

Ohio – Suffolk University

Trump 44.8%
Clinton 44.6%

The most recent poll in this key swing state shows the race is a tie. The poll was conducted October 17 to 19, outside of the third presidential debate in part.

The last four polls in Ohio before that one showed a tie, two showed a Trump lead, and one showed a Clinton lead in the margin for error.

Pennsylvania: Emerson

Clinton 45%
Trump 41%

Although Clinton leads in Pennsylvania, this poll is just outside of the margin of error and shows a slightly lower margin that she’s seen in other Pennsylvania polling.

The poll was conducted October 17-19. The same poll also showed Trump leading in Utah and Missouri, and Clinton leading in New Hampshire.

Virginia: Christopher Newport University

Clinton 45%
Trump 33%

The most recent polling in Virginia shows that Clinton has broken into a large lead, although this poll’s margin was higher for Clinton than in other Virginia polls (she has led in the last four polls).

Georgia: Landmark Communications

Trump 47%
Clinton 43%

This poll was conducted October 20 after the third presidential debate. Trump’s lead is exactly at the margin for error.

Slightly more people thought Clinton won the debate, although there was a gender gap with men saying they thought Trump won it. Clinton has been gaining somewhat in recent Georgia polling.

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  1. She is so very corrupt! She will take our guns, and sell us out to the highest bidder. It’s not rocket science people!

    • What guns, just like Obama was going to take ur guns…did u not watch the debates? She gave her agenda on weapons. How is she corrupt…fact check before posting, because so far all the allegations have been proved false, while Trump has been proved to be the Ki
      ng of Corrupt, why don’t u educate urself?

      • Ummmmm….How is she corrupt? Have you or any other Hillary Clinton supporter even bothered to watch the sworn testimony of FBI Director James Comey in front of the House Judiciary Committee? His testimony under oath explaining her private email server and what she did is in direct opposition to the lovely sugarcoated version she provides on her duplicitous website! This corrupt woman is about to get millions of votes from people who are so brainwashed by the liberal media and who fail to check out the real facts about her. This is a mess beyond the telling of it.

        • But were talking about e-mails. Are e-mails the only thing you can find corrupt about her? She had 60,000 emails investigated maybe 110 of them were later thought to be classified, 4 years after they were received or sent. 110/60,000 doesn’t sound like a pattern to me. Besides whether they were classified or not doesn’t matter since her e-mails were sent and received by people who had government clearance. Furthermore the testimony from Comey ended up showing there was no evidence to suggest a felony was committed.

          if that is the only evidence you have to say she is corrupt you are clearly brainwashed.

          • Let me see if I have this right. You are ok with the fact that Hillary lied to the FBI over her emails and destroyed evidence even when subpoenaed to turn that evidence over? You are ok that she received around $25 million in a “Pay for play” deal with Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive country in the world for women’s rights? So you are ok with Hillary taking over $100 million for “Pay for play” in a deal involving the sale of 20% of the US’s Uranium reserves to Russia? So you are ok that the Clinton campaign paid thugs to beat people up at Trump rallies? You ok with the fact that the Clinton campaign called for women to come forward and lie about Trump sexually assaulting them and pay them to do so? You ok with the fact that Bill assaulted and raped women then Hillary intimidating and threatening them and calling them all sorts of names? And that is just for starters.

          • Your correct. All Trump and his followers have is this whole email issue. It’s a smoke screen to take the attention off the of the awful person that Trump has proven to be time and time again. Clinton has done so many great things for the American people but Trump has done nothing but take advantage of people. Borrowing money he had no intention of paying back then files bankruptcy putting so many out of business. That is unethical business practices and just plain wrong on so many levels. He is NOT a good business man and all the progress that has been made on our deficit he will undo and put us back in a major recession. Not one contractor he hired was ever paid, he’s a horrible person. He has no class or decorum to be representing our country. America is already great, all he’s doing is making America hate!!!

        • Bryan you’ve hit the nail on the head! The libs and their comrades in the media prey on the ignorant and the pigs at the government trough. This country is in big trouble and when the blind wake up it will be too late to fix if it isn’t already.

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      • I guess it’s you who has to educate herself Mary. Hillary says one thing to the public audience and another thing in private. Her campaign was involved in soliciting the homeless and mentally disturbed in creating the disturbances at the Trump rallies, and then blaming it on Trump Supporters (proven fact, watch the videos). Her campaign is involved in again, soliciting the homeless and mentally disturbed to be bussed to various polling places, to cause problems for the citizens trying to vote (watch the videos). Her “charitable” foundation is involved in quid pro quo, totally illegal (read wikileak emails). Her campaign is in cahoots with the media, in receiving debate questions, prior to the actual debate (read wikileaks). While she was in the state department, her negligence in the Benghazi situtation caused four Americans to be killed, and her response “what does it matter?”. It appears you must do your research prior to posting, because everything stated here has been proven as facts.

        • Nonsense, I guess you are referring to Podesta’s discussions with his campaign staff. They were talking about ways to increase vote turn out, hypothesizing, none of what they said was ever even implemented . Besides what has this got to do with Clinton? She wasn’t even there when the conversation was being held That is what happens when you look at conversations that were only meant between campaign staff.

          So do we know what Trump’s staff was saying or scheming” You think there wasn’t any crazy idea on their side.? But because Russia only exposes Clinton’s staff we are to assume Trump’s operations are saintly????, NOT!!!!

          • Democrats always have speculation there’s never any truth are hard facts. Trump may not always say the right things cause he is not a career politician as the more polished Clinton is with corruptions and lies. Also we have no idea that it’s the Russians doing it again just speculations no hard tacts. I do not like the way all this is coming out about Clinton but it has and the media keeps ignoring it and it doesn’t seem to matter how crooked she is…Most Democrats do not care how corrupt she is what’s that say about the Democrat party it is always a win at all cost for them.

      • …….millions were paid to the enemy and now guess what? ISIS honey; the Islamic State is in our country you idiots!! What is it going to take for you people to wake up? We no longer have the Twin Towers because as was reported, “a small plane just ran into one of the Twin Towers” oh but wait, another plane just hit the other….da hah. C means classified documents and now who the hell hacked into the internet? Why tell that attacks were “GOING TO BE MADE ON MOSUL”? Oh, excuse me, but did THEY tell they were going after Bin Laden? NO!!!!! SO WAKE UP PEOPLE, this is nothing but politics and YOU know it. Now you go FACT CHECK, please.

      • Mary, you must be in kindergarten your Hillary has also been proven the biggest liar in polical experience, if you did homework, and because of her, Americans were slaughtered. HELLO U IDIOT

        • Mary,
          I am not a believer in politics.Democrat or republicans.But it was mentioned that Obama and whoever did not say when they was going to kill Bin Laden.To be honest Obama had his body put in the ocean before it got anywhere so there for it may not have been Bin Laden at all,the proper thing to do would have brought him here and did and autopsy like they do on everyone,better yet why didn’t Obama ask his family what they wanted to do with him and let them have him to bury him ,you say he was dead why throw him in the ocean, let his family bury him.What person does that knowing he was a person everyone was looking for dead or alive .So the Democrats don’t show me anything on honesty.Bill Clinton had sex in the white house with someone other than his wife.On national TV said I did not sleep with that woman,but there was proof that came from a dress that he did sleep with another one but yet he could not be impeached, WHY.Obama and his wife is the only people o gods green earth that is absolutely squeaky clean it’s like every body was ordered not to say anything about them not anyone said one bad rotten thing bout them while running for president, so why all the bad mouthing about Donald Trump,
          All these poor and under paid welfare recipents is going to vote for Hillary why,, she cares nothing about the poor or middle class, She cares about her own deep pockets, does the poor get to go to Hillarys house for a gathering no there not good these poor children have as much as the kids in the white house no and never will.When a person like Hillary goes out and touches a poor child or touches his hand or gives him a quick hug,At the end of the day she goes home to maids cooks and a good cooked meal with her glass of wine taking off her 1200 hundred dollar dress while laughing at all of us stupid people for voting for her, but them children go back home ,may sleep on the floor may not even have a meal to eat that night or the next day for that matter and she never says one thing about getting the dealers or drugs off the streets that damages our very young every day.You can look into Hillarys eyes and see she is for no one except her self.

      • Mary are you out of your mind? Hillary Clinton was born a liar. How much more evidence do you need? She does and says what she thinks
        will get here what she wants. Her and Bill Clinton are the most corrupt couple ever to set foot in the White House. Nothing by lying, scheming, conniving
        people. They will step on whoever they think is in their way. They have sense of entitlement to whatever they want. She was an utter failure as
        secretary of state. Do you watch the news and see what is going on around the world? Everything she touched turned to garbage. So many countries
        in chaos because of her and Obama. She lied to the FBI, lied to Congress, destroyed emails, destroyed phones and Bill meets with the Attorney General
        just before she makes a ruling on if she should be charged. Pull your head out of the sand. No one around the world respects us. In fact they taunt us
        and ridicule us. The stupidity of Democrats to view these two as the second and third comings of Christ is nauseating. What are you people thinking?

        • Wow! Clinton sure has a lot of power according to you. Isn’t that what we need? People with power and responsibility and experience? Wrong experience? Sorry, anyone who has ever hired anyone knows any experience is better than no experience. Do you know what the wrong kind of experience is? No experience, and that is what Trump has none.

          • So in the real world if you hired somebody and they were bad at their job and you knew it but it’s OK their experience so you hire him anyway. Think about how stupid that sounds! I bet any amount of money that you also voted for Obama you didn’t seem to mind that he did not have that much experience than. What a bunch of hypocrites you Democrats are it’s all about what suits you now.

          • When Clinton gets in office, I can’t wait to tell any moron that voted for her it is there fault. When your taxes go up, Obama Care becomes so expensive people can’t afford it, liberal Supreme Hustices who believe in abortion, same sex marriages, Christians being persecuted because of their faith, immigration out of control and drugs running rampant in our country, no world leader will respect her, more scandals with the Clintons in the White House, a weaker military, total collapse of our constitution and the New World Order, one world currency which she supports, end of our second amendment rights. I could keep on going!! I will be glad to point a finger in the face of anyone who voted fir her. Mark my word Hillary Clinton is pure evil and anyone who supports her will deserve the wrath that God will pour out on the US. God is longsufferibg but we have turned our backs on God and the US will be severly punished as a result of having corrupt politicians such as the Clintons making a joke of our nation and everything the Bible stands for. God help us all. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior I highly suggest you get on your knees and repent because this nation will be brought to its knees under the leadership of corrupt liberals and especially the Clintons! Russia and China will be the new super powers and this nation will be a joke. How can so many Americans be so blind to believe this woman. She will lead is into WW3 and the end of the US.

            • Wow Roger well said you are so right I cant believe how stupid so many people are that they will vote for her and than wonder what happen to all my freedoms it will be to late I am so happy I know Jesus as my Lord and savior God bless you and keep you safe

      • You are a classic example of why the 19th Amendment should be repealed. I can understand other liberal scum voting for Hillarry, because all they want is to continue their free ride at the expense of the working people in this country. But the pathetic soccer moms who put Obama in office and are apparantly going to do the same for Hillary I simply do not understand. Thanks to stupid bimbos like you this country is done.

        • I’m not a soccer mom. Stupid? well its a relative term. I’m a post doc fellow at the NIH I’m a board certified super sub specialized physician. So I I’, stupid I do hope you have better credentials than me or else what does that make you? In any event I’m voting for Hillary because Ive seen first hand what the ACA has meant for me my patients my practice and hospital. If Trump gets in he will eliminate the one thing that is keeping my hospital afloat and allows me to see the number of patents I am seeing thanks to the ACA. If the ACA is eliminated, my hospital goes bankrupt and the 5000 patients I see every year including children will need to see another doctor.

          Trump is inexperienced he has no clue about medicine or patients, he will make our health care situation ten times worse than it already is.

          • Well you have Hillary who is status quo corrupt politician that has made a whole Lotta money since being in an office. Then you have Trump who turned a small business into a multibillion dollar Corporation that has several diverse companies. He has hired many many people to run those companies so my point is he knows how to hire the right people to do the job. More than anything else Trump is very experienced at making money and profit that is exactly what our country needs. We have a president now who has spent more than the past five presidents altogether. With Hillary you’re going to get more of the same if not worse.

          • For someone who is so accomplished and smart, you should learn grammar and the spelling of the ‘American’ English language. If you want me to be impressed with your knowledge, learn to write. However, you are correct, stupid is a relative term. Personally, I’m not impressed with either candidate, but I feel taking a chance on a non-political bigot is better than a lying, stealing non-soccer Mom running on a platform with more already publicized rate hikes in the ACA premiums. With my premiums of $673 a month for health insurance with a $5000 deductible last year, I thank God I was only out of work for a few months.

      • Mary you by passed the brain line. They have dug up 1 thing on Trump 11 year old locker talk. Read about your corrupt candidate
        Hillary. She is the biggest liar ever made. There is

        • If all the democratic party was polled on there locker room talk then everyone would be fired.If they was polled on adultery about 1/2 of them would be fired,Speaking of lying and talk,I was watching a talk show one night where as Obama his self was being interviewed,The man asked him, I heard something about Obama and his cell phone is it true can I see your phone.I forget what was said, but OBAMA A GOD FEARING MAN said on national TV,, oh I left my phone at home and about that time it rang and the news castor was staring at him for lying I’m sure.

        • Trump did not engage in “locker room talk.” That phase was invented to spin the hurt of his words. What he said was that he abuses his celebrity in order to assault women. Just imagine what he would do as president! There would be no stopping him! A friend asked me if I ever said anything like that in private. My answer was no, I’ve never bragged about sexual assault, not even jokingly. How can people accept this kind of behavior in our president? Do you not have wives and daughters? Do you not think this kind of mentality won’t trickle down to the public at large, making women targets of aggression?

      • Mary, the Clintons have been under investigation more than any other president and first lady ever in office in other words when there’s enough smoke there’s definitely a fire there. I’m sure you haven’t read any of the wiki leaks as most Democrats tend to ignore you probably need to. I also want to know where is this proven about Trump being corrupt? Stop listening to the Democrat media and start making your own assessments. Just because Trump turned a small company into a multi billion dollar business does not make him corrupt it makes him successful. So maybe you can explain to me how the Clintons are multi multi millionaires yet they never owned a businesses and they were supposedly broke before going into office?? Thank Mary use your head not all is as it seems.

      • Forget the guns. She should be behind bars! She is,along with her husband corrupt, she is a known liar ! She says she is a
        Advocate for woman and children’s rights. as a lawyer she defended a rapist of a 12 year old girl and then laughed about getting
        The asshole off with just a year in prison! You better wake up and open your eyes! She takes huge amounts of cash from middle
        Eastern countries that stone woman to death for committing adultery but the men could have many brides! You better think twice
        Before you vote for the Beast of Benghazi !

      • Everything tht comes of of her mouth is a lie! And if you honestly don’t know that Clinton IS Corrupt then you are either blind or you are not paying attention. Get your head out of the sand and wke up!!!!!

      • Now you say miss Clinton is not corrupt now let’s go back when defended the gentleman in the rape case how she started out in corruption fresh out off law school our constitution States this 1st violation committed in the 5th amendment called due process the word indictment or jury never was came up the 12 year old young lady did not get that 2.violation the the six amendment the 12 year old young lady stood in court and point out the accused gentleman but she did not get here justice and last but not least the 7th amendment where by the case was supposed to be decided by here jury of peers look up magna Carta been around a long time this is for all my educated Hillary Clinton supporters who believes she is for woman’s rights and men rights check this out in legalese now when a criminal is freed on a technically, he is freed because of a fix and a pay off,as a defendant can only can only be freed if found innocent by a jury miss Clinton is a Yale educated bar attorney and took a oath to our constitution what happened to the young lady who stood to point out the accused who was Hillary Clinton client why miss Clinton did not stand for 12 year old woman rights and constitutional rights why CNN and all the other media outlets ain’t talking about that they quickly move past that issue,but let’s get down to the real fact since you talk facts miss Clinton a lawyer at the time involved in the case directly or indirectly as a litigant or assisting counsel should have disqualified here self as to the 12 year old young lady wouldn’t got a constitution trial and here is a another law that was broken on behalf of the young lady the judge and Hillary Clinton are bar attorney member which is violation on conflict of interest laws along with violation of separation of power in our constitution our president Barack Obama is being sued because of executive order for immigration reform because congress make laws not the president if he does that would mean he is a king not a president but let me go further for all my educated Hillary Clinton supporters that called treason as you can see from what she said from the last debate that child in a mother womb don’t have constitution rights bar member don respect our constitution let’s go back in history American fought the war in the 1700,s and beat England to break ties of the bar and our four father drafted our constitution and formed our great democracy if you study our is being attacked under Barack Obama’s administration I give one but trust me there are many more look up H.R 437 and how it is attacking our first amendment rights but I’m curious why msn and all the other news networks are not talking about that ,and they call trump a racists anybody who have a oath to our constitution and sign a law like that is treason and very racist now let get back on how Hillary Clinton is so much for woman’s rights what happened to Laguna McDonald mother rights when he was killed by the police why here and here boss Barack Obama did speak on behalf of here family and there long time friends who is mayor of Chicago Rob Emanuel who sign the check and saw the same video tape we saw to silence the family but he did not get in trouble for that why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did not come forward to prosecute everybody that was involved,but if trump say one bad thing everybody is not going endorse him anymore and he should dropped out of the race we live in america as Stated earlier everybody rush to judgement no due process and Miss Obama is cheerleading this issue and she should no better ,because she is a lawyer as well ,but you know we sheep and we can lead anywhere vote with a conscience not emotions this is for my men out there men all ways brags on how many women the can lay ladies I’m pretty sure at some when you where young or old some guy brags about what kind of sex you had,and it got back to you because the same guy he was bragging can to you and wanted some of you to .

      • Could you please just shut the hell up she has lied about soldiers in Benghazi and all emails but that don’t matter right she’s full of shit

      • I will fact check for you. Obama has always wanted our guns and tried through executive orders. Hillary has been in one scandal after another. She is selling favors to foreign country through her foundation, she had over 3 billion in donations to build Hati and they never received it, she lied about being in sniper fire in Lybia, responsible for the four americans that died in Bengazi, lied to congress numerous times and sent classified emails through a private server. I am educated and know she should be in prison.

    • and Bush and Cheney wasn’t? He only got us Trillions of Dollars in debt, 10,000+ US Troops Killed, Repeatedly Lied to you, No Bid Contracts, Housing Crisis, $4 dollar a gallon gas,.and he even had you duct taping your house!!,.. but you gave him a pass, like you said, this ain’t Rocket Science!

      • Anonymous, when are you idiots going to give it a rest when it come to Bush? Eight years have passed and you idiots still blame Bush for Democrats failures……LMAO!

    • Every time a democrat has been in the Whitehouse – five administrations – I’ve been hearing that they’re coming for my guns. But nobody yet has come for them. And Hillary won’t either.

    • also open borders. immigrants will come to usa instead of shipping our jobs to them. immigrants will work for 2 bucks an hr which is twice what vietnam pays.

        • Yea, if you have a Bachelors Degree in Basketweaving or sociology! I have a BS degree in Natural sciences, my own business, bust my a$$, and I am making over $100k a year. Its hard work, but if you apply yourself, work smart, you dont have to settle for $9/ hour. There are no handouts in this life, unless all you want is food stamps and an Obamafone. You have to think smart, work hard, and take responsibility for your own decisions and actions in this life. Don’t look to the fed or state government to help you out, that a sure fire recipe for failure. Republican party principles reward honest, hard work. Democratic party principles rely on government taxation and re-distribution. So don’t knock Florida. Get a useful college degree, apply yourself, and take charge of your own future!

    • No…that would be Trump wanting to use the nuclear weapons…..” if we have them, why can’t we use them?” remember that one? How about this one…..if they taunt us….”I’ll just blow them out of the water”. Half of the countries want absolutely nothing to do with him…..most don’t want him in their country……look it up and educate urself. He’s a lunatic….a Hitler want-to-be.

      • Mary you have got to be kidding and a frustrated crooked Hillary lover because you know she will not win. Send her off with Obama

      • I guess you really love Obama. Because you’re going to get four more years of him (but much worse). And possibly eight more years if the USA is still around with Hillary as president, and her belief in open borders.

        • To crookedpolitics………we have had 8 years of Obama and then came Obama Care which was supposed to be the greatest thing. Let me just tell you people how damn great that was/is. Year before last the insurance was $68.00 per month; last year when signing a person into it, they raised it to over $300.00 per month with only two insurance companies to choose from and both with very high deductibles and both companies not paying much for medication. The person only made $10.00 per hour and was raising a child. I literally cried to the agent I was talking to on the phone. doesn’t care how much you make, how much it costs to live although you get penalized if you don’t have it. SO, the person DOES NOT have it because it is NOT affordable. This person works a public job, but if Hillary Clinton is voted in, this person will not have a job BECAUSE the employer can’t afford to pay $15.00 per hour minimum wage for him to work. Employer will go out of business as so many will. I am sure that this person and child will be out on the streets because of Obama and anyone else that follows him.

      • Obama nearly doubled the national debt. He increased the national debt more that ALL OF THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED!!! People do
        your homework.

      • Oh really, I suppose Hillary telling the world that it takes four minutes after the president calls for the launch of the nukes before it happens is all ok is it. How stupid does she have to be to do that? As for Hitler, the Democrats are behaving like Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts” did intimidating and violence towards people at Trump rallies. Democrats were paying these thugs. You are an idiot. You are the one that needs to educate yourself.

  2. hillary is corrupt, she left soldiers behind in benghazy, but she is very weak and sick. i do not want tim kaine as prez

    • DT is as corrupt as they come don’t defend a corporate demagod and he is only there based on daddy’s money and nothing. There are TRUE billionaire beyound DT think he is beyound American Values. He has products made in China- Easy to look up- So look it up American and find out the real Donald.

        • Clueless?? have u bothered to fact check the phony, lying Wiki leaks for urself….are u not educated enough? Most of those were sent in 2005 long before Hillary Campaign…they weren’t to her, about her or from her…..the ones that Hillary send actually proved she was very good at communicating and negotiating with other countries and was an excellent states-person….look up the originals in their entirety and compare with what Wiki has presented…u will find the same thing I did…things taken out of context….only partial emails , containing a few sentences that suit their agenda…straight up lies of who sent them and when… So yes, I not only read the Wiki versions, but took the time to look up the originals and read them also….some even said they were sent while she was Sec. of state….leaving off the date. Wrong, I found the original and it was sent in 2014, two years after she resigned…. These Wilileaks are designed to upset our elections, by the Russians and Trump has encouraged it…U are the clueless and uninformed, urself….there is no excuse for it.

          • Roger H. It would be very nice to compare Wiki Leaks with the originals if you would find the 33,000 deleted and even more the two boxes of top secret E:mails that came up missing. Hillary did more criminal activities than did the young navy member who took some personal pictures of classified area of a sub. (got kicked out of service with two years prison) General Patraus kicked out of service for sharing secret info with girl friend and General Clark who is subject to five years prison large fine and discharge from service for lying to FBI once. Hillary lied to the people, congress and the FBI so many times it is hard to keep up with. If you believe the Russians are behind this to help Trump I have an ocean front property in North Dakota for sale cheap! I’m sure you would be a good candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The majority of the wikileak emails are current. You obviously would not have crooked John Podesta talking about this year’s campaign. And thinking that Trump is encouraging the Russians to upset our elections is both clueless and uniformed. Perhaps you’re unaware that in America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. I enjoy reading all of your comments Mary, as it proves that while you’re telling others that they’re clueless and uninformed, I find that you are perhaps the most uninformed than any other person posting. You say to educate yourself, but the only way to do it is to not just read what the liberal media has to say, but the conservative media as well. Hillary has been proven to be corrupt and the facts are in writing and in actual video, along with her “LOST” classified emails. Her cronies actually use a hammer to break her electronic devices so that evidence is destroyed. Hmmm, makes you wonder why they would do that, doesn’t it?

          • Mary you aren’t clueless you are an imbecile. Every single country that Hillary got involved in was left in shambles. Every single one. Obama is taunted
            and disrespected around the globe! No one likes either of them. They screwed up countless countries and left a trail of wreckage. Can you name one
            country in better shape than before they took office? I didn’t think so , every country is in ruins.

      • You are another desperate Democrat loser. You people don’t know what honest is if you like crooked Hillary Get a life

      • Joe Limmer-Taylor: We all have things made by those in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. “Beyound is beyond” Yes, and my father spent 30 years in the US Armed forces and I have been to countries outside of the US. Guess what they say? They say, “Go home yankee”. We need to bring the corporations back to the United States of America and put our people back to work. C stands for “Classified”!! Not constipated!!!

      • Joe, you must be very young, because you are CLUELESS, we got to be into looking at experience here, and it doesn’t look like you’re there. Maybe one day you’ll grow up, and see how many people have DIED, behind the CLINTONS

  3. Trump is too close to nuclear war and SCOTUS He is BEYOUND DANGEROUS and is simulair to a certain perons in WW2 look at the footage of WW2 and you will see a dictator Very very scary.

    • Hillary is extremely careless as FBI mentioned once, to handle nuclear code on the contrary trump is very cautiouse secretive man .

  4. Really you need a AK-47 to shoot a deer? Really? wake up 2nd amendment was made for COMMON SENSE guns- get a grip NRA

    • Maybe, Maybe not…. some people just enjoy shooting as a hobby or a friendly competition… No for you to judge or take any of their rights away.

    • Von Embree
      I put my AK47 next to my front door with 400 rounds next to it, The paper person, mail, UPS, five neighbors, 20 relatives and even had my house broken into. That damn gun just sat there, didn’t load itself, shoot anyone and didn’t even move when I was being robbed. Get rid of the illegal criminals and Islamic terrorist imported b Hillary and Obama then you will save lives
      Gun control will not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All the polls are untrue. Smartmatic makes voting machines in many key states which trump needs to win. Look at who owns this smartmatic company that makes these machines. It’s hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter and donor! This is why she is so sure to win. The American ppl need to put a stop to this! This should be illegal! Make your voice heard ppl!

    • Wayne is correct, super bullfrog Soros bought up a ton of voting machines in key states. This is as corrupt as it gets here folks.

      • Notyoo, everyone I have spoken to and every sign that I have seen placed in yards in the state that I live in, everyone of them says Trump. Online, the news polls claim that Hillary Clinton is winning the state that I live in. This really makes one wonder what is going on. I have no clue if a voting machine can be rigged in different states, but there just might be a point to your comment and if the machines are rigged, it looks like the Federal government would seize all of the machines just like some states seize gambling machines. But, to my knowledge and you can correct me if I’m wrong, the states are in control of voting. So, if that is the case, maybe it is the states that are rigging the machines. LOL

  6. America needs to wake up and look at all the facts. Hillary has been caught up in so many lies, I don’t see how anyone can take her seriously. Trump had has is share of issues as well. How-ever I feel he is the better of the two. I feel that I’m not the only one who is tired of the status Que in Washington.

  7. Intuitively, you might think Hillary being 12 up is plausible, when you read their write up on Trump’s women and rigging issues but the State polls don’t really support such a big lead. Florida and NC is only at +3 Clinton and Trump is up in Ohio and Iowa. Even Penn and WI have shown some recent polls at Clinton +3 or +4. Not much different to when Clinton was leading by a fraction of 12. Then there is the IBD/TIPP showing Trump leading by 2. Normally you’d dismiss such a poll almost outright but it is the most accurate poll in the last 3 Presidential election, twice against the trend, like now. Surely, it’s run is over!

  8. What about the public position on policies to garnish votes and private position of policies to enrich herself and those who supported her?

  9. Dont believe MOST OF THE MSM-sponsored Polls! They are GARBAGE. Trying to influence undecideds through lemming psychology! Dems cannot attack Trump on any substantial issues, so they rely on decade-old sleaze soundbites! he crooked establishment is truly shaking in its boots behind closed doors, since they realize that their little game of deception is finally coming to an end! The Dems are Crooked and deceitful, just look how the DNC was exposed by wikileaks, DNC’s documented hiring of political agitators and thugs at Trump rallys, HRCs apparent medical issues released by the cell fone video which then compelled the Dems to disclose HRCs diagnosis of Pneumonia. How can any real american even consider voting for such a treacherous , deceitful liar? If you have kids and vote for Clinton, what kind of morals are you teaching them? If you are African American and plan on voting for Clinton, ask Haitians what they feel about Hillary and Bill Clinton and what they did to haiti after the 2010 earthquakes… Wake up, save your country, and vote TRUMP in November!

  10. Drive around your neighborhoods and look at the signs in the yards….I found that in 3 different states I’ve been in recently that there would be 10 Trump signs to 1 Reptillary sign. This whole thing is a media charade. No way she leads in anything but the lib polls. Wake up.

  11. ABC News leads HIllary, wow what a surprise, CNN and all these news networks . I hope the public will not take them seriously
    Such a shame these people are trying to manipulate the situation in favor of Clinton.

  12. anyone voting for hillary and expecting her to keep any of her promises during the debate better wise up and wise up fast

  13. Sorry Trump supporters–the IDB poll also proclaimed Ben Carson was surging and Donald Trump fading a year ago (October 4, 2015) during the Republican primary so don’t get your hopes up about its current “accuracy.”

  14. This is for mary. A Corrupt Clinton foundation, taking money from a country that miss treats women (12mil) among lying about e-mails when caught red handed. Getting at least one question that was going to be ask at a debate ahead of time by as inside source, why didn’t she step forth and advise she was given it??

  15. THIS Says It ALL
    ~ If you are Gay, WHY are you voting for Hillary/?
    When she wants to bring in thousands of refugees that believe all Gays should be executed?
    ~ If you are Black, WHY are you voting for Hillary?
    When she admires Margaret Sanger and defends Planned Parenthood who want to abort as many black babies as possible? Exterminate the black race because they are like “weeds”. (Margaret Sanger quote) Most of those clinics are in Black neighborhoods.
    ~ If you’re a Woman. HOW Can You Vote For Hillary?
    Hillary Clinton defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl. She tore the little girl apart on the stand, got the rapist off with a light sentence and later laughed about it with a reporter.
    She called her Husbands affairs “Bimbo Eruptions.”
    ~ If you are a Christian, WHY are you voting for Hillary Clinton? When she wrote her Senior thesis on Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Lucifer (the Devil)? She says he was, and still is her mentor.
    ~ If you are a Veteran, in the Military, or closely related to a Military member, WHY are you voting for Hillary?
    When she left those men to die in Benghazi and had the nerve to lie about it over and over again? They called for help but the help was told to stand down.
    ~ If you have a Factory Job, WHY are you voting for Hillary?
    When she supported TPP? Factory workers are being laid off because jobs are going over seas. Don’t forget the deals she’s made with china. She also welcomes open borders and illegals to get benefits to be paid with Your tax money.
    ~ If you are Poor, WHY are you voting for Hillary?
    When she is supporting Wall street and all the big banks? Big banks keep poor people poor by destroying the poor man’s credit by allowing medical bills and collections to affect your credit scores so you can pay higher interest rates than the rich; Taking much of the little money you earn.
    ~ If you carry a Gun, or Believe in the Constitution, HOW Can You vote for Hillary?
    When she wants to eliminate the NRA, Take your guns, and abolish the second Amendment?
    ~ If You Breathe, WHY would you vote for Hillary?
    When she and the Clinton Crime Family have left a trail of dead people that did not agree with her, or they knew too much?
    Who Is Left To Vote?

  16. At least Hillary Clinton isn’t a whiner like Trump. Clinton did things for this country, her foundation help a lot of people, she is compassionate towards humanity, she has better plan on the economy, she not a dictator, and she has experience. She has make mistakes with emails, but never compromised the country, she make money on her speeches which probably were very educational, and make a lot of money, but she gives a lot too! When her husband was president, we had peace, the economy was good, and they fought for humans rights. What is with you people. You rather have the whiner Trump, that doesn’t pay his workers, doesn’t pay his taxes, think he can touch woman when he wants because he is famous. He not going to do anything for this country, he in it to win it for HIMSELF. He doesn’t give a shit about us, he wants to be famous….. Well not on my time thank you! Get a grip people, if Trump wins, we are in trouble.

    • SO the Clintons is fine with you,,,,,and all the ways they have helped Americans,be homeless with no health insurance,the small people out here gets paid nothing while they make over 200,000 while you can hardly make it. it don’t sound right to me some one w would get praise where they do not deserve it. , and it is ok if your daughter was an intern at the white house Bill promises her everything to get laid your ok with that. Talk about men lying Bill tops the cake.

  17. Hillary’s responses are “I can’t remember” “I don’t recall” “That isn’t my job” “Not that I know of” “That wasn’t my responsibility” So, what skill and experience is she actually bringing as a President?