Janet Reno Cause of Death: How Did the Former Attorney General Die?

janet reno death

How did Janet Reno die? (Getty)

Janet Reno, the first woman to serve as Attorney General, has died at the age of 78. Why did she die?

Her cause of death was from complications due to Parkinson’s disease, ABC News reported. She died on Monday, her goddaughter, Gabrielle D’Alemberte announced. She spent her last days at home with family and friends.

Reno was only 57 when she was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in November 1995, Neurology Now reported. She noticed a tremor in her hand during her morning walks around the Capitol. The tremor slowly got worse and a doctor diagnosed her with Parkinson’s. In 2006, she said her symptoms were still mostly confined to her left hand, but her hand would shake violently at times. She was always very open about Parkinson’s and willing to talk to others about it, announcing her diagnosis to the public shortly after she received it. You can watch part of the press conference where she announced her diagnosis here.

Reno served as Attorney General from March 11, 1993 to January 20, 2001. She was appointed by Bill Clinton when she was 54. She was the second longest-serving Attorney General in history.

Janet Reno was also at the center of many national political issues during the Clinton administration. She was Attorney General during the Branch Davidian raid in Waco, Texas. She was also Attorney General when the Unabomber was caught and convicted, and when Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were caught and convicted. She was also part of the leak about Richard Jewel after the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, and later apologized for what happened. She also figured into Whitewater, Filegate, Monica Lewinsky, and other cases that caught national attention.

After she resigned as Attorney General, she ran for governor of Florida in 2002, but lost in the Democratic primary.


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George Ortega

Having just read that our first woman Attorney General, Janet Reno died. I immediately remembered a truly insensitive joke John McCain made about her and 18 year old Chelsea Clinton at the 1998 Republican Convention:

“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno.”

McCain was 62 back then, and has since apologized, but it would be so fitting for Reno’s passing to remind Arizona voters of the man he was, and very likely still is, and to defeat his Senate bid as a long overdue, but fitting, retribution for the kind of Republican crassness that paved the way for Trump to perhaps lower the bar on decency even more with his mocking a disabled reporter.

It would be such a powerful way to honor Janet Reno’s life, and so poetically just, for John McCain to lose his Senate race tomorrow as divine retribution for that deeply offensive Janet Reno/Chelsea Clinton joke.

Jerilyn Hicks

Shalom RAV! What I’ve read i n medical research and medical facilities online say that they die with Parkinson’s , not from Parkinson’s. Very advanced cases where they can’t swallow well because the muscles in the throat and esophagus don’t work right, makes those ones swallow and push the liquid food into their lungs. this is called aspirated pneumonia and they die from that. My hubby became paralyed with Melanoma tumors in the brain and he didn’t want any li quids and food anymore from me. It was going into his lungs. He lasted only until that night at 10:29PM. Those with Parkinson’s die 44.6 percent with pneumonia.

I’m sorry to see her pass. Although I am a Constitutional Bible Conservative, I liked Janet Reno. Tom was native TExan and a weather scientist so we were in Texas for 33 years. We were in Dallas during her time as Federal Atty. General and I well rememb er Waco. This I know: Janet Reno wanted to go in right away. It was BILL CLINTON who told her to wait and wait and wait. The waiting caused a FIASCO! She took the blame when she was following ORDERS. Janet Reno and he did not get along well although he kept her for both tenures. She was very strong and independent minded and didn’t mind not going political with the law as we see it being done now in our day today. She was a TRUE Constitutionalist even though she was a democrat. That was the problem between her and Bill Clinton and other democrats in Washington, D.C. You have to give her credit for trying to do the right thing and always abiding by the law. She commanded 2 independent counsels even against Bill Clinton and she was actually a very strong and independent minded woman who stood at 6 feet 1 inches with no shoes! She always wanted to do what was right and rarely gave in to Bill Clinton or any body else. You have to admire her for that! I’m truly sorry she’s departed earth and left us. I pray she k new Yeshua as Messiah . I’d like to see her again in heaven.

Remember, no one expects to die not even at 78. Many have long lifetimes in their families; yet, when God says it’s up, no miracle will be provided unless HE gives mercy and extends it as He did for my hubby from 1995 to 2013 .. normal and no melanoma. Suddenly it pops us, masticizes, the dermatologist missed it completely for months, and goes into the Arms of our Lord Yeshua our God in 9 weeks! So live and give to o thers no matter what your plight is on earth. It’s but a shadow and a fleeting moment compared to the length of Forever in Eternity Heaven or Eternity Hell. Janet Reno knew that. She lived her life to the fullest and she went after her dreams. She los t some, but in the end, she gained it all and became the first woman to ever hold the Attorney General slot . She wanted OBJECTIVE and IM PARTIAL EQUAL JUSTICE, not social justice. She went by the law and our Constitution. Unlike today.

Laurie O

Janet Reno was a staunch life-time advocate for families, children, and education. She was principled and reliable, both qualities sorely lacking in society today. I had the privilege of meeting her many years ago and thanking her personally for her service to our community. For that I also remain grateful. Thankfully, she is free of the pain she must have suffered dealing with Parkinson’s disease. My sincere condolences to her family for their loss. Dear Ms. Reno, may you sore with the angels.

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