WATCH: Witness Says Cops Targeted Sophia Wilansky Before Blowing Up Her Arm

Protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, along with people from around the world are outraged that Sophia Wilansky‘s arm was blown up November 20 during a confrontation with police.

Adding fuel to the fire, one witness, in the video above, blames the police and believes Wilansky was actually targeted by authorities.

Wayne Wilansky, the 21-one-year-old woman’s father, said his daughter was wounded in a concussion grenade blast that “blew the bone out of her arm.”

“On November 21st as a direct result of the violent police response at Standing Rock towards unarmed people opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline, a 21 year old woman from New York City, Sophia Wilansky, was severely injured when a concussion grenade thrown by police hit her left arm and exploded,” a statement from The Standing Rock Medic & Healing Council stated. “Sophia was heading to bring water to the unarmed people who were being attacked for several hours by Morton County Sheriff forces. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department has stated that she was injured by a purported propane explosion that the Sheriff’s Department claimed the unarmed people created. These statements are refuted by Sophia’s testimony, by several eye-witnesses who watched police intentionally throw concussion grenades at unarmed people, by the lack of charring of flesh at the wound site and by the grenade pieces that have been removed from her arm in surgery and will be saved for legal proceedings.”

You can see photos of Wilansky’s injuries below. Please note that they are graphic in nature:

PHOTOS: Grenade Blasts Woman’s Arm at Dakota Access Pipeline [GRAPHIC]

A woman may lose her arm after a concussion grenade apparently went off in a violent response to protests at the North Dakota Access Pipeline. See photos of the woman, other injuries and scene here.

Click here to read more

Many are worried that this same kind of carnage will happen again December 5. On Friday, the Army Corps of Engineers sent a letter to Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II notifying the Tribe that they plan on closing lands north of Cannonball River, which is where the Oceti Sakowin camp is located, on December 5.

Protesters said they will not leave, and are worried that ambulances will not be able to get through to aid those who will undoubtedly need emergency services. The length of time it took for an ambulance to get to Wilansky was said to be between two and eight hours.

In response to the Army Corp’s announcement, Greenpeace spokesperson Lilian Molina issued the following statement:

It is 2016, Thanksgiving weekend, and the Army Corps has decided to force the Standing Rock Sioux off of its own sacred land. This is an astounding and shameful move by the United States government. The United States has ignored Indigenous sovereignty for far too long, and Standing Rock is an opportunity for President Obama to do right for the Indigenous community and for the climate.

If President Obama and the Army Corps truly want to ensure the safety of the water protectors, they will deny the easement for the Lake Oahe crossing and rescind all permits for the pipeline immediately. Fundamentally, this is about standing with an Indigenous community fighting for its own survival by protecting sacred land, water, and climate, or siding with a greedy fossil fuel company looking to destroy all of those things.

The chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Harold Frazier, issued a response to the Army Corp’s letter of intent, and you can read it below:

WATCH: Thanksgiving at Standing Rock-North Dakota Access Pipeline

Protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline have messages to share this Thanksgiving Day. You can watch them here.

Click here to read more

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  1. Frazier is Cheyenne River Sioux Chair (not Standing Rock), to correct your error. He wrote the letter attached.
    Standing Rock Sioux Chair is David Archambault. It’s embarrassing you got this wrong considering how often he has spoken out.

    Cheyenne River is adjacent to Standing Rock.

  2. You people are funny. If that had been a concussion grenade Sophia and anyone nearby would have been scattered all over North Dakota.

  3. It’s very sad to see a young person potentially losing an arm. I hope she recovers fully. Had Sophia actually been hit with a concussion grenade, she would not be here today.

  4. first police officers do not use concussion grenades. The closest thing they have is called a flashbang. Which isn’t even close to a concussion grenade. they are used in crowded situations because of their unlikeliness of causing injury. The likelihood is she was injured trying to light a propane tank to throw at police officers.

      • There’s Absolutely zero chance a flashbang would do that kind of trauma. And law enforcement do not carry the kind of weapons that would. Even most line units in the Army don’t carry concussion grenades

    • Fred, Yuletide, Knucky – So then very possibly it was a flash bang grenade thrown by the police. Just because someone wrongly called it a concussion grenade would not make the police any less guilty. All of you low life despicable human beings trying to always make excuses for police is sickening.

  5. Mk3A2 concussion grenades (also known as demolition grenades) contain a half-pound of TNT. They cannot be acquired by law enforcement in the United States, being military-only. Even there they are vary rarely used, and not issued to even combat engineers in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know, because I checked with several. If a concussion grenade blew up on Sophia Wilansky’s arm, both she and the two men she was with would have been converted from living human beings to a pink spray (with a few chunks) in less than a tenth of a second.

    Put bluntly, claims that she was injured by a police concussion grenade are an abject lie.

    What ATF agents did recover from the scene of the explosion were the remains of what appear to be a partially-detonated propane-based IED that was to presumably be used to commit the mass murder of law enforcement officers. Multiple 1-pound propane tanks in various states were recovered. One that exhibited blast damage (but not cylinder penetration) appears to have been covered with a considerable among of human tissue and blood, far more than what is needed to make a DNA match.

    When Wilansky was at the hospital, FBI agents assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force confiscated all of Wilansky’s clothes, and the shrapnel recovered from her body. They would not be there if she was wounded by police issue less-lethal devices, such as flash-bangs, sponge rounds, or CS gas, none of which could cause the kind and level of injury she sustained.

    Don’t be surprised, folks, if Ms. Wilansky and the two men who were with her, plus possible other accomplices are arrested and charged as domestic terrorists.

    They’re far from innocents.

    Also, the writer needs to do some basic research: the pipeline is not on Sioux land. It never was.

    • Protesters have been caught lying repeatedly. Nobody cares what their story is after they’ve blown their credibility with lies a hundred times. Let’s see what the evidence shows.

        • The protesters have had no shortage of lies coming from the camp. Several times they have used images from other events as their own to mislead folks on how large the camp is, or by showing pictures of injuries that did not belong to any of the protesters. You can google images with ease these days, their PR was pretty bad. Now you have this girl who is a professional protester who is hospitalized as well as being detained while they investigate what happened. Keeping in mind, they already have propane cylinder evidence with some kind of DNA apparently on it, as well as retrieving her clothing she wore that day that her dad had taken to his own hotel room before turning it over..

        • I get this bullshit from a working knowledge of grenades themselves, the type of trauma caused by different mechanisms of injury, and the equipment regularly carried by law enforcement at different levels. These people are terrorists, plain and simple. The ones that aren’t, are fools who have been misled to believe they are peacefully protesting. Also, you are a fool. You may be Anon, but the multiple posts from roughly the same time that read nothing more than “bullshit”, “thats bullshit”, and “where do you get this bullshit from”, indicate a single person. (With a lack of intelligence)
          Come up with a legitimate argument instead of just saying “no” and “bullshit”.

          • A propane BLEVE does not cause pinpoint impact damage with zero burns to other parts of a victim or anyone else present. Talk about unrelated grenade weapons all you want. It is obvious distraction. Spraying protesters with water in sub freezing temps is resorting to proven historical Auschwitz NAZI tactics.

            • You’re correct. But these are not just propane bottles. They were turning them into IED’s. Don’t ask me how, because I’m hot a terrorist. Now about the water…Auschwitz NAZI! Really!!! LOLOL. You mean where mostly Hews were held AGAINST THEIR WILL? If you don’t want to get sprayed when it’s cold, get off private property and stop blocking the roads. Very simple. Don’t break law don’t get wet.

  6. This is the 4th DIFFERENT account I’ve heard from the protesters, and it also differs from what Sophia said. You need to get your stories straight so you can come up with one lie and stick to it. If you stay off the bridge and private property things would be peaceful. Law enforcement is no where near the camp. The protesters are on roadways or private land when all the confrontations are taking place. Stay in the camp and have your peaceful protest. Or attack law enforcement and expect them to hold their ground.