Brittany Herring (Covington) Crying Mugshot: It’s the Wrong Person

That crying mugshot so many people are sharing on social media in outrage over the Chicago torture/kidnap video? See above.

It’s not one of the suspects. The woman in it isn’t even from Chicago.

The graphic Facebook Live video has understandably horrified people all over the world, going viral. But it’s also an Internet cautionary tale because so many people are misidentifying another person as the suspect and subjecting her to vitriolic commentary besides. Herring (Covington), her sister, and two other teenagers were charged with hate crimes and other serious offenses January 5.

This is the real Brittany Herring below (who sometimes goes by Brittany Covington):

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Brittany Herring. (Facebook)

You can see the actual mugshots of Covington and the three others charged in the case below:

tanishia covington, brittany covington, tesfaye cooper, jordan hill

Clockwise from top left: Brittany Covington, Tanishia Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill. (Chicago Police)

Brittany Herring (Covington) is the teenager who streamed the primary Facebook live video on her page that shows a group of black teenagers attacking and harassing a white special needs man. Herring laughs during the video as other suspects say such things as “F-ck Donald Trump. F-ck white people, boy.” He is seen being kicked and punched.

They cut off pieces of the victim’s hair and order him to stand up, while the woman streaming the video calls him a “b-tch as- white thug.” At one point, she says that her little sister “said it’s not funny,” but she added, “This sh-t is hilarious.” In a second video, the suspects force the victim to drink from a toilet and to say “f-ck Donald Trump.” Four suspects are now under arrest, although they have not yet been identified by police, who are investigating hate crime charges.

The videos are obviously horrific. However, the crying mugshot is actually a different person named Brittany Shalynn Davis.

Here’s the proof it’s not Herring: A 2015 news article on ABC13 that contains the crying mugshot and says it’s Davis.

That story says that Davis, of Houston, Texas, was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. She was accused of luring a man using the popular online dating site “Plenty o’ Fish.” After they met, said the television station, she “stepped away” and the victim alleged two men tried to rob him and then shot him. Here is another old story on KPRC-TV in Houston that also says the mugshot is Davis.

brittany herring, brittany herring chicago, brittany herring facebook, brittany herring video

Brittany Herring. (Facebook)

The only thing she shares with Herring? The first name Brittany, and, at the time of the arrest in 2015, Davis was also 18.

Pretty horrible story, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the horrors in Chicago. We’ve seen this sort of social media false identification before in tragedies of national interest, such as when web sleuths falsely identified people in photos as being the Boston Marathon bomber.

In another example of Internet error, people are criticizing the system for releasing Herring on bail – but that was for an earlier case in October, not this one.

The Davis photo ricocheted all over social media. It was hard not to come across it. A couple examples:

On Facebook, if you search the term Brittany Herring, many people are posting the crying mugshot with extremely incendiary remarks. Some are also demanding that Herring receive life in prison – or worse.

You can watch the Chicago videos here. Warning: They are very graphic:

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  1. It’s only a hate crime if the victim is a minority. Or at least that’s how it works in looney liberal land

    Leftism is the biggest threat to the American way of life. They hate whites, the Constitution, and free market capitalism. They have destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and the opening of our border. Obamacare is a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to 575 per month. Compare this to my $25 per month car insurance from Insurance Panda or my 10/month renters insurance – both private enterprise! Keep your hands off us!

    CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, the NYT, the Washington Post, Hillary, Obama, Sanders, The view, etc… they spent months telling everyone that Trump was a racist. You won’t hear them say a word about this crime. This is on them.

    • They involved Politics and published to Media to scare People that Voted Trump there Terrorists. Charge them accordingly!

    • Don’t worry, not all Liberals/Leftists are like this, but unfortunately, they’re drowned out by the ones that are like the way you described them. I mean, I don’t like Trump, but he won fair and square and the news should get over it and post something more recent than an election outcome a month ago.

    • “It’s only a hate crime if the victim is a minority.” Disabled persons are a minority. And you’d better believe white people have become a minority, too. We are a minority in California. Just a matter of time before it hits the rest of the country.

  2. I have to admit the way the media patronizes us black people is humiliating. This clearly is a hate crime by mean evil blacks. Seeing the media play it off insults black people so much. I can admit when there are evil blacks , just like evil whites etc. I hope these trash bag humans go to jail and recieve the same punishment back. I for one must stop watching MSM for its trying to treat us blacks as morons.

  3. It is a good thing that the media and cultural rot have taught me that only whites can be racist.
    Blacks are always and only noble, oppressed, honorable, kind, wise and wonderful. . ..blacks never enslaved other Africans, Europeans and peoples from the Middle East. . .nope, never happened.

    Only whites are capable of racist behavior. . . the media has proclaimed this to be so.

    Whew. . .for a minute there. . .

  4. A mistake is an unintentional error. Acting stupidly is to make a mistake due to carelessness. What happened here was neither. What they did was deliberate evil!

    • Keep crying now bitch. I hope they give it to you good in prison bitch. Too bad obama can’t pardon your sorry ass!

  5. Something is odd about this whole incident. I think this is orchestrated to let people be distracted by Russia infiltrating USA. Face value this crime is geared towards racist and hate crime based upon race and mental disabilities. But I think all those involved was paid to conduct this crime by the CPD, FBI, and CIA. Why if I’m being attacked I would be crying screaming and flinching to pieces. People please use deductive reasoning how the media and CIA want you to think and feel about scenarios. #fakenews #somethingdontsoundright #dudenotcryingyetinjured

    • I agree with u. Black ppl are good ppl. But this takes a special kind of stupid. Btw I am white. I like black ppl. Not gangsters like these. Idk if that’s racism? But this vid is another reason why I do not.

  6. Somethings not right about this. I see this is being put out worldwide. But not to long ago white men did the exact same thing to a black kid and got off, and it never made headline news but here its a white kid so we know how this is going to go down.

  7. it doesn’t matter what race you are, no normal sane person or people act like this. people may not like the color or race of a person, they still don’t act like they are insane

  8. Mob mentality
    Same thing that happened in malls across America the day after Christmas with black youths fighting
    These animals went after the neighbors and probably would have continued rampaging

  9. As bad as the actions of these thugs were, at least the life of the victim was spared. Perhaps they intended to kill him eventually but at least it didn’t get that far.

  10. I see a good many posts from black people who are, quite understandably, upset that this may cause people to think all African Americans are like this. From this white guy, this isn’t the case. We are all different (skin color, eye color, hair, intelligence, creativity, and the list goes on.) but not one single person chose to be one way or another. These four individuals are thugs and deserve what they get but that doesn’t imply that all blacks are this way. Most people judge others by their character.

  11. Don’t trial off of emotion but according to the Law. I am sure this is a precedence for other races to also be trialed under.

  12. “Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to earn his friendship and understanding. We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience. And that will be the day not of the white man, not of the black man. That will be the day of man as man.”
    -Martin Luther King Jr. from the speech “How Long, Not Long”

  13. Bottom right in the four pictures (Tesfaye Cooper?)… That face just shows pure evil. No remorse, baring his teeth like a wild dog ready to rip someone to shreds, almost completely emotionless with just a hint of a smile and a look in his eyes that emanates pride mixed with anger. You can read his face so easily in that picture. You can see that he’s thinking “I don’t care if I go to jail, this was worth it, I’ll be taken care of in jail anyway, and if I call racism I’ll get out early.” Evil man. The other lad looks high and also emotionless.The girl in the top left disgusts me almost as much as the bottom right lad because you know she thinks she will get off lightly and just looks like she’s bored and is thinking “when will this be over so I can go back to bed?” Only one I think shows some sort of remorse is top left girl. She looks emotionless in the picture but there’s something about her that tells me she is sorry for what she did and wishes it never happened to the young man. She is most likely to apologise.