Sasha Obama: Where Was She During President Obama’s Farewell Address?

Sasha Obama, Barack Obama daughter, Sasha Obama Farewell Address

Sasha Obama (center) helps light the White House Christmas tree with her parents, Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama. (Getty)

Sasha Obama, the younger of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama‘s two daughters, was noticeably absent in Chicago during her father’s farewell address on January 10. Many took to Twitter to wonder where Sasha, who is still in high school, could be. A White House official confirmed to CBS News that she has an exam on Wednesday.

Michelle Obama also confirmed this while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “She had a final,” she told Fallon. “And it’s like, ‘You know the Obamas, girl. Sorry! You have to take your test. You can say goodbye later.'”

The 15-year-old Sasha attends Sidwell Friends in Washington D.C. and the school is in session. CBS News also reports that Sasha did not travel to Chicago. On January 5, NBC News pointed out that she is still in school.

Broderick Greer suggested on Twitter that Sasha had a report due Wednesday. He later stressed that his comment was a joke.

The hashtag #WhereIsSasha began trending on the social media site.

Some thought she might be the “designated survivor.”

Maybe she had something else to do?

One person joked about Sasha having to work.

Actor Zach Braff tweeted this joke:

Here’s another joke:

Back in March 2016, The Washington Post confirmed that the Obama family plans on staying in Washington, D.C. after January 20 – the day Donald Trump is inaugurated – because Sasha is still in school.

During an event in Milwaukee at the time, Obama said that they hadn’t made concrete post-White House plans, but hinted that they would stay in the nation’s capital for Sasha’s benefit. “We’re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish” school, Obama said in March. “Transferring someone in the middle of high school — tough.”

In May 2016, Politico reported that the Obamas will lease a mansion in the Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama. The mansion is owned by NFL executive Joe Lockhart and Giovanna Gray and was last listed on Zillow in May 2014 for $5.3 million.

Obama’s older daughter, Malia, graduated from high school in May. Malia, who was with her parents in Chicago, is planning on going to Harvard after a year off from school.

Malia Obama Graduates High School: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Malia Obama, who the country has seen grow up from teen to young woman, is graduating high school today. She has her future all planned.

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  1. Really? So she misses her fathers farewell address as president of the US because she has a paper due. Maybe there is some substance to the pregnancy rumors!

    • You can tell by some of these posts. It’s got to hurt pretty bad to see a African American become President when you’re white, poor and ignorant. Knowing nobody in their entire bloodline will never amount to much. EVER! WAIT! This is YOUR country. Hahaha. Haters will hate

      • Ride your little pony the horse is too big for you…….And btw Obama is half white smart one so that makes him maybe the first half breed president 😝 Lmao

        • sorry but he is black. Pretty sure you have mixed heritage as we all do….is it mandatory for any of us besides Obama to walk around naming each aspect of our make up? Hell No!! He’s black… get over it.

  2. Are you kidding me? I had more respect for you until you posted this. You really think the daughter of the president of the free world would not be excused to attend a historic event?

    • Yes of course all Muslims are excused for their actions. That’s why they came out with resolution 569 so they would have special rights over all religions. And Obama tried to make it a lot less free of a country. To tell you the truth he did a damn good job of doing it.
      And soon he will be gone . And the world will be a better place. 8 long horrible , terrible years of democratic rule.
      Endless amount of constitutional rights violations and it out by the Obama Administration.
      This country couldn’t handle four more years of that BS.
      If white people are minority now. And Hispanics are the majority.

      How did Trump win ?

      He won ! Because Hispanics ! Chinese ! blacks ! Indonesians ! Muslims ! Guatemalans ! Cubans ! white ! Colombians ! Christian, Jews ,Catholics votied the scumbag democratics out of office ,
      We were all tired of their foot in a backs. Good riddance and bye !! bye !!!

  3. Well, Jodi when you & your family lives in the White House for eight years, you can allow your daughter to skip/ miss school.,But, why would you have anything nice to say about our first family, you haven’t in the last eight s why start now.

  4. She is high on dope. She is not pregnant whatever it is Obama is just like all the rest messed up family and he messed up the world.

  5. Canadian friends just called and laughing said , ” can you imagine Trump giving such an intelligent speech ?”
    I told them simply, “no “

  6. Tough, yes, tell that to the millions who move each year to find JOBS so that they CAN go to school. I am the only one of the nine siblings that went through all 12 years of school in one school system!

  7. WOW! Can someone explain to me why Michele Obamas waist starts so high up on here body. Her waist starts right after her armpits. Man that Michele Obama is one deformed looking bitch.

  8. Maybe she is just a teenager who hopes to be out of the limelight and feel a little normal. With comments like these the poor girl needs some privacy. BTw, I voted Trump but leave kids out of it. We have childish adults to take up the slak.