WATCH: Elderly Man Shot & Killed in Cleveland on Facebook Video [GRAPHIC]

Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

Cleveland Police have confirmed that a video posted to Facebook showing an elderly man being shot is legitimate. The video was posted Sunday by a Facebook user going by the name “Stevie Steve,” who has been identified by police as Steve Stephens. Read more about Stephens here.

Stephens was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Tuesday after a brief pursuit with police in Erie County, Pennsylvania, authorities say.

You can watch the video below (warning: very graphic):

Stephens’ Facebook page has since been taken down. You can watch other videos in which he talks about his reasons for the killing here.

In the shocking video, which was recorded and then uploaded to the page, not streamed live, Stephens can be seen driving down the road and he says, “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude,” before exiting his vehicle. He walks up to the man and begins talking to him, asking how old he is before pulling out a gun.

The man tries to shield himself before Stephens fires once, hitting the man in the head.

The video shows the man on the ground, bleeding as Stephens walks back to his car and drives off.

The shooting happened at 635 East 93rd Street, police said. The victim has been identified as Robert Godwin Sr., 74.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family of the victim, Robert Godwin. The crowdfund website says it has confirmed the funds will be given to the family.

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Steve Stephens, 37, fatally shot himself in Erie, Pennsylvania, state police said on Twitter.

His death comes nearly two days after the Cleveland shooting that shocked the nation.
The search has extended to neighboring states, with police broadcasts about Stephens being put out to officers in Pennsylvania and New York.

“We have closure in regards to the search for Steve Stephens,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said at a press conference. “This particular incident received a lot of attention and rightfully so, because it was a loss of an innocent victim. We however have many, many homicides, not only in Cleveland, but throughout this nation.

“Ultimately, what I believe one of the things that this has taught us is that we cannot resolve this underlining issue of violence, particularly gun violence, if we do not function and operate and have the same compassion and commitment that we have shown here,” Jackson said.

Robert Godwin GoFundMe Account Will Support His Family

GoFundMe says it will make sure that over $20,000 raised for the family of Robert Godwin, the man whose murder was posted on Facebook, will go directly to his family.

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Family members spoke about the victim, identified by police as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.:

“He’s good guy. He’d give you the shirt off his back,” a family member told reporters. “This man right here was a good man. I hate he’s gone. It’s not real.”

Police said Godwin was picked at random.

In another Facebook post, Stephens said he has killed 15 people. He had been posting on Facebook for at least four hours before his page was taken down.

His first post called the shootings an “Easter day slaughter.” In that post, he claimed to have killed 12 people, and said he “won’t stop” until his mother and another woman call him.

“I’m the #goodguy,” he wrote.

In later posts, he claimed to have killed three more people. He wrote that many of the bodies were in an abandoned house.

Cleveland Police said in a press release that only one homicide has been confirmed. They searched locations mentioned by Stephens in his videos, but found no other victims.

“This shit is real,” Stephens wrote on Facebook.

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Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

On Facebook, Stephens blamed the shootings on a woman, who appears to have been his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

He wrote, “three years I spent with this bitch … I wish we never met.”

In the video showing him shooting an elderly man, he asks him to say his ex-girlfriend’s name before shooting him.

“She’s the reason this is about to happen to you,” he says.

You can donate to a GoFundMe account set up to help Godwin’s family here. GoFundMe has said the funds will benefit the victim’s family.

You can read more about Steve Stephens and follow developments at the link below:

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Joy Lane, Steve Stephens' girlfriend, has told the news media he is a nice guy but she is sorry for his actions. Learn more about Lane and see a photo.

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Read more about Steve Stephens in Spanish at

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  1. I think that one important information in this article that the majority of us who are commenting seems to forget is : the victim was chosen RANDOMLY. So It could have been anyone else, any other black, white asian, latino…male or female or whatsoever. So althouth the comment of ‘LetsBeReal’ is factual, interesting, for this specific case is totally irrelevant.
    Irrelevant because your statistics do not apply to this particular situation, irrelevant because New York City statistics are not representative for U.S.A crime rates nor for Cleveland .
    The statistics (althought rather correct) you have provided do not respond to, what is the probability to be shot dead, whilst the perpretrator is of the same race as the victim?

    And bis repetita, it is not about a black person killing another black person. Is about a dead sick fool guy killing a totally innocent person. So this should definitively lead us to question the gun permit issue at least, rather than focusing on the potential likelihood to get gun killed by a black person.

    • I didn’t say the case of poor Mr. Godwin was due to black-on-black crime, or specifically symptomatic of it. Indeed, I don’t see anybody saying that. Specific to that one case, it was because the killer was a weak-minded fool. The discussion of race, risk to and from different races, etc., arose many hundreds of posts before you got here, A. Berger. It is a different and separate thing. I do appreciate you saying that those statistics are “rather correct,” though. ; )

      At least one person posited that in the U.S., serial killers more tend to be white than black. While the most prominent white serial killers have the most name recognition and the most total kills, blacks, per capita, are more often serial killers than whites in the U.S. My comments were straightforward, correct, and pertinent to the discussion. Again, nobody is really arguing about the Godwin case – at least now that clowns quit coming on and saying it was a hoax.

      The New York City statistics do stand out, somewhat, i.e. they are more extreme than for the nation as a whole. The same is quite true for cities as a whole versus urban areas. Nevertheless, it is a good illustration of how prevalent black-on-black crime can be. There is a terrible tendency to downplay that fact, especially in the realm of the crooks running “Black Lives Matter,” i.e. in their attempt to keep the big money coming in, the money that lets them live like royalty, they are focusing on a relatively tiny amount of killings, those by police, and of that number a great many are justified – few if any people would argue about most of the cases. In the end it’s really just a handful in a given year.

      Contrast that with the odds of being killed by other non-government people. Or those of one’s own race, if you will. You mentioned “what is the probability to be shot dead, whilst the perpretrator is of the same race as the victim?” I did not claim to answer that in my previous posts. However, you can find a pretty good analysis by Parsonager on April 18, 2017 at 7:37 pm and April 18, 2017 at 9:13 pm. Looks like white-on-white killing is roughly 2500 per year, while for black-on-black it’s roughly 6000. Google tells me that whites are 63% of the U.S. population, while blacks are 12.3%. There you go – run the numbers and we see that for the population of the U.S. as a whole, if a white has “1” unit of risk to be killed by another white, then a black has 12.29 times as much risk of being killed by another black.