WATCH: Elderly Man Shot & Killed in Cleveland on Facebook Video [GRAPHIC]

Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

Cleveland Police have confirmed that a video posted to Facebook showing an elderly man being shot is legitimate. The video was posted Sunday by a Facebook user going by the name “Stevie Steve,” who has been identified by police as Steve Stephens. Read more about Stephens here.

Stephens was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Tuesday after a brief pursuit with police in Erie County, Pennsylvania, authorities say.

You can watch the video below (warning: very graphic):

Stephens’ Facebook page has since been taken down. You can watch other videos in which he talks about his reasons for the killing here.

In the shocking video, which was recorded and then uploaded to the page, not streamed live, Stephens can be seen driving down the road and he says, “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude,” before exiting his vehicle. He walks up to the man and begins talking to him, asking how old he is before pulling out a gun.

The man tries to shield himself before Stephens fires once, hitting the man in the head.

The video shows the man on the ground, bleeding as Stephens walks back to his car and drives off.

The shooting happened at 635 East 93rd Street, police said. The victim has been identified as Robert Godwin Sr., 74.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family of the victim, Robert Godwin. The crowdfund website says it has confirmed the funds will be given to the family.

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Steve Stephens, 37, fatally shot himself in Erie, Pennsylvania, state police said on Twitter.

His death comes nearly two days after the Cleveland shooting that shocked the nation.
The search has extended to neighboring states, with police broadcasts about Stephens being put out to officers in Pennsylvania and New York.

“We have closure in regards to the search for Steve Stephens,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said at a press conference. “This particular incident received a lot of attention and rightfully so, because it was a loss of an innocent victim. We however have many, many homicides, not only in Cleveland, but throughout this nation.

“Ultimately, what I believe one of the things that this has taught us is that we cannot resolve this underlining issue of violence, particularly gun violence, if we do not function and operate and have the same compassion and commitment that we have shown here,” Jackson said.

Robert Godwin GoFundMe Account Will Support His Family

GoFundMe says it will make sure that over $20,000 raised for the family of Robert Godwin, the man whose murder was posted on Facebook, will go directly to his family.

Click here to read more

Family members spoke about the victim, identified by police as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.:

“He’s good guy. He’d give you the shirt off his back,” a family member told reporters. “This man right here was a good man. I hate he’s gone. It’s not real.”

Police said Godwin was picked at random.

In another Facebook post, Stephens said he has killed 15 people. He had been posting on Facebook for at least four hours before his page was taken down.

His first post called the shootings an “Easter day slaughter.” In that post, he claimed to have killed 12 people, and said he “won’t stop” until his mother and another woman call him.

“I’m the #goodguy,” he wrote.

In later posts, he claimed to have killed three more people. He wrote that many of the bodies were in an abandoned house.

Cleveland Police said in a press release that only one homicide has been confirmed. They searched locations mentioned by Stephens in his videos, but found no other victims.

“This shit is real,” Stephens wrote on Facebook.

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Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

On Facebook, Stephens blamed the shootings on a woman, who appears to have been his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

He wrote, “three years I spent with this bitch … I wish we never met.”

In the video showing him shooting an elderly man, he asks him to say his ex-girlfriend’s name before shooting him.

“She’s the reason this is about to happen to you,” he says.

You can donate to a GoFundMe account set up to help Godwin’s family here. GoFundMe has said the funds will benefit the victim’s family.

You can read more about Steve Stephens and follow developments at the link below:

Steve ‘Stevie Steve’ Stephens: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steve "Stevie Steve" Stephens is accused of fatally shooting a man on Facebook, Cleveland Police say, while claiming to have killed others in an "Easter Day Slaughter."

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Joy Lane, Steve Stephens’ Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joy Lane, Steve Stephens' girlfriend, has told the news media he is a nice guy but she is sorry for his actions. Learn more about Lane and see a photo.

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Read more about Steve Stephens in Spanish at

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  1. It’s not “20 to 1” white sociopathic murderers. In the U.S., whites comprise 51.7% of serial killers, while blacks account for 39.8%. That’s for 1900 – 2010. Blacks = 39.8% while making up about 12% of the population. You can draw your own conclusions there. Blacks were 11.6% of the population in 1900, and 12.3% in 2010. Yes, Manson and Ted Bundy have a lot of fame, and Bundy, Gacy and the ‘Green River Killer’ have the most victims, but once a serial killer, always a serial killer. Muhammad and Malvo, the two black guys behind the ‘Beltway Sniper’ deal, killed 10, wounded 3, and doubtless would have continued had they not been stopped, for example. Black serial killers evidently are not as skilled at remaining at large – be thankful for small miracles.

    The above is far from the whole story, however. By far – we’re not talking about serial killers when we talk about “black lives matter.” The real threat to black lives is other blacks, just plain other blacks. In 2015, there were about 6000 blacks killed by other blacks in the U.S. Police killings of blacks (by officers of any race) were 258 that year – and obviously many of these were justified. Sure, police shootings are big news and people get all fired up on social media, but it’s nothing at all like black-on-black killings. New York City – blacks commit 75% of the shootings, 70% of robberies, and 66% of all violent crime. Blacks are 23% of the population, while whites are 44%. Whites commit 5% of the shootings (Latinos and Asians commit the remainder, totalling almost to 100% – I have not seen statistics for ‘Native Americans,’ for example).

    So, NYC = whites = 44% of the people commit 5% of the shootings. Blacks = 23% commit 75% of the shootings. Some wicked math, there. That is a 28.7 to 1 multiple, i.e. corrected for the greater percentage of whites in the population, a given black person is 28.7 times more likely to commit a killing than is a white. Or you could say, “With barely over half as many people as whites, blacks commit 15 times as many killings.”

    • –Correction– Whites in NYC commit 2% of the shootings, rather than 5%. Sorry for that error. Anyone can Google ‘Pima Liberator’ black-on-black crime’ to where I’m reading that, for one source. Thus, a black person is an astounding 71.7 times as likely to be behind a shooting as a white, in NYC.

    • I knew it wasn’t going to be long before a uneducated fool brought race into this senseless murder. Why do people make such idiotic comments. This has nothing to do with race whatsoever.

      • Race came into it 879 posts ago, Lou. Yes, I checked. ; ) There has been quite a discussion of race going on – the idiotic comment is yours. Very true that this was a senseless murder, though – no doubt about that.

      • like myself, i think Lou nailed it with his comment. Sod all to do with race(and the rest) i am not going to go back 879 posts to read all the posts. The video and the idiots comments speak for them self. A disturbed coward. one bullet was all he needed and then he could show his toddler tantrum hatred with the barrel in his mouth. This vid is shocking.

        • Nobody is forced to go back and read comments, nor to engage in any certain discussion, However, the discussion is real, and was going on. Sure – I agree – better by far to just shoot himself, rather than messing with other people. Nobody is saying anything differently. In no way does that mean the other discussions are not valid. Lou was being a little baby, throwing a tantrum without realizing what the situation was and is.

      • It’s like kids coming into the room, after the adults have been having a conversation for a long time. ‘Race’ was the conversation. You kids are criticizing a long-ongoing and really, an overall quite calm and mature discussion.

    • Very well done comment. Unfortunately Lou and some other idiotic Anon in his defense are wrong. Its evident that once you look at the data, the statistics of black of black crime across the country in comparison with white crime that it is a race problem. The BLM community are a bunch of fools, All Lives Matter imof. Blacks, those according to the statistics arent as important as other races to me atleast.

        • It’s not “concealed racism” or racism at all to note what is going on, what reality is. Let’s speak the truth – this incident is incredibly sad. It did not happen because Stephens is black, it happened because he was a disturbed, incredibly weak-minded, selfish fool. Then there is the topic of black-on-black crime. It too is a reality, and it’s childish and foolish to act like it’s not.

      • “Black Lives Matter” is a group of people living high on the hog due to all the money they’ve been given. They denied this killing was real for the longest times, as has been their practice.

      • Get over the political correctness. Blacks are animals. No ifs, ands, buts or maybes about it. This is not just in the USA but anywhere blacks live. Face reality folks. Political correctness is not reality. It is just as much pretend as Alice in Wonderland.

      • I also live in Chicago and We DO NOT HAVE 50 SHOOTINGS IN A WEEKEND. I am not certain if you are purposely inflating the stats for dramatic purposes but it is very misleading and highly inaccurate.

        • Maybe not always 50 shootings – sometimes it’s 60, like last Christmas weekend. Google ’60 shot christmas weekend chicago’

        • I see that in Chicago somebody gets shot every 2 hours, 46 minutes, on average. An internet search for “Illustrating Chicago Values” will show you this fun fact and others too! Anybody who thinks that 50 shootings in a weekend does not happen in Chicago is kidding themselves.

          • holy christ guess what i live in chicago and im not living in fear 24/7. Mabey you should move to a big city so you can be around people of other races, instead of making wild assumptions and generalizations about an entire race. And there would be just as many white on white murders if white people were pushed into poverty and forced to engage in gang activity to get by

          • Kathleen, no, actually, you don’t. What you would bet on is that it does not happen. You are wrong – it most definitely happens, frequently, yet you are too lazy to even check it. You’d rather just sit there, making moronic comments.

    • So true yes he is burning in hell satan was and is waiting on him the door is open he had no right to take this man life no right

  2. This is a easy case to solve….. The dude looks like a ISIS recruit. Nuff said. Being that horrid looking of course will make anybody turn to zombie mode and commit mass killings.

  3. Este individuo de verdad se pasó. ¿Cómo es posible que haya hecho esto? Bueno, este hombre se quitó la vida, lamentablemente dejó mucho dolor a los familiares de la víctima, a los cuales les doy mi más sentido pésame.

  4. What does his skin color, or the color of anyone else’s skin for that matter, have anything to do with this horrendous crime? People need to stop getting so fixated on the things that do not matter and instead focus on the things that actually do matter. Otherwise, things will only continue to get worse.

    • He killed himself, but this would have been a good case for insta-killing by the courts. Not only no “reasonable doubt,” but no possible doubt at all, and it’s senseless to waste millions of Dollars giving such a person free room and board in prison, and senseless to waste even more millions of Dollars going through the court appeals process for execution, in states that have the death penalty. I think the family of the murdered man should have an opportunity for revenge, if they want. Other than that, kill the clown and be done with it.

    • It makes no sense to segragate.. this world is slowly going to hell everyday.. but I stead of fixing it we create more and more hatred.. so much crap going on and somebody loses their minnd over a chick and now it is race bound yet again.. Black on Black crime yet again.. And if it was a white guy who did this then what? Bet it would not have been as loud as this was… It’s not always race.. one is just as crazy as the other.. praying for those hurt in that man’s path, praying for the families that are hurt and in pain with their loss.. praying for the world who had to see it.

  5. Black on black lol I never hear white on white, or better yet who ever heard of latino on latino? We are are human so why segregate any race???? This world has no love so how do you begin to fix a heartless society and the creatures that inhabit it? Just a thought.

    • Yes, you don’t hear much about “white-on-white” but of course it happens. Whites kill whites and commit other crimes to whites, and Latinos kill Latinos, etc. “Black-on-black” crime is a ‘thing,’ though, since there is such a huge amount of it. It’s not “segregation,” it’s identifying a very real and very terrible thing. 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Blacks commit murders at a much higher rate – 10 times, 20 times, heck, in New York City it’s 70 times higher than for whites. At 2:42 p.m. (or a little less than 5 hours ago) – LetsBeReal put up a good post on this thread. One statistic that throws a lot of light on the subject is that “In 2015, there were about 6000 blacks killed by other blacks in the U.S. Police killings of blacks (by officers of any race) were 258 that year – and obviously many of these were justified. Sure, police shootings are big news and people get all fired up on social media, but it’s nothing at all like black-on-black killings.”

      Blacks killing other blacks is a raging epidemic. Tomorrow, a cop, especially a white cop, could kill a black person, and from the media response you’d think it’s the end of the world. Yet over a weekend in Chicago – as has been mentioned in several posts on this thread – 50 or 60 or more blacks could be (and often are) killed by other blacks. How much do you hear about that?

    • you never hear white-on-white because it doesn’t happen a lot the black population is the most of our crime sad but true facts are facts so whether it was a race thing or not the fact is blacks hold most of our crime in their

  6. yall gonna think i’m stupid but just have an open mind okay?
    i see a lot of hoax comments and people say no it’s not bc big news places reported it. do you think the government may have done it to cover up something. to distract our
    minds? from anything .. I mean america could be going to war and we are worried about this man? i just wonder if it is real. it really did hurt my heart though to see that man shot he knew it was coming and you saw his fear. but it doesn’t change the fact that there was no blood splatter until he turned the camera back around and the blood looked … not like blood , to me anyways. this is just my opinion, honestly this video shook me so idk. i’m not trying to sound dumb or nothing just saying what i think.
    also it was kind of a coincidence that after they were gonna give a reward the man took his own life? hm?

  7. These actors are terriable. So he shoots the man falls. Gun man turns back around (after staging) to show his kill. Why all the foot prints in the blood? Why a blood trail to his feet ? sad hoax. Unless he took the time to edit?

  8. I agree the video should be taken down, don’t give that lunatic any fame and out of respect for him and his family take that crap down. How would you feel if there was a video of your loved one being brutally murdered in broad daylight circulating the internet? take it down.

    • He’s dead, so no need to worry, and the victim’s family ain’t gonna be watching. The video is “out there” now, on the internet, and won’t be going away, which is a good thing. It will remain, as a reminder.

  9. what in the name of “God” is wrong with this man! The only and I mean only one who should ever take a life is God!!! i mean who the heck did he think he was! killing a stranger cause his girlfriend pissed him off? what is wrong with this world today when taking a life means so little? who do all of you who have taken lives think you are?? Damn you and Shame on you!!! Just makes me sick this world we live in, no fear of the Lord our God what so ever! makes me sick!

    • “who do all of you who have taken lives think you are?” In the present time, and going back through history, people who thought they were “doing God’s will” have killed millions and millions (and millions) of people. Religion is more a curse on the world than anything – consider all the killing and the misery and horror wrought by religious people through the ages and right into the present day, even into many present homes. There is nothing of these religions that can be proven to be anything more than imaginary, yet they persist, an incredible bane on the planet.

  10. First an for most this is not real story.. Hiw dare u put this family threw more hell one comment thats on here says she spoke with family 78 correction he was 74 an big another fake thi g popped out is his family did not ste up a go fund me act in there grandfathers name on all the news stations says people did thT to collect money that the family did not set up an act an they will let news know how they decide to set up donations an its not threw go fund me.. An last but not least this man is still at large he did not shoot himself in Pennsylvania. . so check your facts before u post this horrible video an say these things an bring up reminder of this tragic accident.. An who are u to post this an just lie.. The family going threw enough so take your fake ass somewhere else an leave these people alone..

    • Marrianne, what sort of drugs are you on, and what sort of education did they claim to give you, but not deliver? Your incoherent, nearly psychotic rambling and ranting is just plain wrong. Stephens was spotted near Erie, Pa, cops gave chase to him, a cop rammed his car, making it spin out. Before cops could get him out of the car, he shot himself.

  11. What has this world come to? How brutal this act of crime is! Shame on Facebook for not taking this disgusting act of crime down!! This is so disturbing!! And shame on you Facebook for allowing it to continue!! Are you Hoping for copycat crime to up stats?

    • You’re retarded. Facebook did take it down. How can they filter a murder video from a non murder video at the time of upload you spastic.

    • The video is all over the internet now. It’s always going to be there. Neither you nor anybody else is forced to watch it. You people are silly, saying, “Take it down.” It’s there to stay.

      • Exactly – the victim’s family is not going to be watching the video; it’s not causing any problems here. It’s fine.

  12. To Parsonager
    You have done ur homework on our statistics now tell me how many whites killed whites in 2015. Or better yet tell me the name of the black man who created guns, war,, and flood my people with the tools to destroy themselves. Who you think put guns in our streets cause Ion kno no nicca’s in da hood with gun licence’s. Point blank Im not trying to start anything but people’s views suck to me. I live in the hood, and im disappointed everyday by things I see and experience. Come stay in a inner city live like us and see what’s really HOOD. BALTIMORE MD

    • Best I can find for whites killing whites is a chart, titled “Homicides in the US by victim and perpetrator, 2014” – you can find it by googling “here-are-four-charts-on-race-and-murder-in-america-to-tweet-back-at-donald-trump.” Adjusted for population, whites have less than one fifth the chance of being killed by other whites, versus the chance that a black person has to be killed by another black. Figuring from that chart information, I’d say roughly 2500 whites were killed by whites that year.

      One surprising thing I found is that police kill more whites than blacks. Would not have expected that. Can be easily verified – google “washington times police kill more whites than blacks.”

      Who do you think put the guns on your streets? People there want guns, what can I say? I take it you don’t think that blacks had much to do with the development of guns. I’m guessing you’re probably right, relative to whites, but I don’t know. Gun licenses? Why do you think that matters? It obviously does not matter. ; )

  13. I love how if it were to be a white personal shooting the old man, they’d be talking all about it and having riots, but when it’s black on black I don’t hear shit.

    • That’s a mighty silly comment, Astonis. There wouldn’t be any “riots” if the old man had been white, and people are and have been talking about this like crazy.

  14. I am saving this video and will have it posted on my website. It should be available for viewing. It should be remembered as a lesson. Down with censorship! Nobody is making you watch it. Grow up!

    • Well better get it quick, because this video is already edited! It’s ok to watch the murder, but they edited where he said Beech Brook, and put in Burgess Taylor instead! How messed up is that? The original video was 59 seconds long.

  15. so evil I never felt so much hate towards another human…
    so sorry to the family god bless u I heart ache so much for u all

  16. Shame on you all for keeping this video of a murder accessible.. from top to bottom, you’re all degenerate pieces of shit..

  17. This is the worst video I have ever seen in all my 56yrs of my life. I cried as soon as I saw it. I felt my heart actually ache to see this sweet old man not even knowing what was about to happen. So sad to see him not able to defend his self or to have anyone else around to come to his defense. God, please look out for this old man who did not need to leave this world so traumatically. You wanted him on Easter

  18. This was heartbreaking to hear him repeat Joy Lane. What the F#!$K. Her name will always be in my head watching this video. Mr Godwin you deserved so much more than Joy Lane for your last words before your life was taken by that asshole. She was the reason to take that man’s life!!???! You should have gotten your man help a long time ago!!!! You knew him very well. He wasn’t right in the head from the get go. Remember Mr. Godwin every day of your life. Ms. Lane, because he didn’t have to die over some bullshit. Mental illness always go untreated by people like you ignoring it.You knew your man needed help!!!!People wake UP. If you know some one isn’t right get their ASS HELP.

    • I very much hope you’re kidding. This is exactly why he committed the murder. He wanted people to blame Joy for it. Doing that is justifying his reasoning. It wasn’t her fault any more than it was Robert Godwin’s fault. This was a senseless act of violence committed by a single person. The fault is with no one but the shooter.

  19. That poor man was so confused begging with his hands up saying he didn’t know who that person was.. i can’t hold back right now… wow, this is why i dont believe in God. How does he sit back and watch this? Man im speachless that poor man

  20. jebana kurwo zdychaj pierdolony śmieciu zgnijesz w pierdlu i trafisz do piekła sam szatan cie tam nie wpuśći bo jesteś zasranym hujem i jebanym mordercą

  21. I feel bad for the 74 year old innocent victim and his family…it’s really really sad, may he RIP!

    In the USA, there are more guns than people…something needs to be done about that. I reside in Canada and am a proud Canadian…we have bad things that happen also and we are far from perfect but nothing compared to what happens in the USA…so sad!

  22. I knew before I got to the comments that we would get the scum of society blaming blacks for everything wrong with the world. Racists, along with the religious and Conspiracy Theorists start with the conclusion and unpredictable or accept evidence as it suits them. This is why racists are completely irrational.

    • Nonsense. Nobody, since the first comment, has been “blaming blacks for everything wrong with the world.” How about a serious discussion instead of your retarded stuff?

  23. That is sad for what he did to that man but I’m glad he’s dead he should have went down in 100 bullets if u ask me

      • If you go in for the “Jesus” myth, perhaps Jesus was big on tanning. He could just get out there and BAKE. He could get darker and darker (and if he got skin cancer, his dad could fix him up, right?) :P

  24. Something is wrong about this….How did that much blood come out in a matter of 1-2 seconds in a specific spot like that? And he does a complete circle after he shoots him? Why? I need answers.

  25. A poor old man has what may have been an adventurous interesting life. Had children…grandchildren. 70+ years! Then….some piece of garbage comes along and takes it all away. I feel so badly for that old man and his family. Such a terrible thing to do to him and I hope one day his family finds peace. As for the guy who did this….I am NOT glad he’s dead. I wish he wasn’t such a damn coward and I wish he got caught. Then…hopefully….he could be found guilty and be given the death penalty in front of the family he destroyed. It is only too unfortunate that his death penalty couldn’t be a bullet right in the head. On the other hand at least he is gone and he won’t hurt someone else.

  26. People Say on You Tube/Internet with reactions,video’s,likes ,dislikes that this is A Freemason,Media,Fear Porn Just Another Filthy Dirty Rotten Poison HOAX,with Fake Blood,Fake Deaths,Crisis Actors,Dirty Liars…………………Check Google/You Tube;Facebook cleveland killer HOAX…..Mindblowing how People fall for this STUPID HOAX!!….THINK FOR YOURSELF!!does anyone believe the Sandy Hook Shooting was real,and no Hoax?(hahahahaha,shame on you)—-Check Russianvids-channel and Dave J channel etc..etc…about this HOAX…..

  27. please stop with the ‘black/white’ comments. that poor innocent elderly man is what everyone should be focused on – & praying for his family. it doesn’t matter the color of the victim or the shooter – it was a SENSELESS sickening demented act. period.

    • The discussion of race begins far back in the posts. Some people attempted to make silly points, without realizing what the truth is – or, they may well know what the truth is, and still try and insist that something else is the case. Some good examples of how silly and unaware people can be – just witness the number of comments saying this is a hoax. How, really, can people be that stupid? Sad to say, these people eventually get old enough to vote.

      “Black Lives Matter” also denied the truth of it, and it’s not the first time for them. This is par for their course – they want to whine and moan – *and spend the considerable amount of money they receive on themselves,* while denying the many blacks who die at the hands of other blacks.

  28. Who gives a shit about color and crime statistics! An elderly man got shot. Does it really matter the color or the shooter or the victim? Smh

    • Thank you. We should never separate ourselves into groups. Until we get that there will never be harmony amongst races. Labels should be removed.

  29. I am so sorry for you loss I can’t even imagine how you feel we never know what people’s mind is thinking but all I know is that is scares me to death that someone can just walk up and take your family away my prayers are with you

  30. Anything associated with his DNA from his mother father cosuins n kids need to die dats da fact jack cause he down on his luck

  31. GoFundMe charges a fairly Hefty fee for using their services. Messenger doesn’t charge at all. I don’t mind paying charities a fee for their services but they just charge way too much especially when there are many services out there that don’t charge anything like messenger Facebook.

  32. Heavy .com editors you should go to hell for still having this video up and playing. You people are just as bad as that piece of shit gun man. I Will be writing al of the advertising companies that are shown on this site to let them.know you people only care about a story a graphic video. That elderly man was murdered. He is someones family, they deserve respect. You make me sick

  33. You are a imbecile why do have dwell on the fact the serial killer is black or white or ethnicity because at the end of they still are killers and we shouldn’t care for race because all it does is create a false image of the kind people in this world.

  34. I am glad that they have brought this to justice. I am not one to weep or have my heart hurte by death. I have seen people blown in half during war and have not been phased. But I think the thing that got me the most is what Robert said right before he shot him, ” No… no… I don’t know any one by that name” and then boom. he goes flying to the ground and then the other thing that got to be was the amount of blood that was on the ground from him dying. It almost looks fake. But we know that it was not fake and in fact it could not have been any realer. I am so so so sorry for what has happen to you. If I could take your spot I would because you did not even deserve to die. That should have happnend to no one, But I would have been happy to take your place. God Bless You.

  35. This video is horrific and needs to be taken down removed and deleted, there are some sick people out here and we don’t need copy cats or none of that, let that old man RIP , he was a innocent victim. News just don’t care do they