Santia Deck: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeffrey Moustache Athlete, author & trainer Santia Deck.

Santia Deck is a young athlete, entrepreneur, author, trainer, influencer and speaker from Houston, Texas. You name it, she’s done it. You can search for her across the web as “The Queen of Abs”—a name that derived while Santia was coming up with her brand for social media. She originally had been using “princess” until her mom reminded her she was a queen.

You can strive to be an abs queen yourself using Santia’s personal workout plan. Her fitness TV show, Queen of Abs can be found on your TV or online to follow along with the workouts. Her fitness program has been proven by many to help lose the belly fat you want.

When Santia is not on the road or busy working out, she resides in Atlanta, GA. Currently, Santia is chasing a dream in football she’s had for a long time and has been extremely successful with it.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. At 2-Years-Old, Santia’s Doctor Said She Had the Body Type to be Really Fast

He wasn’t wrong. Santia began running “really fast” at age 7. She has always run the 100m, 200m, and 4×1 for her school’s track team. After her senior year of high school, she furthered her education and track career at Texas A&M-Kingsville where she made it to Nationals.

Santia’s speed hasn’t only paid off on the track, but also in other sports. She holds the rushing title for the AWFFL (Atlanta Women’s Flag Football League). She’s also been a vital part of the USA flag football team and has traveled the world playing rugby and training for the Olympics. Those who’ve watched her have compared her to former Detroit Lions running back, Barry Sanders.

Five days a week, Santia works on her footwork and is only getting faster. She’s also made herself well-known across social media, so there’s no doubt that her doctor is somewhere saying “I told you so.”

2. At Age 14, Santia Wrote a Book

Santia spent an entire summer at 14-years-old missing out on three months of summer fun to write a book. At the time, she was super obsessed with reading and writing and used to write short stories all the time in her journal, so one day she said: “I’m just going to write a book.”

She didn’t get the book published until she was a junior in college and first sold it in her school’s bookstore. Now you can buy it on Amazon.

Her book, The Struggle is a true story based on a few of her friends from her childhood that would tell her stories about what they went through, so Santia combined the stories and made it her own by changing the names of characters and adding her own twist. What’s ironic is that at 14, she wrote a book about a little boy who wants to go to the NFL and now, Santia’s dream is to play football.

Santia plans to write and publish another book, but not anytime soon. She says she’s too busy living her story to tell it.

 3. Santia’s Track Coach Didn’t Believe in Her

One of the people who have had a big impact on her success so far has been her former track coach. They didn’t see eye-to-eye from day one. She came on the team so excited and with a lot of confidence, but he immediately shut her down and laughed when she told him her dream was to go to the Olympics.

Senior year of college, she had the choice to go to Nationals for 4×1 or start her business career. She chose to start her business career and when she told her coach, he laughed and said she’d need to do something really, really great to make up for missing Nationals and didn’t believe she would.

As soon as Santia graduated, she made her TV show, dropped a supplement and a clothing line, and went on tour as a motivational speaker. She made a name for herself. Two years later, she went back to visit for homecoming and ran into her old coach who made it a point to recognize her for doing “big things.”

4. She Has a ‘Chip’ on Her Shoulder

Just like most athletes, Deck has had multiple injuries throughout her career, but no matter how big of an optical it’s been to overcome nothing has stopped her. She has been injured almost every single season. Each injury has made her believe that there is something bigger for her. She calls it the “chip on her shoulder.”

She’s had so many friends and family pass away who have told her they’re going to see her competing on TV one day and she wants to make them proud for when she sees them again. Recently, she injured her hamstring while training for the 2020 Olympics for rugby. But, watching Santia’s workout videos you wouldn’t guess she was still rehabbing from her most recent injury.

Though her journey to the Olympics fell through, she had another option to go play rugby overseas, but then another opportunity came her way. This was an opportunity she’s been dreaming of—playing football.

 5. Became the Highest-Paid Female Football Player

Santia Deck

Joseph Fredrick

This is the dream Santia has been busy working on. In early December, Santia Deck signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Fames for the WFLA (Women’s Football League Association) which made her the highest-paid professional female football player.

Santia didn’t start playing football until after college in 2014. She had been training for the Olympics for track and got injured yet again, so said she was done with track and wanted to try something new. A few weeks later, she passed a sign for flag football tryout. The natural-born athlete instantly fell in love with football and was naturally good at it.

Her goal now is to stay healthy and injury-free to see where her journey with the WFLA will take her.

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