‘Pokemon Go’: How to Get a Charizard Via Capturing or Evolving

Pokemon Charizard, Pokemon anime Charizard, Pokemon go Charizard

Charizard is among the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but there are two main ways of obtaining him. (Pokemon Wiki)

One of the Pokemon that fans everywhere are dying to capture in Pokemon Go is Charizard, but doing so is a complicated process. The species is quite rare and not exactly easily obtainable, which is why only some of the game’s players have managed to get their hands on one.

However, there are two primary methods for obtaining a Charizard, one of which involves getting lucky and finding one in the wild, while the other is a lengthier but more practical process.

Here’s what you need to know about getting yourself a Charizard in Pokemon Go. 

Evolve Charmander

Pokemon Go Charmander, Pokemon Go get charmander, Pokemon Go charmander spawn

Evolving a Charmander into a Charizard requires players to capture many Charmanders for candy. (Reddit/betsky321)

The easiest option is to get your Charizard by evolving Charmander. To do so, you’ll need to capture a bunch of Charmanders and trade them in for Charmander candies.

One way you can acquire Charmanders is through hatching 2km eggs. There only appears to be 14 Pokemon that can hatch from a 2km egg, and Charmander is one of them, so your odds are fairly good. This process involves obtaining an egg and an incubator, placing the egg in the incubator, and then walking around with the app open for two kilometers.

Charmanders also aren’t that difficult to capture in the wild, and so if you can find a Charmander spawn out in the real world, you’ll be in pretty good shape. Other than simply exploring your area or hearing from your friends where Charmander has been spotted, you can make use of an excellent website called Pokevision. This service makes use of information from players to show you where Pokemon have been captured, so simply find your area on the website’s map and search around for Charmander.

Once you have captured your Charmanders, the next step is to trade them to the professor for Charmander candy. This candy is what is used for the evolution, and you need 125 Charmander candies total to get your Charizard. Follow these steps to transfer your Pokemon to the professor:

  • Tap the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Pokémon.”
  • Select the Pokémon you would like to transfer. (Note: If you have duplicates of the same species, make sure to select the one with the lowest CP. You don’t want to accidentally transfer the wrong Pokémon, as there are no do overs here.)
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Transfer.”
  • Select “Yes.”

For more information about transfering Pokemon, check out our full breakdown.

Once you’ve got 125 pices of Charmander candy, go to the Charmander you want to evolve, hit the “evolve” button, and your Pokemon will evolve into a Charmeleon. Once this process is complete, hit evolve again, spending another 100 candies to evolve the Charmeleon into a Charizard.

Catching a Charizard in the Wild

Pokemon Go Charizard, Pokemon Go catch charizard, Pokemon Go charizard spawn

Although they’re very rare, Charizard can be caught in the wild in Pokemon Go. (Reddit/PunkRockCapitalist)

You can skip that long process by just catching a Charizard in the wild, but that’s easier said than done, as the species is incredibly rare. It seems many players who have come across a Charizard found it in some sort of large park or playground, while others claim that it is sometimes seen near mountain areas.

If you’re out exploring and you’re a high enough level to catch a Charizard, it’s worth stopping in a local park or playground to see if you get lucky, but in the same way that it might be worth buying a lottery ticket. Going out with the sole purpose of catching a Charizard will likely leave you disappointed, and so if getting one is your goal, the evolving Charmander method is your best option.