‘Pokemon GO’: How to Get More 10k Eggs

pokemon go 10k egg

How can you catch a 10k egg in Pokemon GO? (Nintendo)

Although some Pokemon GO players enjoy a seemingly constant supply of 10k eggs, the eggs are scarce for other players who can’t understand why they never seem to get them. Some players believe that 10k eggs are completely random, without any pattern to their appearance. But others insist that they’ve found patterns that work. We’ve put together some of the top theories and ideas from Pokemon GO players about how you can best increase your chances at getting a 10k egg. Let us know in the comments below if you have an additional theory or if any of these tips worked for you.

Here’s what you need to know.

Players Disagree on Whether 10k Eggs Are Tied to Levels

At first, Pokemon GO players theorized that 10k eggs might be attached to your level. But it seems less likely that this is the case. On Reddit, accounts of who’s been getting eggs are conflicting: some have been getting them since before Level 10, some got 10k eggs from the moment they started collecting eggs, while another player reached Level 23 without getting a single 10k egg.

Then, there was the sad Pokemon GO trainer who posted on Reddit that they were level 26, had visited 1,164 Pokestops, and had never gotten a single 10k egg. Meanwhile, a Level 17 player said in the same thread that they’d gotten eight to ten 10k eggs so far. Some people might just be really unlucky.

Constantly Hatching Eggs in Incubators May Help the Most

One of the best things you can do is clear up the eggs in your bag by incubating them as quickly as possibly, Pokemon GO players have reported. If 10k eggs really are RNG (randomly generated), then this may be why some people are seeing more 10k eggs once they hit levels where they get additional incubators. Incubators are awarded at Level 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Since you can only hold nine eggs at a time, you won’t see any of those “random” 10k eggs when they appear if your slots are already full.

Redditor Ozious said he had gotten seven 10k eggs in three days since hitting level 25, when he got the free 3-charge incubator. This could be just part of having a better chance at getting randomly generated eggs once you’re incubating more eggs at a time. Redditor Cha-La-Mao explained it this way:

If you only use incubators for 10 k’s, you’re only going to have 1 slot open, which means maybe 1 egg a day, which means it can be months until you run into a 10k. Or you can use your incubators on 5k’s and you can open 4-5 slots and get more 10 k’s. It’s up to you, but only using incubators on 10k’s is a very slow way to go about it…

In other words, try cycling through eggs as quickly as possible by making sure you always have all your incubators filled with eggs. The more eggs you hatch, the more slots you have open to possibly fill with 10k eggs.

Try Visiting Unique Pokestops, In Case Some Generate More 10k Eggs than Others

Pokemon GO players on Reddit have developed a theory that you may be more likely to get 10k eggs if you visit unique Pokestops rather than just going to the same Pokestop and spinning it over and over. Redditor EveeNic developed an in-depth theory on how it works in this post. Essentially, he suggests visiting a variety of Pokestops and moving in loops that take two hours to repeat. He confirmed that the tenth Pokestop bonus (where you get an egg every 10 Pokestops) worked for him, but doesn’t guarantee that egg will be a 10k egg. However, other Redditors in the same thread disagreed and said his findings didn’t match their experiences.

It’s currently not known if certain Pokestops generate more 10k eggs than others. Pokemon GO players are divided on whether this is a possibility, with some insisting they’ve observed the pattern in their game and others insisting it’s random. But if there’s a chance this might be the case, then visiting more Pokestops can help you test the theory and possibly increase your chances of getting a 10k egg. Then once you find a Pokestop that generates a 10k egg, try going back to that Pokestop or spinning it multiple times in a row to see if it consistently drops more 10k eggs. Redditor Darchitrex posted that he found a Pokestop in New York City that seemed to consistently generate 10k eggs at the rate of: 10k, no egg, 5k, no egg, 10k.

Some players have also theorized that areas with more notable landmarks might drop more 10k eggs. Other players disagree and say they’ve tried this idea and it hasn’t worked out for them.

Most Pokemon GO players believe there is a 10 percent drop rate for 10k eggs, although some think that number should be a little lower, perhaps around 7 percent. On Reddit, submitter Dr.Thod_PokemonGo wrote a complex thread where he discussed drop rates and provided a Google spreadsheet of his findings that you can see here. Meanwhile, this Reddit thread is where the idea that the drop rate is 10 percent originated.  Look through the evidence yourself and see if any of the percentages appear compelling to you.

Have you found a system that seems to generate more 10k eggs when you’re playing Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below.