Top 10 Geek Gifts for Gamers Who Love RPGs

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When thinking about buying a gift for someone, it’s always important to pay attention that person’s interests so that you can pick out a present that shows that you know them well. But simply knowing that they’re a “gamer” isn’t enough, as there are so many different genres of games. After all, buying a Madden-lover something relating to Minecraft will probably get you laughed at. Some of the most popular games aren’t loved by every gamer, so just buying them a general Call of Duty T-shirt isn’t the way to go either.

The biggest mistake you can make as a gift-giver is assuming that all gamers love every type of game because that couldn’t be further from the truth. While some might enjoy taking on the role of a futuristic soldier or trying their luck on the virtual gridiron, others like to delve deep into dungeons and slay dragons. I’m talking about those who love RPGs. There are all different types of popular Role-Playing Games, each of which has their own dedicated following.

So if you’re looking for something to get your dragon-slaying gryphon-rider for their birthday (or other occasion), here are some great geek gifts for gamers who love RPGs:

1. Chemist’s Spice Rack

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Any role-player knows the joys of crafting, and if they’re playing a good RPG, there will be a plethora of crafting materials available in the world. Whether you need some Bonescale Snapper and Northern Spices or some Elfroot for your Rock Armor tonic, keeping your ingredients organized will make the job at hand much easier. With the Chemist’s Spice Rack, they’ll be able to organize their kitchen’s spices in a manner that says “I get lost in Tamriel on a daily basis”. It comes with 14 themed spice containers, 9 test tubes, 3 lab flasks, a large oil flask, and a metal rack to organize them all in. A pinch of this, a dash of that, and they’ll be on their way to crafting their first cooking order in no time.

Price: $54.89

Buy the Chemist’s Spice Rack here.

2. The Legend of Zelda Monopoly

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The Legend of Zelda is the RPG that started it all, virtually creating open world gameplay — a world only as open as the original NES would allow at the time — that has become so popular in the genre. Especially with Breath of the Wild set to be one of the first Nintendo NX games on the system, fans are going to be clamoring for more Zelda merch. If the person you’re looking to buy a geeky gift for loves classic board games like they love classic RPGs, check out the Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Monopoly, a perfect blending of the two things. In Zelda Monopoly, players will buy, sell, and trade memorable locations from Hyrule, with tokens including the Triforce, Slingshot, Boomerang, Bow, and Hylian Shield. If they love Zelda — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? — they’ll love it.

Price: $29.88 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Legend of Zelda Monopoly here.

3. The Art of Fallout 4

the art of fallout 4 book

Bethesda Softworks, creators of the Fallout RPG franchise, clearly take a different approach to the genre. Instead of high fantasy elements like elves, wizards, and dragons, Bethesda goes for irradiated beasts, armor suits, and base-building. There is a lot to see and do in their latest RPG, Fallout 4, so it might be hard for players to uncover every little detail that Bethesda’s devs threw into the game. That’s where The Art of Fallout 4 comes in, a must-have collectible compendium of never-before-seen designs and concept art from the game’s development, including weapons, environments, memorable characters, and more from the wasteland. It also contains commentary from the developers that provides a window into their own minds.

Price: $32.48

Buy the Art of Fallout 4 here.

4. Molag Bal Statue

Molag Bal statue

The Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement is commemorated with this gorgeously designed Molag Bal Statue. It stands at 12″ tall, and it will tower over the rest of their collection of figures. The Molag Bal statue lets guests know that he has only one desire: to harvest and consume the souls of all mortals who enter his realm.

For those not in the know, Molag Bal is a demon from the Elder Scrolls series who not only harvests souls but is also the creator of Vampires and Xivkyn in the world. He’s the Lord of Domination, and he’s incredibly important in Morrowind and Elder Scrolls Online, especially.

Price: $74.88

Buy the Molag Bal Statue here.

5. Dragon Age Inquisition Battle Nug Plush Limited Edition

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Dragon Age Inquisition took the semi-popular Dragon Age franchise to an entirely new level of greatness, bringing millions of new fans into the franchise. One of the many joys of Inquisition is heading over to the Skyhold stables to find your Battle Nug (or War Nug), a type of nuggalope that players can use as their mount in-game after a certain War Table operation. This Battle Nug Plush Limited Edition is almost as good as having one in-game, and it measures 10″ x 6.5″ tall. It has reigns and a saddle like the mount version of the Battle Nug. Of course, you can also go the cutesy route by checking out the Nug.

Price: $27.99

Buy the Dragon Age Inquisition Battle Nug Plush here.

6. Good Smile Wind Waker Link Nendoroid Figure

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Nendoroid and Link feel like they were made for each other, especially the Wind Waker version of Link. This Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Link Nendoroid Action Figure recreates the cel-shaded version of the fan-favorite unlikely hero. It comes with a sword and Hyrule shield. The figure stands at 4 inches tall, and he fits right in with the rest of their fantasy Nendoroid and Funko figures. If they’re a lover of Zelda, this Nendoroid makes a great addition to their desk or shelf.

Price: $42.32

Buy the Good Smile Wind Waker Nendoroid here.

7. Square Enix Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Action Figure

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There are so many great Play Arts Kai figures available now that it’s hard to pick just one as a geeky gift for someone special. But any lover of Final Fantasy knows that Cloud is the best character in the franchise, which is why Square Enix has this Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Action Figure. He is a highly-detailed figure that comes with six different swords that can be sheathed in the holders on Cloud’s back. The figure is designed after Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The figure also has a cloth cape piece that has bendable wire on the bottom for those who want to manipulate the cape just right for displaying. If they’re going to be disappointed about the Final Fantasy XV delay, this Cloud action figure is sure to cheer them up.

Price: $103.53 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Action Figure here.

8. Mass Effect Grunt Funko Pop Figure

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When it comes to the gaming crowd, you really can’t go wrong with Funko Pop figures. There are Funko Pops based on just about every popular video game out there, including Fallout, Mass Effect, and Skyrim. For the Mass Effect fan, the Grunt Funko Pop figure is a perfect choice. It’s somehow ugly and cute at the same time, entirely softening the in-game appearance of the Krogan soldier.

Price: $41.50

Buy the Mass Effect Grunt Funko Pop here.

9. The Witcher Adventure Game

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Like Dragon AgeThe Witcher series exploded in popularity with its most recent release. The Witcher 3 brought millions of new fans into the now incredibly popular RPG, and fans have been clamoring for more Witcher merch since it was released last year. If they’ve already spent hundreds of hours in the game, completed its three expansion packs, and still want more, buy them The Witcher Adventure Game, a board game by Fantasy Flight Games. It will bring them into the world of The Witcher, tasking them with defeating foul beasts as one of four iconic characters, including Geralt, Yarpen Zigrin, Tris Marigold, or Dandelion. The Witcher board game holds a high 4.5 out of 5.0 star-rating on Amazon, and it’s one of the more favored gifts for gamers who love RPGs.

Price: $36.80

Buy the Witcher Adventure Game here.

10. NECA Series 2 Tyrael Action Figure

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I couldn’t very well talk about RPGs without talking about the ARPG genre as well, and the most popular ARPG on the market is Diablo 3, which since its release, has only grown in popularity. This Tyrael action figure has over 30 points of articulation and comes with the El’Druin sword as an added accessory. Out of all of the Diablo figures out there, this Tyrael Figure from NECA is the best-looking. A second best would be the Shadow of Diablo figure.

Price: $34.95

Buy the NECA Series 2 Tyrael Action Figure here.

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