Splatoon 2: When Does Next Splatfest Begin and End?

Splatoon 2

The next Splatoon 2 Splatfest is almost upon us. This means that players will have to pick a side to represent and fight it out over the course of a day.

This Splatfest is pitting Mayo against Ketchup in a battle of condiment kings. Whether you’re Team Mayo or Team Ketchup, there’s plenty of reasons to choose either side. However, since Marina is on Team Ketchup, we think that Pearl and her Mayo Squad have an uphill battle.

The Splatfest begins tonight, August 4, at 9 p.m. PT (August 5 at midnight ET) and goes the course of day and ends August 5 at 9 p.m. PT (August 6 at midnight ET). Keep in mind that this is just the time for the North American region. The time that your Splatfest begins in Europe or Japan likely differs. It’s even possible the Splatfest itself differs as Japan had a different one altogether last time.

With this Splatfest, we’re also being given a new map. Shifty Station will be added into the Splatfest rotation and will also remain exclusive to Splatfests. What makes this map unique is the fact that it can transform its look depending on the Splatfest. This means players will also be left guessing as to what the map will be.

Splatoon 2

NintendoShifty Station

If you haven’t already, now is great time to choose your side and begin filling up your shirt with different abilities. If you find yourself not liking the abilities, you can also wipe them clean by talking to an NPC in Inkopolis Square. You have to wear your shirt in the Splatfest so it’s important to have the best traits you can get.

Nintendo has promised to keep them Splatfests going for at least two years. This gives us Splatfests for twice as long as its predecessor and it will also be a way to keep players interested. It looks like Nintendo will also be keeping the free DLC rolling as well.

If you’re unaware with how Splatfests work, we recommend clicking the link below to learn more. Since they are so important in Splatoon 2, it’s best to know how they operate.