Chef Wars: 5 Tips To Cook, Recruit, And Stay Informed

Chef Wars

Chef Wars

Chef Wars launched on iOS last week and is certainly cookin’. The indie open-world RPG is the number one game in the Singaporean appstore, and remains popular worldwide.

Being a new game, there are multiple questions regarding recipes, chef recruitment, and more. Thanks to a very active player community and the dedication of the developers, these questions are on their way to being answered.

Thus, presented for your approval are these 5 tips that, if heeded, will set you up to be the best darn chef in all the land.

1. Bookmark The Wiki and Check for Updates

Chef Wars

Chef Wars

The Chef Wars Wiki is brimming with information. Lore, character bios, recipes broken up by type and region, and more. Currently in its infancy, the wiki is growing every day. In fact today saw a full character bio for the main character, Slyvie, uploaded.

Most useful, however, are the recipes being loaded into the system based on region and location. If you need to make a Spanish pastry, or Japanese stew, or want a breakdown of various towns in the game (and what ingridients you can get there) this will be your go-to resource.

2. Save This Handy Recipe Creation Meme

Chef Wars Invention Tips

Creating recipes in Chef Wars isn’t just about the right ingredients. In much the same way I’d make a very bad cake without instructions, Chef Wars relies on your given chefs’ cooking ability to invent new things.

Utilizing the information above, you should be able to mitigate the heart-breaking loop of thinking you’re truly onto something new, recipe wise, only to have it fail based on the skill of your chosen chef.

3. Here’s The Free Recruitable Chefs

Chef Wars Recruitable Chefs

When you’re just getting started in Chef Wars, it may be tricky managing all the recipes you learn versus the limited amount of recipe slots. Additionally, certain recipes you learn might not be as potent or powerful as you’d due to the skill-set of your Chef.

Using the above information, you should be able to hunt down the Chefs in the game, increase the amount of recipes you can learn – and most importantly, synergize recipe type to the recipe talent of a given chef.

4. Check Out Hundreds of Recipe Combinations Below

Chef Wars Recipes

Use this handy google doc for an ever growing list of the recipes in the game.

The *point* of Chef Wars is inventing and discovering these recipes for yourself, but based on community reaction and social media questions, it’s clear there’s a desire for a go-to reference guide regarding the recipes in game.

As a result, that document above should have you covered. Be forewarned: because Chef Wars is so massive, that list is not complete (yet), but it’ll certainly get you started on your journey to culinary dominance.

5. Join The Facebook Community

Chef Wars Facebook

The Chef Wars Facebook Community is brimming with activity. Ideas, patch notes, questions (and answers), tips, strategies, it’s pretty wonderful and demonstrates what a strong community of friendly players can accomplish.

The Facebook group, and Mindcake Games’ official twitter and Facebook are absolute must-bookmark if you want to stay up to date with this lovely, charming, delicious, and delightfully overstuffed culinary adventure.

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1 Comment

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Huhuhu I keep losing cuz I don’t have the right recipe and I can’t invent more 😩😩😩😩😩😩
Still trying to unlock more cityπŸ™ƒ