10 Armello Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

League of Geeks’ debut video game is a roaring (pun intended) good time on consoles and PC.

Their fresh take on role playing games, board games, and card collecting has turned into a worthwhile experience that’s finally playable on iOS devices. That game is known as Armello, a challenging adventure that tasks your anthropomorphic avatar with becoming the new king/queen. With so many systems to learn, characters to upgrade, cards to collect, and battles to win, new players on mobile devices will feel overwhelmed. Luckily, we’ve put together this essential guide on everything that this game offers and the best ways to take advantage of its meta game.

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Armello.

1. Plan Accordingly

• Go in with a plan – Know what type of character you want to build. There are four main stats: body, fight, spirit, and wits. Some characters are well rounded, while others specialize in certain segments. Determining which type of attributes you specialize in and finding a corresponding character fits that mold is key for king slaying. For the more offense-focused player, Thane, The Winter Wolf is a fitting choice. Mercurio, The Grinning Blade caters towards those who like to disrupt the competition by stealing their currency and employ his high Wits stat to keep everyone guessing. Sana, The Forest Sister is a powerful Mage who relies on spells to keep her alive.

• Amber, The Far Seeker is an all-around type of character with evened out stats, which makes her perfect for beginners. Brun, The Oakbreaker fits the Tank archetype, which means his high defense and HP will make him tough to put down. If you prefer attacking from the shadows, Zosha, The Assassin should be your main focus. River, The Huntress is a sharpshooter with her bow & arrow and her stats fall into a pretty evened out category. And finally, Barnaby, The Screwloose is another one of those character types who has decent stats. However, he isn’t worth much in the Spirit department.



League of Geeks

• Know all four paths to victory – Combat (beating the King through accumulating Fight and weapons), Prestige (have the most Prestige when the king succumbs to Rot), Spirit Stone (collect the four Spirit Stones spread across the map), and Rot (have a higher Rot stat than the King and then slay him). Each character is better suited to one type of victory condition. Or a character can be well-rounded enough to be able to seek out multiple ways of winning.

3. Become Familiar with Hero Abilities


League of Geeks

• Hero Abilities – Aside from stats, hero abilities are unique features for each character. Thane’s Hero Ability is Sword Master – any sword cards that he burns can be used towards armor piercing attacks. Mercurio’s is Scoundrel – he steals one piece of Gold from the owner of a settlement that he captures. Sana’s is Priestess – her Fight stat is swapped out for her Spirit stat when she takes on a Corrupted creature. Amber’s is Tomb Raider – this Hero Ability boosts her chances of finding loot when she’s in a dungeon.

• Brun’s is Scarcaster – he gains +1 to his Fight stat after casting a spell; that stat boost stays until his next battle/turn ends. Zosha’s is Shadow – she can go invisible at night on any type of tile except palace tiles. River’s is Huntress – before she battles an enemy, she gets in an early attack that takes off one piece of health. And finally, Barnaby’s is Tinkerer – once she equips a new Item Card over an already equipped one, that equipped card goes back into his hand. The cost to equip that old card is then removed from that point forward.

4. Rot Victory!


League of Geeks

• When aiming for a Rot victory, make sure to go all-in early or not at all. When a character has less than five Rot, they’re merely infected. A max of five or higher Rot means that character is Corrupted. Some players might decide it’s best to get rid of their Rot ailment – cards like Mountain Moss and Cleansing Wyld are focused on fulfilling that goal. Running into druids who can completely remove your Rot only occurs when you discover stone circles at night. Choosing to embrace your character’s disease means he or she will get stronger, but their life force will drain by one point once it hits dawn. Characters such as Thane and Brun should be one your list of picks who have a better chance at winning via Rot.

5. Stay Ahead of Your Opponent and Be Aware of Their Path to Victory

• Know thy enemy – Keeping track of the victory conditions your opponents are closest to reaching is just as important as knowing your own.

6. Get Experimental!

• Experiment with cards and magic – The boons granted by cards and magic aren’t always immediately apparent, so learn how they work sooner rather than later.

7. Get Familiar With Your Cards


League of Geeks

• Use cards often – You can only draw the same number of cards up as your Wits stat. Increase a character’s Wit stat to earn a better chance at drawing cards with Rot-based abilities. There’s five card types to remember – Item, Spell, Trickery, Treasure, and Follower. The rarity level of cards is as follows – Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Unique. You can check the rarity of a card by checking the bottom-left circle icon. A card’s rarity classification is determined by how many of them are in your deck. So that means four copies of one card makes it Common, three copies makes it Uncommon, two copies makes it Rare, and one copy makes it Unique. It’s wise to burn cards that you don’t need when you’re running low on gold and magic. But if you have enough of both, keep lesser cards in your hand for later or immediate usage.

8. Draw Cards That are Specially Suited to a Character’s Skillset

• Draw cards that suit your character – Sana has high spirit and can use a lot of Magic. Combat focused characters such as Thane and Brun can use Item Cards to improve their efficiency in combat or regenerate health after battle. Mercurio and Zosha are better suited towards utilizing Trickery Cards, while everyone can make great use of any Follower Cards they acquire. Amber’s Hero Ability comes in handy for finding lots of Treasure and Follower Cards, by the way.

9. Prestige!


League of Geeks

• Keep an eye on your Prestige – At the beginning of each turn, the player or AI that has the most Prestige gets to choose from a list of King’s Declarations. These change the rules for that turn, and being able to choose that lets you change the flow of battle. Due to their stats, Thane, Sana, Amber, Barnaby, and Mercurio are more suited towards fulfilling this victory condition.

10. Play Around With Different Battle Strategies

• Experiment – You may find your favorite tactics aren’t the first ones you try out. Make sure to experiment with every character, victory condition, and card. Figure out the best methods towards victory by playing against the computer. Single-player battles should give you ample opportunity to try out each character and figure out the best methods towards using them during PvP encounters.

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