Will the Skull Trooper Skin in Fortnite Ever Return? (Updated!)

skull trooper skin fortnite

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With the news that Fortnite’s rare Red Knight skin coming back to the item shop, many players are left wondering what skins will remain vaulted and what skins will see a return.

One skin that many fans have always wondered about and has been growing in popularity is the Skull Trooper skin.

If you’re a Twitch fan, then you’ve probably seen TSM_Myth rocking the Skull Trooper skin regularly, showcasing its unique design.

The Skull Trooper skin is from Halloween 2017, before Fortnite was a household name. The Halloween event ran for pretty much the entire duration of Season 2 and was one of the first skins to be introduced into the game.

It was a simpler time back then, when everyone had the Ghoul and Skull Trooper skin shooting pumpkin rockets.

There was no telling Fortnite would become so popular so many players likely didn’t want to invest any money for the skins. Fortnite eventually caught fire and a lot of the early skins were locked away form players.

The return of the Red Knight leads many players wondering one thing: when is the Skull Trooper returning?

At this point there is no official confirmation whether this skin will return or not. If we do eventually see it come back it would probably be around Halloween since it is a Halloween-themed skin after all.

It’s possible a similar skin could come back around for Halloween but have it look slightly different as a nod to those who supported the game from the beginning.

It remains to be seen whether the emergence of old skins from the vault will become a trend. If it does then we can probably count on the Skull Trooper coming back one day.

If you go onto Fortnite’s Twitter page or any big Fortnite player’s Twitter then you’ll see a lot of players claiming to be selling accounts with Skull Troopers on them. If the skin does return then we’ll likely be seeing less of these tweets and less opportunities for players to be scammed.

Would you like the see a return of the Skull Trooper or do you want it to remain rare? Let us know in the comment section below.

Season 4 of Fortnite wraps up in mid-July and there has already been a number of clues as to what to expect with the next season. With last week’s rocket launch, we have seen a huge rift created in the sky and now random portals are popping up all over the map.

The first sighting of the portals was at Lonely Lodge but they have since spread to places like Tomato Town and Retail Row. The tomato head on top of the Tomato Town restaurant has recently fallen victim to a portal. We’ll surely receive more clues and information about Season 5 once the current season winds down.

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Okay okay..First things first i respect people for buying the skull and goul thank you if it wasnt for you we wouldnt have a chance to want this skin to look at its beauty and glory. But what i dont respect is acccount trading lets be honest guys..70% of the community that has skull trooper they not really the actual owners of this skin…Now that 70% percent of you that have the skin are happy right..but u not actual OGs..Right? nahhhh now if u as i who wish he had the skin and some how you have it because u grab it of someone and me iam i wrong for wanting it back iam i wrong because i want it and u got it off someone and now u dont want it back because apparently you a season 1 player. this topic dumb if epic really doesnt bring this skin out and they continue to support these scammers then ill quit the whole game .

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