Complete Timed Trials: How to Solve Fortnite Week 6 Challenge

Fortnite Time Trials

A new set of challenges for Fortnite have officially dropped and naturally players are rushing to finish them as quickly as possible. One of the newest quests has users attempting to complete various time trials scattered across the map. While information still remains secret, many suspect that it will revolve around the ATKs and the racetrack that is just north of Paradise Palms.


Fortnite Timed Trials

It turns out that the race track has nothing to do with this challenge, however, ATKs are highly recommended for finishing this quest. To start this challenge you will need to approach the glowing blue stopwatch, interact, and then run a plotted course. You have to hit each dot and most of them will not give you enough time to run the trial on foot.

Some of the trials – like the one west of Salty Springs – are vertical and require you to build up. For these challenges, make sure to just plot a route ahead of time so you don’t need to panic build up to one. It may take a few tries, so make sure to play in 50 vs 50 so you can remain undisturbed.

The best method is to simply activate the trial and go about it at a slower pace. Once you have observed where the dots are, plan your route and then try again for real.

Here are the locations for the timed trials:

(We have independently verified the location of these time trials)

  • A5 – South of Snobby Shores by the ramp
  • C2 – Next to the Stone Head, East of Junk Junction
  • E7 – Directly west of Salty Springs on a rock next to the river
  • G3 – Southeast of Lazy Links and northwest of Tomato Town in the river by the bridge
  • I5 – On the roof of the Lodge in Lonely Lodge
  • H9 – North of the Gas Station by the Lagoon (desert biome)
  • H6 – In Retail Row outside of the mall 


Original Guide:

(Author’s Note: At the time of writing this the challenges have not gone live. We will update our article once with any new information pertaining to this mission.)

Currently, the only location that we know for sure has a time trial mechanic is the racetrack. Once you drop in this location find an ATK – there are usually a few lying around here – and drive it up to the starting line. You should see the lights change to green slam on the gas. You will now need to drive through different half rings scattered across the track while the scoreboard records your lap time.

If this is tied to the single racetrack, make sure to master drifting because that will make or break your chances. Not only does this let you round corners faster, but you will get a small boost of speed at the end of it. Try to always drift right before the circle begins to ensure you aren’t thrown off road. It may take a few tries, so consider completing this quest in 50 vs 50 mode since you will have a better chance of being left alone.

There’s no word on how well you have to perform in this trial or how many times you have to run it. Our best guess is that Epic Games have added in multiple makeshift race tracks that players have to drive on. Make sure to check back with us once the challenge is live for confirmation of this theory.

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