Complete Timed Trials (Season 6 Locations): How to Solve

Fortnite Timed Trials Season 6

Another week of challenges has arrived on Fortnite so it’s time to get out there and start completing objectives. While last week’s challenges were fairly easy, this week will take a bit more time, luck, and skill to finish. One of these missions involves you having to finish three different time trails.

This is a fairly simple challenge – especially if you played last season – but it will take a bit of time to complete it. If you are looking to finish it as soon as possible, we recommend jumping into a Soaring 50s. The added mobility will allow you to potentially visit multiple time trials at once. Plus you won’t have to worry about being shot by enemies in most cases.

Remember to bring a decent amount of materials with you beforehand. These time trials typically involve building, so there’s no point in dropping right at their location from the bus. Instead, get some loot and then head over to the time trial of your choice.

To start a timed trial, just walk up to the stopwatch. This will trigger several dots to spawn around you that will vanish after a set amount of time. Collect all the dots before they disappear and you will finish that time trial.

Here are the locations of all the time trials we know about. This section will be updated as more are discovered on the island. These time trials are not in the same locations as Season 5. 

We have independently verified the location of each of these trials. 

  • G4 – (Outside of the temple in Tomato Temple) 
  • B4 – (Top of the Villain’s Lair mountain)
  • E8 – (At the bridge entrance south of Shifty Shafts)
  • F5 – (On the large mountain west of Dusty Divot)
  • D6 – (On the mountain south of Tilted Towers)


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