5 Toon Blast Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Toon Blast is indeed a (mobile) phenomenon.

When Deadpo…*ahem* Ryan Reynolds is starring commercials that plug your game, you know you’ve just hit it big. Toon Blast’s premise is quite simple – complete the required mission for each stage by making big puzzle piece matches and creating obstacle-clearing boosters. The further you traverse the game’s cartoon universe, the tougher each puzzle becomes.

We have a collection of tips put in place here that’ll help you rank up on the leaderboards and complete each stage with a perfect three-star rating. With our help, you’ll become a star player alongside your buddies Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Toon Blast:

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1. Start Working From the Bottom First and Keep an Eye Out for Big Combos

Toon Blast

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• During the opening chapter of Toon Blast, you’ll make your way through all the available puzzle objective types. These opening stages are meant to give you an overview of everything you’ll eventually confront during the game’s follow-up chapters – some of the elements you’ll encounter even come as a tough combo deal that you’ll need to clear off the screen. During those stages where there’s a bunch of cubes littering the bottom of the screen, it’s best if you work from that position to get things rolling. Don’t just tap on the first available match you see – peruse the very bottom of these stage setups so you can make matches and cause future cube matches to fall into position as higher placed cubes come down.

• Over time, you’ll find yourself dealing with tougher situations where you’ll have to figure out how to clear out a huge number of obstacles. Sometimes you won’t get a nice set of cubes to work with on the lowest level since those obstacles may take up the most space in that area. To make quick work of those obstacles and rack up an amazing score, try making cube matches that include more than three pieces. This method usually helps you create the Toon Blast’s powerup pieces, such as the Rocket, Bomb, or Disco Ball. Activating any of these powerups by themselves is a viable move to make. But using any of these items in conjunction with one other creates huge matches that heightens your final score and clears out plenty of troublesome obstacles!

2. Make it a Habit of Creating Special Puzzle Pieces and Use Boosters When Things Get a Bit Dicey

Toon Blast

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Toon Blast allows you to create big matches that birth the game’s aforementioned powerups. Match five cubes to create a Rocket, match seven cubes to create a Bomb, and match nine cubes create a Disco Ball. Eventually, you’ll gain access to Boosters – these items can be equipped before your next stage playthrough and used during that play session.

• All of the game’s Boosters are helpful in their own way – the Boxing Glove removes everything in a row, the Hammer removes any cube/obstacle, the Anvil removes everything in a column, and the Dice shuffles a collection of selectable cubes. The Bomb and Disco Ball also come collectible as Boosters. You should only rely on your pre-set Boosters when you have a few moves left and not a lot of match options in play that can help you clear a stage. Keep in mind that you can collect Boosters from Toon Chests (these are gained every 10 levels) and Star Chests (which become unlockable after collecting 20 stars for completing stages).

3. Balloons, Ducks, Bubbles…OH MY!

Toon Blast

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Toon Blast’s huge offering of stages offers up a nice variety of end goals to complete. When you come across rows/columns of balloons, simply make matches alongside them to clear them off the board. As for the rubber duckies, you’ll need to bring them all the way to the bottom of a stage to collect them.

• And finally, you’ll have to pop bubbles by matching the cube contained within them. Try creating Rockets during stages that contain these types of obstacles – they help clear out rows that may contain balloons and bubbles, plus they make it easier for ducks to fall to the bottom of a rocket blasted row. Matching up Rockets with Disco Balls or Bombs (you can even match all three together if you make them fall into place near each other!) is a sure-fire way of ridding yourself of these three obstacles.

4. Then There’s Crates and Lightbulbs…

Toon Blast

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• Some of the game’s tougher stages play host to two other obstacle types – crates and lightbulbs. In order to clear out crates, you’ll have to make matches near them. Focus on clearing one row of crates at a time from the outer edges, then make your way to the innermost crate rows. Rockets also come in play here as they do a great job of clearing a whole row of crates in one fell swoop. The Hammer also handles crates pretty well – if there are a few crates stuck in annoying spots, just use a few of Hammers to instantly get ’em out of the way if there are no nearby matches present.

• As for lightbulbs, you’ll need to perform two tasks – match similarly colored cubes next to them to turn them on, then do that once again to finally clear them. Try producing big matches that can turn multiple lightbulbs on at once.


Toon Blast

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• Your retries come in the form of hearts, while your main source of currency happens to be coins. Sooner rather than later, you won’t have enough coins to instantly retry a stage from your last turn. And you may run into a progress roadblock that entails you losing all your hearts.

• This is where the game’s Team feature comes into save the day. Once that mode becomes unlocked, you can join up with a large group of fellow players. Just hop into the Chat option to gift out hearts to any players requesting life. Doing so helps you acquire more coins. You can also ask for hearts every few hours from those same Team allies. Make sure you join an active Team so you never run out of chances to obtain extra hearts and coins.

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