Pokemon Sleep: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

pokemon sleep

Pokemon via Twitter

Pokemon Sleep is a brand new game that will use the sleep habits of players to function, according to the Pokemon Press Conference 2019.

The Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said that the mission statement of The Pokemon Company was to enrich both the real world and the virtual world with Pokemon characters. With Pokemon Sleep, they aim to turn not only walking but sleeping into entertainment.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. The Game Uses Sleep to Affect Gameplay

Pokemon Sleep uses time sleeping and time waking up to affect gameplay, according to Ishihara. The actual game itself wasn’t shown off during the conference.

The game is being primarily developed by Select Button, the developers behind the mobile game Pokemon: Magikarp Jump.

The game is coming sometime in 2020.

2. The Developer Behind Pokemon GO Is Helping Create the Game

Pokemon GO Developer Niantic will help with some of the gameplay for Pokemon Sleep.

Niantic CEO John Hanke said during the conference that the idea is to give players the energy to embark on their daily Pokemon GO adventures. The game rewards good sleep habits as part of a healthy lifestyle. He said that more info will be released in the future.

To celebrate the announcement, special sleeping Snorlax will appear in Pokemon GO according to a blog post from Niantic.

3. The Game Uses the Pokemon Go Plus +

The game is using the newly announced Pokemon Go Plus +.

The device can be used as a standard Pokemon Go Plus for Pokemon GO. When using it in conjunction with Pokemon Sleep, you put it on the bed and it will track info about your sleep. It has an embedded accelerometer and sends info to your phone via Bluetooth.

A price has not been announced yet.

4. Could This Be the Successor of Nintendo’s Quality of Life Initiative?

In January 2014, the late President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced the Quality of Life initiative. The initiative included a non-wearable sleep sensor that gave you reports in the morning on how well you slept, according to Nintendo Wire.

In February 2016, Iwata’s successor, Tatsumi Kimishima, announced that the company had no plans to release the device, according to Wired. However, he said that the company remained committed to studying and expanding the project.

In June 2018, the Quality of Life initiative was cancelled, according to Japanese news site The Nikkei (via Nintendo Wire).

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5. Here Are All the Other Big Pokemon Announcements

Pokemon Masters was also announced at the conference. The game includes all of your favorite Pokemon trainers and their Pokemon from past core Pokemon titles. From the gameplay trailer shown, the game seems to involve 3V3 Pokemon battles. The game is launching calendar year 2019 on Android and iOS. The Pokemon Company will reveal more details about the game next month.

Detective Pikachu is coming to the Nintendo Switch, though it has not been confirmed yet if this is a brand new game or a port.

The conference also announced Pokemon Home, a brand new cloud-based service that connects to Pokemon Bank, Pokemon GO and the Pokemon games on Switch to bring over your Pokemon from those adventures. With the service, you can trade Pokemon anytime and anywhere with a smartphone, according to Junichi Masuda. The service is coming in early 2020.

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