How To Decode the Coded Messages & Notes in ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Niantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you’re playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, then at some point you’ll come across codes messages and notes that need decoding. What do you do? Here are some tips to help get you started. At the end of this story we will share the answers for decoding some of these messages and what they say, but we will have a spoiler warning before getting to that part. 

One of the coded messages you’ll get reads: “An entry of letters nonsensically strung together” and then “Written at the bottom of the page: Remember: Dinner at 8.” It looks like this.


The above note was for beta players and has since been changed. To solve the original above note, you had to use the Caeser cipher with a rotation of -8 or +18, explained u/Spacehug on Reddit. (Decoded messages are below a spoiler warning at the end of this article.)

This is no longer the coded message that most players get, however. The new code reads: “53,14,6 -xxxiii, 18, 5 – 13,22,9 – xxx, 16,1 – 48,12,2 – 7,12,6 – 36,9,2 – xxv,12,8 29,6,9 – 77,9,6!”


A tip for solving the above coded message is that you’ll need a specific book to solve it and it involves the Arnold Code. Search for “Remember: dinner at 8” to find out which book you’ll need. It works for solving the message below it too. Here’s the other message you’ll want to decode with the same clue:


If you want another more specific clue about what book you’ll need, here are the details: you’ll need the 2017 edition of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them to decipher these codes.

Decoded Messages [SPOILERS]

Here are some of the decoded messages. These are major spoilers for the game if you want to decode the messages yourself. 

Using a Caesar cipher, u/Spacehug decoded the following:


It reads: “THE YRE WAT CHI NGE VER YTH ING INE EDT OBE MOR ECA REF UL.” Or “They’re watching everything, I need to be more careful.”

(This above coded message may no longer be in the game. It was likely only available for beta players.)

This video below fully explains how to decode the other two messages with the string of numbers, so only watch if you’re OK with that spoiler. It also tells you what the messages say without a spoiler warning.

Essentially, WizardPhD explains that you’ll need the 2017 edition of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them for two of the coded messages (not the illustrated version.) The cipher that’s used is the Arnold Cipher. It’s set up as “Page, Line, Word.”

The cipher was discovered by Existential Echo on Reddit.  The “dinner at eight” phrase clued people in to which book had the cipher’s key. The phrase “dinner at eight” came up in the book on Amazon when searched on Google.

The first code deciphers to read: “You know what this night means to me. Five years!”

Then there’s also a second coded message in Penelope’s precise script. Read on to learn what it means too:


The second code from Nel to Grim, written in Penelope’s precise script, deciphers to read: “Darling, Have you knowledge of missing classification A non-tradable goods from the department of mysteries necessary for my work. love, Nel.”

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