How to Earn VC in MyNBA2K20 App

How to Earn VC MyNBA2K20

2K Sports NBA 2K20 is out now.

The NBA 2K20 demo has officially dropped but fans might also be interested in knowing here is an app called MyNBA2K20 and it’s available now on iOS and Android devices.

This free app allows players to get a taste of a totally different NBA 2K experience and it can be helpful in several ways for the main game. One major use for this app is you can use it to scan your face for your MyPlayer.

To do this you’ll have to link your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam account, but once you do that you also get some added bonuses.

How to earn VC in MyNBA2K20

NBA 2K20 MyGM Info

2K SportsKawhi Leonard is a Clipper now.

Each day in MyNBA2K20 allows you to earn 400 virtual currency which can then be transferred over the main console game. You’ll just have to remember to log in each day to grab your VC.

It’s not a ton of VC but with a few weeks to go for the release you can spend an hour or so each day in the app stockpiling. You are able to earn VC by playing quick games which will usually take under a minute to complete so you shouldn’t have any trouble grinding out the VC you need.

It’s unclear as of right now how your VC will transfer over but we imagine it’ll be as simple as having your game and app linked together like you have to do with the face scan.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time with your MyPlayer in 2K20, this is well worth checking out because any head start you can get is important.

VC is the currency that makes the world go round and it can be quite tough to come by so going in with a couple thousand saved up will be important.

NBA 2K20 releases September 6 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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