Final Fantasy XIV Player Spends 7 Days Eating 147,000 Eggs

final fantasy xiv eggs

@RubberNinja via Twitter

Internet personality Ross O’Donovan has eaten 147,000 virtual eggs in Final Fantasy XIV Online after streaming on Twitch for seven days straight.

You can see him eat his 147,000th egg in the clip below:

On July 20, 2021, O’Donovan challenged himself to eat a full inventory of boiled eggs in the game while livestreaming the experience on his Twitch channel, RubberNinja. That’s 140 stacks of 999 boiled eggs for a total of 139,860 eggs. He would have to eat an additional 999 eggs for every 1,000 subscriptions he gained during the livestream.

In addition, he also challenged himself to eat meals with eggs in the physical world and slept on stream, only taking breaks to go to the bathroom and shower.

He documented his experience in the Twitter thread below. During the stream, he bought a foot pedal, software for voice commands and other equipment to control the game without using his hands and risking carpal tunnel syndrome from all the eggs he was consuming. Despite PC problems and the stream going down in the middle of the night in day three, having to be roused from sleep by a friend, and having the Twitch chat control the game for him so he could attend a film shoot, Ross ate the last egg on the seventh day.

O’Donovan earned the respect and envy of his FFXIV peers when a fellow player gave him 999 eggs and asked him to eat them in August 2020. He spent nearly an hour eating the whole stack of eggs, gaining a small audience along the way who cheered him on.

O’Donovan’s egg-eating adventure of 2020 was so widespread across the internet that even FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida referenced the event in an interview with website MMORPG.

“That particular anecdote reminded me that you never know what will happen in an MMORPG, and that’s what makes it so much fun,” Yoshida said.

In addition to being FFXIV’s best egg eater, O’Donovan is also well known across the internet for his video game parody animations on YouTube, his Twitch streams and for his time as one of the hosts of the Game Grumps YouTube channel.

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