SEE: Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos From Danish Magazine

Kate Middleton Bottomless

Just when you thought we were done seeing Kate Middleton’s naughty bits (Click Here For Kate Middleton Topless Photos and Click Here For The 20 Hottest Photos of Kate Middleton), a Danish magazine called Se Og Hor (See And Hear) has more. The picture above is the money shot.

It’s suspected that there are up to 200 photos of Prince William and his wife sunbathing in the South of France. The most scandalous obviously being the ones that Se Og Hor got of Kate Middleton changing her bikini bottoms from the front.

Check out more pictures from the magazine:

Kate Middleton Paparazzi

Kate Middleton Topless

Kate Middleton Se Og Hor

Kate Middleton Bottomless Bikini

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