Kato Kaelin Says OJ Did It: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Kato Kaelin Says OJ Did It

Back in 1995 Kato Kaelin was one of the stars of the famed OJ Simpson trial. He was so vigorous in his defense of OJ that he was labeled a hostile witness by the prosecution. Now, he’s come forward saying that OJ was guilty. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Kato Kaelin Explained Why He’s Talking Now

Kato Kaelin at the OJ Trial

Kaelin told the New York Post, “The statute of limitations has now passed . . . so I can now say . . . yes, he did it.” The real question is why would he wait for the statute of limitations to be up? Why was he so concerned for OJ to not go to jail? Was he worried for himself? Is he referring to the statue of limitations for perjury?

2. Kaelin Says He Was Scared to Tell the Truth

Kato Kaelin Scared

Kaelin is now saying that OJ is guilty, but he was too scared to say so at the time. Maybe he was waiting for the statute of limitations to be up because he was still scared?

3. Kaelin Says He Was Never Asked About OJ’s Guilt

OJ Simpson Guilty

Kaelin claims he was never directly asked if he thought OJ was guilty so he didn’t say. This one sounds a little fishy. Although, it’s a good lesson for aspiring lawyers: ask clear and direct questions. Never assume a witness will brush you aside or refuse to answer.

4. This Suggests Kaelin Knows More Than He’s Telling

Kato Kaelin Knows Something

The fact that he’s now claiming OJ is guilty seems to suggest that he knows more about what happened than he’s told us thus far. The fact that he was so scared seems to suggest that he knows something as well. We may be in for hearing more about the case from Kato Kaelin in the future

5. Kaelin Was OJ’s House Guest on the Night of the Killings

Kato Kaelin Now

The reason Kaelin was testifying at the famed trial was because he was staying at OJ’s home on the night of the killings.

6. Kaelin Became Famous From The Trial

Kato Kaelin SNL

Kaelin was a small time TV actor who became a household name due to the trial. He was lampooned in comedy shows across the country. His long hair, laid-back demeanor, and his seeming to be a shiftless layabout made him an easy target at the center of the single biggest story in the news.

7. The Trial Had Recently Been Back in The News

OJ's Famous Gloves Tampered With

The OJ Simpson trial can seem like sort of a relic. In fact, it is now 18-years-old. However, it was recently back in the news when Former Los Angeles deputy district attorney Christopher Darden accused the late Johnny Cochran of tampering with the famous bloody gloves. The same gloves OJ tried on in the courtroom that led to the famed Cochran refrain to the jury, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

8. OJ Simpson is Currently in Jail for Another Crime

OJ Simpson in Jail

OJ Simpson is currently in a Nevada prison after being arrested as the leader of an armed group that raided a hotel room at the Palace Station hotel in 2007 and robbed a pair of sports memorabilia dealers. He was given an unusually harsh sentence of 33 years in prison, seen to be punishment for getting away with the murders.

9. The OJ Simpson Trial is Why You Know Who Kim Kardashian is

Kim Kardashian OJ Famous

In 1994 OJ Simpson was arrested for the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. This ensuing trial was one of the most famous and controversial in American history. It was so famous that it’s the reason the Kardashians exist as a thing in the public consciousness. Kim Karsashian’s father was one of OJ’s lawyers. That’s why a number of years later, his daughter’s sex tape was a thing people payed attention to and boom! now they’re running the E! network. America!

10. Kaelin’s Career Was a Failure

Despite the level of fame Kaelin was exposed to, his career never took off. He was in a few terrible movies, a few terrible TV shows, he tried being a talk show host, he was a game show contestant, and, of course, was on a few awful reality TV shows such as “Celebrity Boot Camp.” The parody of him on SNL probably enjoyed a better career than he did. This is the first time anyone’s cared what he’s said since the trial.