Four Firefighters Killed in Houston Blaze Identified

Four Firefighters Killed

The identities of the four firefighters who were killed in a fire at the Southwest Inn in Houston on Friday have been revealed.

All four were killed after the roof caved in while searching for survivors in the hotel in what is being called the deadliest blaze in 118-year history of the Houston Fire Department.

anne sullivan firefighter, anne sullivan dead

Anne Sullivan (Photo via Facebook)

Anne Sullivan, 24, was a rookie with the HFD who was only one month out of the Houston Fire Department Academy when she was killed.

houston fire, houston firefighters

Captain Matthew Renaud (Photo via Facebook)

Captain Matthew Renaud, 35, had been with the department for more than 11 years and a recipient of a Valor award.

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Robert Bebee dead

Robert Bebee (Photo via Facebook)

Robert Bebee, 41, was a 12-year veteran with the department and an engineer operator.

Robert Garner firefighter, Robert Garner dead

Robert Garner (Photo via Facebook)

Robert Garner, 29, had been with the department for 2-and-a-half years.

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